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Butterfly Trainer 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong Knife
Blue titanium butterfly training knife with stainless steel handles and 4 inch hawkbill blade balisong.
In Stock.
Butterfly Trainer by Mtech Rainbow Spider Handle Butterfly Knife
Mtech butterfly knife trainer for martial arts training and self defense. Rainbow butterfly knife spider handle. The butterfly knife is 8.25 inches long.
In Stock.
Practice Butterfly Knife Trainer Black Handle - Dull Multicolor Blade
Practice Butterfly Knife Trainer Black Handle - Dull Multicolor Blade. 5 Inch closed in length.
In Stock.
The Bartender Bottle Opener Silver Butterfly Practice Knife
The Bartender Bottle Opener Butterfly Practice Knife - Silver Handle
In Stock.
Titanium Unchained Balisong Butterfly Knife
Titanium Unchained Balisong Butterfly Knife
In Stock.
Butterfly Trainer by Mtech Grey Spider Handle Butterfly Knife
Mtech knives butterfly knife trainer for martial arts training and self defense. The butterfly knife is 8.25 inches long.
In Stock.

Butterfly Knife - A Distinctly Featured Knife

You may have been familiar with a butterfly knife. If not, then you must have heard about a balisong, a fan knife, or a batana. Well, all these terms are used for a butterfly knife, which is a unique type of knife featuring a double counter-rotating handles around a tang. When the handles are closed, the blade is concealed inside the grooves of the handle. 

At Sharp Import, we stock this wonderfully designed, specially featured knife. We are the top wholesalers who offer real butterfly knives at affordable prices. Purchase our butterfly knives and perform flipping tricks to impress your mates.

A butterfly knife is a beauty, apart from a tool to perform tricks, you can keep it as a weapon for self-defense. Won’t it be nice to have a tool with multi-uses? Our butterfly knife will not just be an impressive, beautiful knife, it is your survival weapon, and your advantageous utility tool. Keep it in your pocket and carry it comfortably. 

The blade is enclosed in the rotating handles, so there is no chance of self-injury. So, whether you love playing tricks with knives, or love collecting unique knives, or want something effective for self-defense, we encourage you to buy our magnificent butterfly knives.

The Leading Wholesale Brand for Balisong Knives

Sharp Import is a leading brand providing wholesale balisong butterfly knife at cheap prices. We have a great number of butterfly knives, so you have a large selection to choose from. We are famous for our variety of products and fast shipping services. 

We also offer Customer Support to make sure you buy the most appropriate knife. In addition, we assist you in your decision making, and let you know which knife is suitable for you.

Real Butterfly Knife for Sale at Wholesale Price

At Sharp Import, we offer butterfly knife for sale for extremely low wholesale prices. We are renowned for our affordable prices. Avail our low prices and purchase butterfly knives for practicing flipping and other tricks. 

Are you afraid of using a real butterfly knife? Well, it’s better to practice this knife, before performing tricks. Try our Butterfly Knife Trainer to practice using this knife safely. It is a butterfly knife with a blunt blade, specifically designed for practicing a butterfly knife.

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