Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Butterfly Knife Tricks

butterfly knife tricks

Butterfly knives, also known as Balisong, are a kind of folding knife that you can safely put in your pockets. They are made of two handles-a safe handle (faces the dull side of the blade) and a bite handle- enclosing the blade within them and concealing it. 
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Can Brass Knuckles Break Your Fingers?

brass knuckles

It is mostly believed that brass knuckles are the bad guys and their menacing look seconds this opinion of people. This is why they are used mostly in street fights than in a self-defense scenario. When I thought about buying brass knuckles for myself the first time, I was quite confused.....

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10 Ways To Make Kubaton A Life Saving Weapon


Many believe kubaton is an over rated self defense weapon. But with right technique, it can be an irreplaceable self defense tool....
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Enrich Your Arsenal with a Police Baton - Here is Why!

Enrich Your Arsenal with a Police Baton

The increasing number of random attacks have urged people to carry weapons and tools for self defense....
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The Amazing Facts About The Historical Viking Helmet

The Historical Viking Helmet

Ancient gadgets and weapons have always been very compelling and people get attracted to them. They want to keep historical tools as much as....
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Why Are CO2 Airsoft Guns The Best Replicated Guns?

CO2 Airsoft Guns

In the present time, we see that replications of all real weapons are coming one after the other. Why is this so?...
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12 Crafting Materials For Cosplay Masks


Cosplay is a word created after mashing together costume and play. Cosplaying is a fun activity that you can do very much on your own or as a group....
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6 Brilliantly Designed SAO Swords & Ways to Use Them in 2021

SAO Swords

We might have adopted nuclear weapons and firearms but we never forgot swords. Yes, that’s the fact! The technology has led the world to such innovative weapons....
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5 Perfect Self Defense Weapons for Women

self defense weapons for women

Why is self defense important for women? I can collate here all the cases of violence committed against women both inside the house and out, in the streets and back alleys....
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5 Types of Medieval Swords and Their Modern Usage


Swords may be difficult to classify accurately, but here is a compact list of 5 most notable swords throughout history and what are these swords up to today....
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Stun Gun - Shapes, Features and Working Mechanism

stun guns review

A stun gun is a handy self defense weapon, here is all you need to know about inner workings of a stun gun to make it work for you....
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12 Types of Knife Blades & Their Purposes!

types of knife and blades

There are several different types of blades and knives around. Different knives serve different purposes. A few are excellent for hunting while a few are good for utility uses....
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