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12" Round Rattan Wood Nunchaku. Rattan lacquered wood construction
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The Tiger Rattan Nunchaku is a rare breed of martial arts weapon. Easily identified by its burnt marking pattern, this ferocious nunchaku prefers to ambush unsuspecting prey. These weapons have been known to lie in wait for days in the warm pants pockets of a martial artist, waiting for the perfect moment to lash out at any would-be prey.
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These nunchucks have 12" handles with an approximate diameter of 1.25". They are made out of quality hardwood and feature a 5.5" ball-bearing swivel chain for fast spinning. The gloss finish makes them very smooth to the touch and less likely to cause splinters. They weigh 15 ounces.
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12" Black Round Nunchaku with Chrome Studs. Round black lacquered wood construction with Chrome Studs
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These 12" foam nunchucks with ball bearing chain are sturdy nunchakus to have. Featuring two blue foam padded handles with dragon graphic, these foam nunchucks are perfect for martial arts training and fighting.
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