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Black Polypropylene Kukri Machete 25 Inch Trainer Practice Training Knife
25 Inch Overall Length Resident Evil Kukri Knife. 25 Inch Overall Length. 18 Inch Black High Quality Polypropylene Material.
In Stock.
Ninja Key Chain Kubotan Finger Spikes Black 5.5 Inch Overall
Ninja Key Chain Kubotan Finger Spikes Black 5.5 Inch Overall
In Stock.
Foam Padded Training Escrima Stick 26-Inch Dragon Design
Foam Padded Training Escrima Stick with dragon design. 26" overall.
In Stock.
Ninja Assassin Arm Spikes 3pcs Set With Belt Pouch
Assassin Spikes Set with three massive spikes, each of which are solid, hard core steel with piercing points. It comes lightweight and easy to hold and maneuver. 6 Inch overall length.
Out of Stock.
11.75 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Sub-Hilt Military Knife
11.75 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Sub-Hilt Military Knife. Blade Length 6 5/8"
In Stock.
12 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Tanto Knife
Black Soft Rubber Training Knife. 12" soft rubber knife weighs only 4 ounces and generally resembles a classic tanto knife design
In Stock.

Wholesale Ninja Weapons for Sale

Sharp Import comes up with real ninja weapons for sale. Explore our new stock and buy your desired weapons for the lowest wholesale prices. These are special weapons associated with the great ninja warriors. These traditional weapons are replica weapons once used in warfare. Today, these are popular cosplay weapons and collectibles. Shop for these popular weapons in wholesale at 90% reduced prices. 

An Extensive Variety of Ninja Weapons

At Sharp Import, we have a stunning variety of ninja weapons in our stock. We stock ninja assassin arm spikes, ninja finger spikes, ninja swords, ninja knives, ninja grappling tools, and much more. Buy these ninja weapons at the cheapest prices and get your order shipped to your doorstep within a single business day. 

Shop Ninja Weapons for the Cheapest Prices with Discounts

Buy ninja weapons in bulk from Sharp Import and make your retail business upsurge significantly. We are a top wholesale brand with affordable price range. Currently, our prices are 90% cheaper compared to retail prices. Moreover, we offer discounts ranging between 5% and 20%/. This is our competitive advantage. Buying from us at such reduced prices ensures a great profit margin for retail businesses. So, grow your small businesses; purchase ninja weapons from Sharp import at the lowest wholesale rates. Also, don’t forget to avail discounts! 

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