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We offer a huge selection of classic as well as modern knives with exceptional features. Our knives are durable, and can serve you for years. Our magnificent variety of knives includes spring assisted knives, fixed blade knives, pocket knives, hidden blade, butterfly knife, karambit knife, hunting knives, survival knives, tactical knives, throwing knives and knife accessories. These knives can be your long-term companions for hunting, self-defense, and utility use. With sharp blades, ergonomic grips, and unmatchable strength, our knives are the most worthwhile items. So, get to our knives category and find the best knives for sale.

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Our iconic, functional swords will leave you surprised with their interesting designs and styles. We are the top wholesale distributors of real, battle-ready swords. Browse our category of swords, and you will find stylish samurai swords, medieval swords, ninja swords, anime swords, foam swords and full tang swords. Buy our traditional swords, and become a swordsman ready to battle.

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We specialize in self-defense tools and weapons, and fulfill your protection needs. For 15+ years, we have been supplying the most effective tools for you to defense against vicious attacks. We have endless choice when it comes to self-defense tools. Explore our self-defense products to find stun guns, brass knuckles, self defense baton, pepper spray, self defense knives and more. Keep these tools with you to empower yourself and get rid of the attackers. The element of surprise is our lowest prices for these products. Compare our prices with others, and you will figure out that Sharp Import is the most affordable Wholesale brand.

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At Sharp Import, we make sure to fulfill your outdoor needs. We serve as a platform where you can purchase all sorts of Outdoor Gear at reasonable price. For airsofters, we provide the most fabulous airsoft guns to improve their airsoft sporting experience. We are also leading distributors of blank guns, BB pellet guns, crossbows and tomahawk axes. So, try our Outdoor Gear to become a perfect outdoors-man.

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Since we have already been providing our products at 90% less than the product retail prices, there is more that you can avail under our incredible new discount Tiers. For orders ranging between $100.00 to $249.99, avail 5% discount. Get 10% and 15% discounts on orders between $250.00 and $999.99. Get a significant 20% OFF on orders exceeding $1000.00.