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Medieval Feasting Buffalo Black Dining Drinking Bovine Horn Collectible
Our Buffalo Black Drinking Horn is one of the most eye catching horns around. It’s not graced with the exuberant colorations that many other horns display today. This horn possesses a simple all natural design where the craftsman has scaled the horn to be reminiscent of fish scales. The colorations will vary from time to time because the horn is 100% natural. With the Buffalo Black drinking horn the possibilities are endless, give as a gift, re-enactments, theater, ceremonies, or maybe a period wedding. This piece has been hand polished with great care for a quality you can treasure.
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Natural Ram Horn Novelty Bottle Opener
A bottle opener is a device that enables the removal of metal bottle caps from bottles. Our Natural Ram Horn Novelty Bottle Opener has a handle that is constructed of real natural ram horn that hands been hand polished for everyday use in the kitchen or while entertaining. The will be a conversation piece like no other. The steel opener will be able to endure opening bottle after bottle. This makes a great gift for that special someone.
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Polished Horn of The Dammed Medieval Drinking Beer Bovine Horn with Rack
This horn will add its own unique style to period weddings, ceremonies, or re-enactments. The rich coloration is a reflection of the burnt effect of the enchanting design that has been created on the horn. Included is a nice iron hand forged rack to display this charming item for your friends and family while setting on the mantle. The Horn of the Dammed has been hand polished and detailed with great care to bring you an overall timeless piece.
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Renaissance Thrones Mead Medieval Drinking Ceremonial Real Cup Horn Fireworks
Please wash with a gentle detergent and polish with vegetable oil to keep it from drying out. And from time to time you will want to use beeswax to coat the inside to keep from cracking and the inside drying out. Please remember this is a natural item and each piece is unique.
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