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Spiral Fluted Buckler – 12 Inch
Spiral Fluted Buckler . The unique design adds interest as well as structural integrity to the steel. It has a sleek design that will serve you well for SCA, LARP, 1.33, or other combat scenarios.
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Round Functional Viking Shield
Our Round Viking Shield is made from solid wood which has been prestained a dark brown. The center features a steel boss with decorative steel strips as well as a complete steel rim which helps protect the edge of the shield.
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Functional Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield
This Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield features a black pre-stained wooden body with a steel boss, rim and metal braces riveted across the shield.
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Medieval Combat Umbo Shield
This 14 gauge steel 8" diameter combat grade functional medieval shield boss comes with 6 pre-drilled holes and all the hardware for a quick and easy install on your shield.
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Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield
This Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield features a black pre-stained wooden body with a steel boss, rim and metal braces riveted across the shield. The back features a comfortable steel handle.
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Viking Norse Wooden Large Round Combat Shield with Steel Boss
This Viking Viking Norse Combat Shield is a beautiful hand-painted wooden shield featuring a quadrant black and red design inspired by Viking and Norse shields of old. It features a heavy metal boss in the center, and has steel studs lining the border.
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Hylian Link Zelda Triforce Metal All Steel Shield Full Size
All-new Hylian Legend of Zelda Links shield, you can hang it on the wall or use the handles and arm strap to carry it around. This version includes real handles that are made of steel and riveted onto the frame of the shield, plus has an arm strap and a chain to hang it on the wall. Excellent quality construction and highly durable with a fine lead-free paint and automotive quality finish. The reds and blues on this shield really pop out and the silver lining is astounding.
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Dark Links Hylian Zelda Triforce Metal All Steel Shield Full Size
Perfect replica design of the infamous shield carried by Dark Link in the Legend of Zelda game collection. It is made almost entirely of carbon steel and weighs only 6.5 lbs which makes it both durable and light enough to carry to conventions. The base of the shield is black base painted steel, then a silver painted trim is attached to the outside edges which is made of steel.
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Wholesale Medieval Shields for Sale 

Sharp Import brings a massive collection of medieval shields for sale. Shop from a great range of shields at wholesale prices. Explore our collection above to witness some of the masterpieces. We have shields of different colors, shapes, and styles. We stock fluted buckler, viking shield, berserker shield, and combat umbo shield etc. So, purchase these shields and make high profits. These are popular cosplay items, and give you an opportunity to enhance your business. Buy from Sharp Import at reduced wholesale prices and get a chance to generate profits for your retail business. 

What is a Medieval Shield?

Medieval shield is a special protector for the medieval warriors. They used this shield to defend themselves against the swords. A warrior had a sword in his one hand and a shield in his other. He used the sword to attack his opponents and the shield to protect himself. Today, shield has become a popular cosplay weapon. There is a great demand for these shields in the modern days. 

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Buy medieval shields from Sharp Import at 90% less than retail prices. Moreover, we offer discounts ranging between 5% and 20%. You can gain a minimum discount of 5% if your order is $100 or more. For a maximum discount of 20%, your order has to be $1000 or more. 

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