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The Monster 18 Million Volt Stun Gun is a nationwide best selling item. Equipped with an LED flashlight
In Stock.
25 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun With LED Light and Disable Pin Zebra Print
In Stock.
Jogger Spiked Defensive Knuckle Stun Gun 4.8 Million Volt Rechargeable. Piercingly sharp kubaton-style double spikes on the end for strikes and hammer fist punches.
In Stock.
8,000,000 Rechargeable Ultra Mini Stun Gun With LED Light Pink. Equipped with a sleek nylon holster with belt loop that allows you to protect and carry your stun gun everywhere
In Stock.
Stun Gun Flash Light 10 Million Volts Rechargeable Pink
In Stock.
ELITE FORCE Stun Gun 10 Million Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight Pink Camo
In Stock.
The Monster "Hornet" (White) 6,000,000 Volt Rechargeable Mini Stun Gun With LED Flashlight. The World Smallest Stun Gun Non-Lethal Self Defense Key Chain With Lifetime Warranty.
In Stock.
The dual ring, double-spark ring stun gun lands two times the high voltage blow with an added LED light
In Stock.
3 Million Volt Concealed Lipstick Stun Gun + Pepper Spray Gift Set Red
In Stock.
2C2-M18000PR - Purple Monster 18 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun - LED Light
In Stock.
Tactical Elite Force Metal Stun Gun Rechargeable LED Flashlight - Pink. Overall length: 6.75"
In Stock.
Delta Force Orange Camo Metal Stun Gun 10 Million Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight
In Stock.
2B1-GDE3000-RD - Electra Concealed Red Lipstick Stun Gun 3 Million Volt with 100-Lumen Flashlight
In Stock.
10 Million Volt Stun Gun Tactical Flashlight - Blue
In Stock.
Delta Force Blue Stun Gun 10 Million Volt Rechargeable LED Flashlight
In Stock.
3H2-GD3600H + CASE - Guard Dog Hotline Cell Phone Stun Gun 3,600,000. Built-in LED flashlight. Includes premium flip-top leather carrying case
In Stock.
3H2-GD3600H + CASE
Defender 10 Million Volt Tactical Flashlight Stun Gun Rechargeable All Metal Pink
In Stock.
Pink Duo Max Power Stun Gun Double Shock With Removable Safety Pin. High powered stun gun designed for self defense situations.
In Stock.
2C2-M18000WT - White Monster 18 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun - LED Light
In Stock.
2C2-M18000-ZP - Zebra Pink And Black Color Monster 18,000,000 Million Volt Rechargeable Stun Gun with LED Light. Includes nylon holster with belt loop.
In Stock.
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Stun Gun - An Incredibly Smart Weapon

Carrying heavy self defense weapons causes a significant level of discomfort, don’t they? At Sharp Import, we provide the most comfortable self defense tools that you can carry without any distress. Searching for the smartest weapon on earth? How about a Stun Gun? At Sharp Import, there is an incredible array of Stun Gun for sale. Realizing your needs, we provide you stun guns that are as effective as some of the heaviest weapons. We guarantee your protection, and that too at low budget. It is one of the cheapest tools you would ever purchase. 

We know how eager are you to know how this smart tool works. A stun gun is a device that uses a high level of voltage to stop the attackers from approaching you. You just need to touch the attacker with the prongs of this device, and that will immobilize him quickly. That’s how simply it works. It may not inflict a permanent injury, but gives you the much-needed time to escape. Now, is there any need to carry knives or guns, that leave you in a worried situation to avoid self-injury. Explore our collection of stun guns, and check which one would you want. 

Immense variety of Stun Guns for Sale

Sharp Import stocks the best stun guns variety, including stun gun flashlight, cell phone stun gun, mini stun gun, and lipstick stun gun. There can’t be any other weapon that is more comfortable to carry than a stun gun. No one would ever get an idea what you are carrying with you. You are in fact carrying a flashlight that actually is a flashlight with a stun gun additionally installed. Similarly, no one can even think that your cell phone or lipstick has a cool feature that can make it harder for the attackers to even move for a reasonable time. 

If you have a low budget to own a self defense weapon, Sharp Import gets you covered. You can buy our stun guns at a price you can’t imagine. We have 90% reduced prices for our stin guns. So, turn your imagination into reality and purchase your favorite stun gun models at lowest prices. 

Sharp Import - The Best Wholesaler of Stun Guns

Sharp Import is a renowned wholesale brand selling the most diverse models of stun guns. Our extra-quick shipping and cheapest prices make us a standout wholesaler. So, purchase the best stun gun for sale from the best wholesalers. 

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