Types of Stun Guns

In the realm of self-defense, stun guns are highly effective, nonlethal weapons. Traditionally, these guns have stopped attackers. 

Through two or more probes on the end of the device, these stun guns deliver electric shocks to an assailant with battery power that are mostly rechargeable batteries. As much as five to ten minutes can be disabled by applying this electric shock to an attacker.

Electric arcs flash between the end probes of the stun gun devices once it is activated. There is a frightening flashing sound that accompanies the arcs. In this way, some assailants run away when they hear and see the arcs.

Stun Guns Are Electroshock Weapons

An electric current travels through the attacker's clothing and into his body once a stun gun is activated and applied, which causes the body to lose all blood sugar that is needed for energy.

These electroshock weapons are excellent devices for self defense. Women love carrying them to make sure they stay secure against the attackers. If you are a woman, look for wholesale stun guns and add some perfect survival tools in your arsenal for your safety! 

Using the pulse current stimulates the muscles such that they work super fast like during a long-distance race. In addition to disrupting the tiny neurological impulses controlling muscle movement, the pulse current also causes disorientation.

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You Can Only Use A Stun Gun If You Know How

Check out these hints on the safe and proper use of a stun gun.

  • Make sure a stun gun is legal where you live before you get one. Not all states allow them. Make sure you know how to use the gun properly. Definitely make sure your gun is charged when you get home. To develop a charge for your device, it usually takes up to eight hours.
  • Make sure you are familiar with your device's safety features. Most stun guns have a switch or button that will let you turn them on or off. Other guns feature a safety feature that stops them from accidentally discharged. You should become familiar with turning this gun on and off.
  • You will see flashing arcs on the stun device the first time you activate it, as well as hear a loud noise when those flashing arcs are activated. The first time you activate it, it might scare you. Practicing will help you become accustomed to the sounds. 
  • Knowing where the stun gun should be used on an attacker's body is critical.  There are six optimal points of attack on either side of the body: upper thighs, upper shoulders, and below the rib cage. 
  • You are advised to make sure your stun gun device is fully charged before you use it. In the event of misuse, this gun can be prosecuted as a weapon.

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Stun Guns: Available In Different Forms

Stun gun devices are available in a variety of types on the market. In addition to providing excellent personal protection, they are all highly reliable. It is completely up to you which type you choose.

Lipstick Stun Gun

Lipstick stun guns are a type of non-lethal self defense weapons. They look like everyday lipstick tubes, but they are in fact disguised weapons. These guns are designed to be used by women for personal protection when there is no other viable option available to them at the time of attack. 

These stun guns sit on an individual's body and can be used as a kind of taser by pressing the button on the bottom and sending 50,000 volts through an attacker's body with enough voltage to make them collapse or at least briefly dazed - as well as enough voltage to deplete the battery (which lasts about 3 minutes).


Lipstick stun guns operate using compressed air and electricity. The compressed air is stored in a small cylinder hidden inside the lipstick tube. 

The lipstick gun fires the compressed air out of one end, and that then pushes the plunger on the other end, which sends electricity through a tiny wire into the attacker. While not lethal, this stuns an attacker long enough to give you time to find help or run away from them.

Lipstick Stun Gun

Cell Phone Stun Gun

Cell phone stun guns are small devices designed to cause an electrical current in one's body, or to disrupt the internal charge in a device via electromagnetic means. There is usually a power button on the outside of the unit which when pressed can deliver a shock and render someone incapacitated for up to 30 seconds. 

Cell phone stun devices are generally illegal due to their misuse as weapons, however this has not stopped manufacturers from producing them. The introduction of cell phone stun guns into society has caused controversy over their ethical and safety implications, but many organizations have come out in support of them: police departments for instance have used them for crowd control purposes.

Their Uses

They are in common use by law enforcement which is why they are used as a non-lethal weapon, to be employed when dealing with unruly crowds. Cell phone stun guns are also used for self defense purposes, as well as in the case of many spurned lovers and stalkers to keep them in line.

This is an area that law enforcement and self protection organizations have explored and co-operated on. These stun guns will generally cause an assailant to drop their weapon or run away, though they can also break bones if they're very powerful or thrown at someone hard enough.

Flashlight Stun Gun

A flashlight stun gun is a weapon that is usually powered by a battery and often emits an electric shock on contact with its target. 

These guns are most frequently used in self-defense, but can also be used in non-lethal military combat or to ward off aggressive animals. In modern times, they are most commonly associated with law enforcement officers.


This powerful flashlight stun gun provides an effective non-lethal measure for self defense when you're faced with a life threatening attack. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that provides up to 100 uses for one charge. The recharge time is about 4 hours.

Stun Gun Flashlight

Baton Stun Devices

Guards and other security personnel mostly use batons as stun devices. Their longer length enables them to store more batteries and thus, generally speaking, provide more power. 

There are also beveled edge stun gun devices that can be used in an emergency to break windows or to assist as a striking device. These, however, are more frequently used as a tool for breaking windows and glasses.

Other Tiny Stun Guns

The fact that stun guns are so small makes them extremely popular with women. These keychains can be attached to your keychain so that you can carry them wherever you go. Females are nine times more likely to be attacked than males due to this feature. 

One of the smallest we could find weighed only 3 ounces and measured 3.5 inches tall, 1.25 inches wide, and .75 inches deep. Another weighed 2 ounces and measured 4 inches tall, 1.20 inches wide, and .60 inches deep. There are 46 different kinds of stun gun devices available to you, plus many more options.

Why Having Stun Guns Is Beneficial?

Stun guns are powerful weapons and can be used in self-defense, but they also come with a number of benefits that make them the perfect alternative for self-protection. 

  • The most significant benefit is their ability to incapacitate someone in a high-profile criminal case or during a home invasion without lethal force.  It can provide a non-lethal solution without any permanent consequences, or, as some users prefer, it can be used as only the first step before moving on to other taser types. 
  • The average stun gun's output lasts between 5 and 7 minutes, which means you don't have to worry about it running out of battery life during an emergency situation. 
  • The stun gun's non-lethal benefits have led to the rise of more people using stun devices as a means of protecting themselves and their property.  This has helped with the growing problem that many criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, which requires an even more effective solution. 
  • In addition to being non-lethal, these high-end stun guns also come with an impressive list of benefits for consumers.  First, they come with multiple settings that allow you to select a type of shock level according to your individual needs.  You may use the lightest setting if you don't want anyone to be harmed or any permanent damage is needed.

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Stun Guns Are Demanding Due To Their Excellent Qualities

You must change with the world around you to stay safe in this ever-changing world. Knowing you can protect yourself is important in this ever-changing world. A self-defense weapon is becoming more and more popular these days for a number of reasons.

Sadly, the world is devolving into violence at an increasing pace, and your safety is paramount. The world is a dangerous place, but you do not have to dive into it defenseless. It is proven that stun guns are effective at stopping attackers even if you are small in stature and lack other self-defense skills.

Firearms are a very popular option for some people, but not all. The next logical step is to purchase a stun gun. It works by injecting a brief jolt of electricity into the body, resulting in an immediate stop.

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