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Constructed from a solid slab of heavy duty stainless steel, this full tang machete is a fearsome weapon. 24 Inches overall length with a FREE nylon sheath.
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5E2-K1548 - Overall Length: 21 Inches, Blade Length: 15 Inches, Blade: Kukri, High Carbon Stainless Steel, Blade Thickness: 3.7mm
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Survivor 18 inch overall length machete. 13 inch stainless steel stonewash blade. 5 inch pakkawood handle
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Survivor 14 inch overall length machete. 9 inch stainless steel stonewash blade. 5 inch pakkawood handle
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Survivor 25 inch overall length machete. Stainless steel blade. 6.5 inch pakkawood handle
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17 Inches Indian Gurkha Kukri Regimental Knife. High Carbon Steel Blade with Wood & Brass Fittings Handle. Includes Leather Hard Scabbard.
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Jungle Master Premium Stainless Steel Full Tang Fixed Blade Machete Knife. 25 Inch Overall in length Stainless Steel. Featuring wooden handle, Comes with the nylon sheath.
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Zombie Killer Full Tang Offset Edge Tactical Machete. Overall Length: 23 Inches. Includes: Black Nylon snap fastened sheath, Shoulder strap, Lanyard hole, Paracord.
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Blood on the Wall Parang Machete
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Zombie Hunter Mercenary Tan Fixed Blade Kukri Knife With On Blade Skulls Print. 15" Overall Length With Stainless Steel Blade. Half Tang With Rubber Handle & Includes A Nylon Sheath
In Stock.
Overall Length: 23.75 Inches Blade Length: 17.5 Inches Blade Material: Stainless Steel Blade Thickness: 3.25 mm
In Stock.
Zombie Hunter Mercenary Green Fixed Blade Kukri Knife With On Blade Skulls Print. 15" Overall Length With Stainless Steel Blade. Half Tang With Rubber Handle & Includes A Nylon Sheath
In Stock.
20 Inch Overall Length Z Hunter Fixed Blade Machete Knife. 3.5MM Thick Stainless Steel Blade. Green Cord Wrapped Handle. Includes Nylon Sheath
In Stock.
16.5 Inches Killer Red Bill Hook Machete With Scabbard
In Stock.
This is one solid piece of cold, hard, stainless steel with heat treated black anodize baked finish. 27.5 Inch overall in length
In Stock.
Alien Eradicator Parang Zombie Machete
In Stock.
Zombie Hunter 18 Inch Full Tang Zombie Green Camo Blade Machete
In Stock.
5C2-CH013BK - 2-Piece Panawal Kukri Machete Set. Overall Lengths: 14.5 Inches. Includes: Leather snap fastened sheath, loop, leather belt.
In Stock.
Elk Ridge Swabbie Survival Machete. Includes Lanyard & Nylon Pouch. 20.5" Overall in length.
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Outdoor Hiking and Backpacking Zombie Killer Macabre Bolo Machete Knife. Overall Length: 23.75 Inches
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Machetes - The Most Widely Used, Compelling Tools

There is no part of the world where machetes are not frequently used. It is one of the larger, powerful, and tough weapons that can help you accomplish numerous tasks. You can buy machetes from Sharp Import and use them for skinning, chopping, slaughtering, cutting, hunting, camping, and fishing etc. These diverse uses are what make it the most compelling tool. 

Would you like not to have such a worthwhile tool? A machete has a long razor shaped blades and ergonomic designs. We stock printed as well as simple bladed machetes with differences in their designs and handles as well. The blades are constructed with stainless steel or carbon steel, making them the most durable tools. They are ideal for you if you need to carry out pretty tough chores on regular basis. The size of this weapon is great with a high weight, but believe us, it is highly comfortable to carry. 

Machete For Sale at Wholesale Prices

Sharp Import comes up as the top Wholesale brand offering thousands of machetes for sale. The advantage of buying from us is that you would benefit from the lowest rates. Being the wholesalers, we allow you to buy a profitable bulk of machetes. A comparison of our prices with others will assure how reasonably we have priced our items. Hence, don’t waste your money and time buying from retailers, rather avail our wholesale prices.  

Sharp Import’s Machete Recommendations

At Sharp Import, we make sure you buy what you love, and what suits your needs. We provide best suggestions to our customers when they are looking to buy machetes. Our Customer Support talks to you to identify your requirements and try fulfill them. Based on our recommendations, we suggest to keep at least a machete to serve multi-purposes. For those tough chores, there is no better tool than a machete. Also, we recommend not to buy machetes from retailers at high prices. Instead, buy from us at 90% less prices. So, explore our diverse collection of machetes and purchase the best out of them as per our suggestions. 

Don’t like carrying heavy machetes? Buy appropriate and lightweight tools from Sharp Import. Browse our category of Daggers to purchase small sized, sharp, and smart daggers. 

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