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Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun. This 1:1 scale shotgun comes with 4 shotgun shells which each hold 5 BBs. It fires at an amazing 320 FPS and has tactical light.
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AGM Airsoft M180B2 Sawed Off Shell-Fed Shotgun w/ Tactical Flashlight
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Double Eagle M309 Airsoft Shotgun 445 FPS
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400 FPS AGM Airsoft M500 M183A2 Tactical Shell Fed Spring Airsoft Shotgun
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4C1-M183A1 - M183A1 Tactical Pump Action FPS-380 Spring Airsoft Shotgun
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400 FPS High Power M500 Pistol Grip Pump Action Airsoft Shot Gun
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4E1-P788B - Air soft black pump action shotgun. Shoots approximately 265 FPS. Top loader (pellets feed from top of shotgun). Measures approximately 27 Inch in length.
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Double Eagle M401 Spring Shotgun Airsoft Gun FPS 335
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3F1-M58A - Tactical Shotgun is strongly constructed from metal and poly-fiber. Full 1:1 size shotgun with real pump action . Shoots at 430 FPS with .12g BB's. Overall length 36 Inch
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Double Eagle DE M56A Tri-Shot Spring Airsoft Shotgun FPS-320
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4A1-P799A - The P799A Pump Action Shotgun is meant to intimidate anyone with a magazine capacity of 150 RDs and firing power of 310 FPS. Includes a scope and pressure switch laser.
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Spring M183A3 Shotgun FPS-380, With Shell BB Holders, Airsoft Gun
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The ZM61A Spring shotgun by CYMA is a 1:1 scale replica airsoft gun that packs a punch! This beast is fully made of metal and shoots at 405 FPS with 0.12g BBs! This is a pump action airsoft shotgun, so you need to pump it before each shot, just like a real shotgun. The overall length is 38" this gun does have adjustable hop up for increased accuracy. A small pack of 50 BBs is included. Ammo capacity is 30 BBs.
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Mossberg M590 Chainsaw Spring Airsoft Shotgun. Featuring a velocity of 355 FPS, the Mossberg Chainsaw Spring Shotgun can pump BBs out at an impressive velocity.
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3C1-27726 - Officially licensed Mossberg replica shotgun. Patented adjustable BAXS shooting system for shooting accuracy.. Includes: 600-pc. Ultrasonic Clear Green BBs. Overall length: 29.5 Inch Shoots at 355 FPS with .12g BBs
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