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15th Century Steel Articulated Gorget
15th Century Steel Articulated Gorget. This particular gorget is similar in design to a bevor, as it protects not only the collar, but also features an extension that sticks up and keeps the wearers chin and lower jaw protected.
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15th Century Articulated Gorget with Bevor - 16 gauge
The Medieval bevor (bevors) is a component of medieval armor plate, the Gothic type, used as protection of the chin (neck and lower face) during the fighting.
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Medieval Gorget Neck Plate Armor 18 Gauge Steel
This is the Medieval Gorget Neck Armor 18 Gauge Steel Pair Large LARP Cosplay. This is an essential piece of armor that protects the lower neck and upper back area. Made with 18 gauge steel and genuine leather straps with iron buckles, this gorget is definitely the right item for added protection.
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Steel Imperial Bevor Neck Plate Armour
This neck plate armour is made from 18 gauge mild steel and has a leather fittings, ensuring that this is a quality piece for your next Ren fair or LARP event. The polished steel finish gives this neck armour a fantastic sheen that you are sure to love with the rest of your steel armour.
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Gorget Armor for Sale - An Amazing Variety

Sharp Import is back with a bang. Explore our stunning collection of gorget armor for sale. Shop your desired gorget at amazingly cheap wholesale prices. We stock some of the masterpieces. The collection includes gorget neck armor, 15th century articulated gorget, neck plate, raised neck gorget, bevor neck plate armor etc. You won’t find such a gorgeous variety elsewhere. If you are after some ancient and stylish gorget armors; you are right on your destination. Our amazing variety above awaits you! 

What is a Gorget?

A gorget is a special armor which protects the neck of a warrior. The medieval warriors used to wear it to make sure their necks are well-protected from swords. It was one of the warrior essentials during the 15th century. It is very popular these days as well. Roleplayers use them as their warrior costumes. There is a massive demand for these gorgets because they serve as nice costumes. 

Avail the Opportunity to Make Profits for Your Retail Business

With the enhanced popularity and demand for gorget armor, we urge retail businesses to avail this opportunity to make greater profits. Your retail stores will see an upsurge in the number of buyers once you add these popular items in your stock. We assist you in this regard. To maximize your profits, we have reduced our prices. So, buy them in bulk and allow yourself to earn large profits.

90% Lower than Retail Price - A Promise by Sharp Import

Sharp Import promises to be the destination for the budgeted buyers. With an aim to assist small businesses, we tend to lessen our prices to an extent that our prices are now 90% lower than retail prices. Also, we guarantee that our prices are the cheapest you will find in the market. This is what makes Sharp Import a trusted wholesale brand! . 

Acknowledge Our Discount Tiers!

We don’t stop here. Make sure to acknowledge our discounts. We provide discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. The minimum discount can be availed for an order over $99.99. The maximum discount can be availed for an order over $999.99. 

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