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MTech USA 8 inch Fixed Blade Karambit Style Knife
In Stock.
MTech USA Fixed Blade Karambit Style Knife Gold Handle
Out of Stock.
MTech Xtreme Fixed Blade Hunting Karambit Style Handle Knife Matte Green
In Stock.
This tactical neck knife provides instant defense right around your neck! The 3 blade is razor sharp, and can be quickly accessed from the quick-release, impact-resistant sheath. 7" Overall in length.
In Stock.
5" Hawk Blade Knife Tactical ABS Holster Green Full Tang Combat Karambit
In Stock.
6.7 Inch Overall Practice Black Karambit knife with round tip. Made up of Polypropylene Material. This knife is made up of polypropylene.
In Stock.
5" Hawk Blade Knife Tactical ABS Holster Pink Full Tang Combat Karambit
In Stock.
Golden Tactical Combat Karambit Neck Knife Survival Hunting Fixed Blade
In Stock.
5" Hawk Blade Knife Tactical ABS Holster Red Full Tang Combat Karambit
In Stock.
Mtech USA fixed blade karambit style tactical knife. Orange full serrated blade. Black handle. Tactical paddle holster sheath
In Stock.
MTech Blue Full Tang Serrated Combat Karambit Knife
In Stock.
Day Zero Survival Tactical Combat Karambit Neck Knife Fixed Blade. 7 1/2 Inch overall in length. Comes with sheath and neck cord.
In Stock.
Day Zero Survival Tactical Combat Karambit Neck Knife Fixed Blade Hunting.
In Stock.

Karambit Knife - Your Utility and Combat Knife

If you want to know which is the most comprehensively featured knife, Karambit Knife is our answer. It is an outstanding multi-use knife renowned for its accuracy, safety and efficiency. At Sharp Import, we provide these remarkable knives that can serve you from utility to combat. Our Karambit Knives will b your perfect choice if you love to keep tools that serve numerous purposes. A karambit is a specially designed knife with a hooked or curved blade, a safety ring additionally installed, and ergonomic handle.

If you are a knife enthusiast, our Karambit Knife is what you should keep with you. This historically significant knife would do wonders for you. We value this amazing knife for its accurate cuts, and great level of suitability and retention for your routine tasks. This everyday carry knife will be your self-defense knife, your utility tool, and your fighting weapon. Our Folding Karambit Knife has perhaps the strongest blade and design inspired from a tiger’s claw. The safety ring eases your usage and makes it absolutely safe-to-use knife. It can be your survival tool on a long voyage. So, Buy our karambit knife and get survival approval from us. 

Wholesale Price Karambit Knife for Sale

At Sharp Import, you can choose from our notable selection of karambit knives ranging from fixed blade, large sized karambits to small sized karambit pocket knives. We are never short of diversity in our products. In case of Karambit knife, we have thousands of different designs including traditional Combat karambits, modern tactical karambits, and more. A karambit folding knife is our star product which is foldable and easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or a bag. 

Why Sharp Import for buying Karambit Knife?

There are two factors that make Sharp Import the best wholesale brand. If you want to buy a Karambit Knife, choose us for these two reasons. Firstly, we offer the most stylish and top quality karambit knives that you can’t find elsewhere. Secondly, being the wholesalers, our prices are 90% reduced when compared to retailers. Why pay that much to retailers? Purchase karambit knives from Sharp Import to avail significantly reduced prices. 

Looking to buy more knives? Browse our largest collection of Karambit Pocket Knives and Spring Assisted Knives and find the most cool ones for you. 

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