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Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Black
Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Black, Made of 16-gauge steel
In Stock.
Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Copper Antique
Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Copper Antique. Leather straps included to secure the cuirass. Makes for a great medieval gift idea.
In Stock.

Body Armor for Sale at the Guaranteed Lowest Prices

At Sharp Import, we have a huge choice of body armor. We are a leading wholesale store that has been serving the community for more than 13 years. We have quality items, and these armors are just an example. Moreover, we ensure the cheapest prices. Our prices are 90% lower than retail prices. Hence, buying these armors from us means you are paying such a low amount compared to retail prices. Explore our gorgeous collection above and purchase as many as you want. 

A Stunning Variety of Body Armors Awaits You

Sharp Import has the most stylish and gorgeous collection of body armors for sale. Explore our stunning variety that includes all types of medieval armors. Our stock features Roman Greek armors, steel cuirass, medieval knight breastplates, muscle armors, and many more. Buy your desired ones from this massive selection at such reduced prices. 

What is a Body Armor Used For?

Modern enthusiasts have a craze for this body armor. It was used by the ancient warriors who fought with swords in close quarters. It was a magnificent protection against the swords. Today, it is being used by cosplayers for cosplay. These are lovely collectibles and decor items since they come with display stands. So, this is why people love to buy them and add them to their collections! 

Make Your Retail Business Profitable - Buy Wholesale Body Armor

At Sharp Import, we are on a mission to assist retail businesses in their rapid growth. Hence, we come up with trending items that have a great demand among consumers. Moreover, we charge the lowest prices to maintain a maximum profit margin for retail businesses. If you want to make your retail business more profitable, buy our body armor at significantly lessened wholesale prices. 

Enrich your retail stores with these high-demand cosplay armors and urge people to rush to your stores. Also, you can charge the retail prices that are massively higher than our wholesale prices. Meanwhile, you can generate unbelievable profits. So, above is our inventory. Explore and shop wholesale body armors! 

Shop Body Armors in Great Numbers and Avail Significant Discount

At Sharp Import, greater your order, greater is your discount. We allow you to get a discount ranging between 5% and 20%; with an aim to amplify your profit. However, your order has to exceed $99.99 to get a minimum of 55 discount. For a discount of 20%, your order has to be $1000 or more. So, grab this opportunity and get a maximum discount by buying body armors for $1000 or more! 

Looking for more armors? Check our selection of chainmail and gorget armor to buy as many armors as you want! 

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