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12 Inch Blue Foam Padded Nunchaku with Dragon Graphic - Rope Version
12" Foam Padded with dragon design on foam.
In Stock.
12" Round Wood Nunchaku. Round lacquered wood construction
In Stock.
Nunchaku - Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks
12" Nunchaku - Foam Covered Corded White Dragon Nunchucks
In Stock.
Nunchaku - 14 Inch Black Octagon Wood Nunchucks
Nunchucks 14" Wood octagon design.
In Stock.
12 Inch long, Nunchucks, Wood, Round, Brown, Chain
In Stock.
Black Dragon Heavy Rubber Nunchaku
A good training chuck, medium heavyweight, 12" long, ball bearing swivel. Has Dragon design.
In Stock.
Chain Link Solid Steel Convertible Nunchaku & Night Stick
Chain Link Solid Steel Nunchaku & Night Stick
In Stock.
Shinobi Arts Hidden Dagger Convertible Nunchaku
Shinobi Arts Hidden Dagger Nunchaku
In Stock.
Black finish wood construction, Cast metal chain and fittings. 12" overall
In Stock.
Etched and painted dragon design, quality natural hardwood, strong grip groove handle nunchaku, chain connection, standard 12" long.
Out of Stock.
12" Black Round Nunchaku with Chrome Studs. Round black lacquered wood construction with Chrome Studs
In Stock.

Nunchucks - An Optimal Martial Arts Weapons

Love performing tricks with the tools? Why not try our Nunchucks, an iconic weapon used by Bruce Lee, for doing some impressive tricks. Sharp Import offers the most eminent nunchaku for sale. 

Don’t know how to use them? No problem at all. They are simplest to operate weapons that even a beginner can perform certain tricks. Well, they are not just a simple device that Bruce Lee used as a martial arts weapon, it has numerous other uses.

The ancient Japanese tales bring a different picture of the Nunchucks. It was originally an agricultural tool used in China. There are two sticks that are connected through a chain or a cord. It was also used as a fighting tool by the Chinese for battling Mongolians. So, you can use it for your self defense as well. Then, let’s get one for yourself to gain an upper hand in a street fight.

A Glorious Selection of Nunchucks for Sale

At Sharp Import, we stock the most beautifully designed Nunchucks for sale. We bring the most classic to modern designs of Nunchaku. There is a wonderful variety from which you can choose to buy. 

Our glorious selection incorporates dragon style nunchaku, octagon design, hardwood nunchaku, whip chain, convertible nunchaku, rope versions, hidden dagger nunchaku, and many more. Want to see some of the best we stock? Explore them now and buy your favorite ones at amazingly cheap prices.

Buy Cheapest Nunchaku from the Most Trusted Wholesale Brand

What makes Sharp Import the best wholesale distributor in the USA is our commitment to excellence. We ensure the highest quality of our Nunchucks while charging the lowest price from our customers. We are trustworthy because we deliver what we promise. 

Our prices are minimum, even 90% less than the retail prices, but our quality is at the peak level. You can purchase a pair from Sharp Import at the cheapest rates.

If you think you are not good enough to perform tricks with a real nunchaku, we have other options for you as well. Buy some softer nunchucks from Sharp Import and learn using them and performing tricks with them.

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