Real Ninja Weapons for Sale

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Ninja Grappling Hook with a 33" foot Nylon Rope. Each steel hook are 9" high and folds flat.
In Stock.
Black Soft Rubber Training Knife. 12" soft rubber knife weighs only 4 ounces and generally resembles a classic tanto knife design
In Stock.
Heavy chrome plated steel. 5.5" outside diameter.
In Stock.
Foam Padded Training Escrima Stick with dragon design. 26" overall.
In Stock.
Zombie Killer Full Tang Ninja Sword With 2-Pc Kunai Throwing Knife Set
In Stock.
Red Dragon Full Tang Ninja Sword With 2-Pc Kunai Throwing Knife Set
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Ninja Sword Hand Honed Katana with Hidden Snorkel Full Tang Functional
In Stock.

Ninja Weapons - The Farming Tools Evolved into Killing Weapons

Sharp Import brings a collection of amazingly crafted traditional tools. We let you buy some real Ninja weapons that hold a historical significance. Our Ninja tools will take you back to the feudal era of Japan and build some interest to learn ninjutsu skills. So, purchase our Ninja Weapons and learn the art of Ninjutsu, which literally means “moving silently”.

Ninja Weapons were originally designed as farming tools and were used solely for farming. However, they transformed into authentic killing weapons, considering their capabilities and usefulness. They were well-crafted and were extremely deadly. They were easy to make and were cheap, so that poor Ninjas could carry them around silently and do the killing job. Ninja swords, Nunchucks, throwing knives and ninja stars were pretty common Ninja weapons. Are you keen to get some of these weapons? See our collection of some real Ninja weapons for sale.

Real Ninja Weapons for Sale

At Sharp Import, we enable you to choose from a largest selection of Ninja Weapons. You can purchase Ninja swords and other superbly designed tools used by the Ninjas. Our endless range of Ninja Weapons incorporates Ninja arm spikes, Ninja Grappling hook, fixed blade knives used by the Ninjas, Ninja Kyoketshu-Shogei Knives, Escrima sticks, fixed blade hole knives, full tang katana swords, Ninja throwing knives sets, and more. Eager to purchase one of these Ninja weapons? Explore the collection, and choose any weapon to buy at affordable rates.

The Leading Wholesaler providing the Cheapest Ninja Weapons

Sharp Import serves as the top wholesale brand offering a vast array of Ninja Weapons. When it comes to prices, we are absolutely unbeatable. Buy a weapon of your choice from Sharp Import at the cheapest rate. We offer amazingly featured Ninja Weapons at 90% reduced prices than the retail rates. Yes, you can avail that much lowered price. So, don’t wait anymore, buy your favorite Ninja weapons at lowest prices now from Sharp Import. We provide quickest shipping within 24 hours.

Looking for more Ninja tools? Sharp Import lets you purchase all Ninja Martial Arts tools at affordable prices. Browse our Ninja Swords and Nunchucks to find the real weapons used by the Ninjas.

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