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4C2-P618GB - Combo Pack pistols in black carrying case. These are a smaller model of pistol, yet shoot like the big ones.
Out of Stock.
4D2-M36 - The Double Eagle M36 Spring Airsoft Uzi features a 15-20-capacity removable clip for longer play time. It comes loaded with a sight. Shoots 220 FPS. overall length 9 Inches
In Stock.
ZM21 Compact Tactical FPS-225 Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol. 7 Inches overall in length.
In Stock.
ZM26 1911 FPS-245 Metal Body Spring Airsoft Handgun Pistol. 7.5 Inches Overall in length
In Stock.
4A2-G6S - G6 Airsoft Spring Pistol Colt 1911 Replica Metal Gun FPS M9 Silver. Full 1:1 scale handgun is weighted for more realistic feel in two tone finish.
In Stock.
4B2-G6T - Full Metal Body Airsoft Spring Pistol Hi-Capa 1911 OD Green Two Tone 300 FPS
In Stock.
4B2-ZM25B - This Airsoft Gun is a realistic Spring Powered Pistol. Shoots 225 FPS. Magazine Capacity: 10 Overall length of 7 Inches.
In Stock.
4A2-M888AF - Spring Airsoft Hand Gun. Push button clip release holds 10 BB's. Includes: 10-pc. 6mm BB's, laser, and blue LED flashlight. Length: 6.5 Inch Shoots at 175 FPS with .12g BB's
In Stock.
This is a Spring Pistol M757R Airsoft Gun. This is a fun Airsoft gun for someone of any age. This gun comes with a laser. It is 8.5 inches long and made of quality ABS plastic.
In Stock.
CYMA ZM01S Full Metal Spring Airsoft Pistol Silver
In Stock.
FN Herstal FN SCAR-L Highly Modular Tactical Spring Powered Airsoft Rifle - 400 FPS Dark Earth
In Stock.
4C2-P328SB - Silver and Black Dueling Set Airsoft Pistol Handguns Gun With Case
Out of Stock.
P1158D M4 Tactical Spring Airsoft Rifle with Vertical Grip, Laser, Adjustable Stock AND Pistol Combo Pack.
In Stock.
P2220 Spring Airsoft Pistol with Flashlight, Laser
In Stock.
Airsoft Pump Action Tactical Spring Shotgun Rifle With Laser Scope. FPS-250
In Stock.
250 FPS Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gun With Laser Scope Sight Bipod. 37.75 Inches overall in length
In Stock.
P2218C M1911 Spring Pistol Airsoft Gun With Laser and Suppressor FPS 135
In Stock.
4C2-216AF - Push button clip release holds 8 BB's. Includes: 10-pc. 6mm BB's, laser, and multi-colored LED lights. Length: 6.5 Inch
In Stock.
Project Z In-Human 14,000Ct 0.12g 6MM Metalic Orange BBs with BONUS Spring Pistol
In Stock.
The compact Glock Officially Licensed GLOCK 19 Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun Pistol Metal Slide Shoots 300 FPS with 0.20 Grams BBs
In Stock.
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Airsoft Guns - The Realistic Guns for a Realistic Experience

How often do you get on the airsoft field? If you are a regular airsofter, you know how it feels to hold an airsoft gun. For you to win a competition, your airsoft guns matter to a great extent.

Sharp Import brings the most incredible airsoft guns, airsoft rifles and airsoft pistols that are highly featured, and assure you a win. They have better precision, shooting capacity, and range. Also, they are the most realistic; closely resemble the real guns. Is there anything better than buying high quality guns at lowest prices? Click through our Airsoft Guns and find the most realistic ones for you and impress your airsoft partners. 

Diverse Collection of Cheap Airsoft Guns, Rifles and Pistols

At Sharp Import, we provide the most diversified collection of cheap airsoft guns for sale. We are not just limited to large sized guns, we also offer realistic airsoft rifles and small sized airsoft pistols. Exploring our airsoft weapons, you will find an extensive range of Airsoft Accessories that will be useful to take with you on an airsoft field. Our Airsoft Shotguns are the best you can find in the market. There is an endless variety of airsoft guns, including the CO2 Airsoft Guns, Metal Airsoft Guns, and Electric Airsoft Guns. The types of guns may vary, but they share similar durability. 

If you love performing the role of a sniper, we would like to enhance your sniping experience. We have the best Airsoft Sniper Rifles for you. Spring Airsoft Rifles and Airsoft Revolvers are the latest addition to our extraordinary airsoft guns portfolio. 

Long Lasting Airsoft Guns for Sale

At Sharp Import, we stock the best quality airsoft guns at wholesale rates. As a well-reputed wholesale brand, we maintain highest quality of our cheap airsoft guns. Our items are highly durable and last longer than your expectation. Manufactured using metal, our airsoft pistols and rifles are made for long-term use. Held in your hands, they would give a feel of real, authentic weapons. So, get on the airsoft field with more realistic airsoft guns. Select your favorite airsoft weapons, and purchase them at the cheapest prices. 

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