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Butterfly Trainer 4 Inch Blue Hawkbill Blade Balisong Knife
Blue titanium butterfly training knife with stainless steel handles and 4 inch hawkbill blade balisong.
In Stock.
The Bartender Bottle Opener Butterfly Practice Knife
The Bartender Bottle Opener Butterfly Practice Knife - All Black
In Stock.

Buy Cheapest Butterfly Knives in Bulk from Sharp Import

At Sharp Import, we are the top wholesale distributors of butterfly knives. Here is our significant selection. Choose to buy from such a massive range. Avail our cheapest prices and don’t forget to get discounts. Our balisong knives are now available at 90% reduced prices. Compare our rates with retail rates to identify such a massive difference of prices!

The Leading Wholesale Brand for Balisong Knives

Sharp Import is a leading brand providing wholesale balisong butterfly knives at cheap prices. We have a great number of balisong knives, so you have a large selection to choose from. We are famous for our variety of products and fast shipping services. Furthermore, we allow you to buy in bulk at the lowest wholesale prices. We offer you discounts as well leaving a great margin for retail businesses. So, if you are eager to make unbelievably large profits, buy our balisong knives in bulk at such reduced prices. Fill your stores with these knives and urge people to rush to your stores. A fantastic chance for retail businesses to grow! 

Real Butterfly Knife for Sale at Wholesale Price

At Sharp Import, we offer butterfly knives for sale for extremely low wholesale prices. We are renowned for our affordable prices. Avail our low prices and purchase balisong knives to enrich your retail stores with the most desirable knives. Not just our prices are the lowest, we also offer significant discounts of 5%, 10%, 15% and 20%. For an order of $100 to $249.99, your discount is 5%. For an order of $250.00  to  $499.99, your discount is 10%. Similarly, for an order of $500.00  to  $999.99, your discount is 15% while an order of $1000.00 and more will get you a discount of 20%.
Are you looking for a practice version of a balisong knife? Well, we stock all of them. Try our Butterfly Knife Trainers. These are knives with a blunt blade, specifically designed for practicing purposes. 

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