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MTech Tactical Dagger with Black Rubber Handle
11 1/2" overall. Black 440 stainless steel blade. Black rubber handle. Includes nylon sheath.
In Stock.
6.5" Double Edge Military Tactical Fixed Blade Boot Knife Thrower
Out of Stock.
9" overall. 440 stainless steel blade. Rubber handle for sure gripping. Includes nylon pouch.
In Stock.
Ottoman Turkish Arabic Decorative Dagger Metal Scabbard
Whether you add it to your personal collection or you give it as a gift to a friend or loved one who loves the Ottoman, you cannot go wrong with this collectors blade!
In Stock.
Thunder Cat Sword Dagger Size 16
Here we have a Cool Thunder Cat Sword Dagger Size Replica. A Great Collectible Dagger for the Collectors. The dagger blade is made of 440 stainless steel. Comes with the wooden table top display stand.
In Stock.
Thunder Cat Black Dagger 13.25
Here we have a Cool Thunder Cat Dagger Replica. A Great Collectible Dagger for the Collectors. The dagger blade is made of 440 stainless steel. A matching sheath comes with the steel dagger, made of black plastic and detailed with a matching engraved, stainless steel end-cap and throat.
In Stock.
16" Overall Crusader Shield Knights Templar Dagger With Scabbard
In Stock.
Knights Templar Iconic Dagger
13 1/4 Inches Overall in length Knights Templar Iconic Dagger. Includes a scabbard.
In Stock.
Lion Rampant Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk Knife Dagger
Lion Rampant Sgian Dubh Scottish Dirk Knife Dagger.
In Stock.
Collector's Patriotic Eagle Fixed Blade Hunting Knife Bowie
14" overall, 8" blade. A metal Bald Eagle Bowie with American Pride on the scabbard. Features a carved blade.
In Stock.
Silver Ulak Saber Claws Riddick Claw Dagger
These replicas are made entirely from 420J stainless steel, which have been given a matte finish that really highlights the daggers edges and lines. They are, of course, full-tang design and possess ray skin wrapped grips for comfortable, easy, and fun handling. Included with the ulak set is a magnetic base that is perfect for holding and displaying them when you are not busy enjoying how they feel in-hand.
In Stock.
In Stock.
Tactical Damascus Steel Custom Handmade Fixed Blade Knife 12
In Stock.
Roulette Gamblers Dagger Boot Knife
This great boot knife is easily concealable and offers a great value in a smaller package. Measuring 4.5 inches, the black anodize 440 stainless steel blade has a piercing tip and is pinpoint sharp. The contoured handle is molded from a tough rubberized material providing an excellent grip while a short guard ensures your hands do not accidentally slip on the blade, ideal for use in either a wet or dry environment.
Out of Stock.
Death Rate Dagger Boot Knife
The dagger style blade is constructed of stainless steel with a unique skull style skin giving this dagger a menacing look. Overall length is 9 inches.
In Stock.
Medieval Knight Double Edge Stainless Steel Dagger with Scabbard
BLACK KNIGHT - 11" Medieval Battle DAGGER Knife with Scabbard.5 1/4" 440 stainless steel blade. Metal ring handle with cast metal scabbard.
In Stock.
LOTR Medieval Warrior Dagger
13 1/2" Overall. This LOTR medieval dagger features a stainless steel blade.
In Stock.
8.25 inch Overall Scottish Dirk with Damascened Finish
8 1/4" Overall. This Scottish Dirk dagger features a stainless steel blade and a sheath.
In Stock.
X Claw Dagger With Plaque - Silver Blades
This unique X Claw piece features three silver, razors sharp, 440 stainless steel blades connected to a genuine iron handle with the X logo
In Stock.
Hand Made Damascus Steel Kris Twisted Blade Dagger Knife
Full damascus spiked edge dagger knife. Great piece of art, sharp edges with sturdy construction. Overall length is 10 Inches. Blade of the knife has beautiful pattern damascus steel blade.
In Stock.
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Dagger - Warriors’ Weapon of Choice

Daggers have been the most popular weapons among the warriors, before there were the swords. But, dagger was more than a weapon. From the Roman Empire to the Renaissance era, dagger was not just a blade for defense and battle, it was also a personal accessory. In general, daggers were modeled after the swords, but they were better for thrusting and stabbing due to their small sized blade. Typically, daggers were self-defense and off-handed weapons ideal for deft parries and fast counterattacks. The traditional or classic designs of daggers have not lost their existence, therefore you can find classic Medieval Daggers and modern Fantasy Daggers at Sharp Import.

The knife collectors nowadays may have tremendous choices of modern self-defense tools, the short thrusting daggers still remain a popular weapon. The fame of these blades can be identified from the variety of choice available these days. At Sharp Import, you will find numerous stylish daggers including single-blade practical daggers and the fantasy-inspired daggers for hunting purposes. If you are looking to purchase daggers, whether for yourself, or a a gift for your loved one, we let you make the right choice. Take some time to view the most gorgeous daggers for sale at Sharp Import.

A Distinct Array of Daggers

At Sharp Import, we bring the most astounding variety of daggers for sale. We let you choose from a distinct array of daggers ranging from traditional to modern designs and models. We provide Fantasy Daggers, Medieval Daggers, Push Daggers, Claw Daggers, Single-edged and double-edged daggers, Fixed Blade Daggers, and many more. We make sure you find your favorite dagger from our amazingly vast variety.

Brace yourself to explore our intricately designed daggers. We promise to not deprive you of your preferences, because we have everything you are looking for. Are you a fan of Medieval era daggers, or do you love fantasy daggers? We stock the most astonishing Fantasy and Medieval Daggers. With protective sheath and small size, there is absolutely no distress to carry them with you.

Cheapest Price Wholesale Daggers for Sale

What’s missing in your collection of weapons? Probably you should get our impressive and stylish daggers to enrich your collection. You will be surprised to know about our affordable prices. We charge the lowest for our daggers and provide the fastest shipping, about 24 hours. So, purchase our cheap daggers now and get them at your doorstep quickly.

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