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LED Solar Emergency Light Lantern + USB Mobile Charging + Torch point, 2 Power Source Solar, Lithium Battery, Travel Camping Lantern.
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9" Overall Tactical Tomahawk Throwing Axe Hatchet. Featuring Camo Cord Wrapped Handle. Includes nylon sheath.
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15 Inch overall Zombie Killer Tactical Throwing Axe Hatchet Black Cord Wrapped Handle. Includes nylon sheath.
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Zombie Hunter Fixed Blade Axe Hatchet. Black Finish Stainless Steel Blade. Red Cord Wrapped Stainless Steel Handle. Includes Nylon Pouch
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Z Hunter 13.8 Inch Tactical Zombie Killing Axe
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SOLID Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Camping Axe Black Hatchet Outdoor. 11 Inches overall with sheath.
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This is a Black Ninja Throwing Axe With Nylon Sheath. This axe features a stainless steel, one piece full tang construction. The length of this masterpiece is 9 inch overall.
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G53 Metal Slide Full Size Airsoft Spring Pistol Dark Earth Tan Color. Shoots 220 FPS
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G53 Metal Slide Full Size Airsoft Spring Pistol Black - Shoots 220 FPS
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G20H Full Metal M945 Airsoft Spring Hand Gun Pistol with Holster
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4D2-M33 - This amazing airsoft gun fires 6 mm BBs and its clip holds up to 25 rounds offering you plenty of fire power. Includes BB Starter Set: 115 BBs. Dimensions: 9.75 x 1.5 x 9.375 inches
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4A2-ZM03 - CYMA C25 Heavy Weight Airsoft Spring Gun Pistol. Features Velocity: 210 fps (0.12 g BB). Range 30-40 feet, Barrel Length: 3 inches
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P16385A Dummy Bazooka With Laser Airsoft 175 FPS. Airsoft Spring powered with an exterior appearance of a RPG
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3F1-M83A2CAMO - M4 Retractable Automatic Airsoft AEG. 1:1 full size replica. It shoots semi/full automatically. Features rechargeable battery & charger, safety eye goggle, red dot scope, laser pointer, flashlight and silencer.
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15.5 Inches Overall Black Rubber Training Tomahawk Axe Hatchet. Ideal Training Weapon - Heavy yet forgiving!
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Rustic Barbarian Hammerhead Battle Axe. Overall Length: 22.50 Inches
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Mtech tactical axe. 9 inch overall length. 3 in steel axe blade. Pakkawood handle. Nylon sheath
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1M5-WG907 - Zombie Killer Tactical Throwing Axe With Sheath. 14.5 Inch Overall in length. Featuring blade size of 7 Inch X 3 3/8 Inch.
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Legendary Dark Wing Midnight Throwing Axe. Overall Length: 13.5 Inches with Blade Length: 5.5 Inches. Includes a black nylon sheath with steel snap fittings and belt loop.
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Legendary Midnight Wing Throwing Axe. Overall Length: 13.5 Inches, Includes: Black Nylon Sheath with Belt loop
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The Best Outdoor Gear for Outdoorsmen

Sharp Import offers the best outdoor gear for all the outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you love hunting, camping, hiking, target shooting, or fishing, we have the right gear for you. Our finest collection of outdoor gear includes everything you may need being an outdoorsman. If you are a regular outdoorsman, try our products to enjoy a mind blowing outdoor experience. At Sharp Import, we make sure you have the right equipment at the right time. So, we encourage you to buy the appropriate outdoor gear at reasonable prices from the best wholesaler. 

An Unending Range of Outdoor Gear for Sale

Sharp Import specializes in stocking the best outdoor gear for improving your outdoor experience. We have included our star products in our category of Outdoor Gear. We provide airsoft guns that resemble the latest, real guns. A comprehensive selection of these realistic guns would allow you to find any gun you are looking for. They are durable, reliable and present excellent shooting experience, and most importantly, a realistic experience. Other than the airsoft guns, we stock the best airsoft sniper riflesblank firing guns, pellet guns, blowguns, crossbows, tomahawk axes, and slingshots. 

Our outdoor gear makes shooting pretty safe for you. The Pellet guns use steel BBs, but they are still pretty safe to handle. Our Blank Firing Guns are absolutely wonderful for practicing target shooting. Our beautiful collection isn’t limited to guns. If you are fond of playing interesting sports, we have the slingshots and crossbows for you. This outdoor gear is made for such outdoor games and activities. So, browse our vast collection, and find what you are looking for at the cheapest rates. 

Outdoor Gear at Wholesale Prices

At Sharp Import, we take care of your budgetary needs. We are a top wholesale brand selling outdoor gear at amazingly reduced prices. All of our products would fall within your budget. Our pricing strategy is simple! We keep ourselves at the level of most affordable wholesalers. You can purchase our products by staying within your budget limits. So, avail our lowest prices, and buy your favorite outdoor gear to become a perfect outdoorsman. 

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