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Featuring a Black finish with intricate bat symbol etchings up and down its length. Overall Length 40 Inches
In Stock.
40" Practice Daito Sword. Made up of Polypropylene Material.
In Stock.
40 1/2" Premium Quality Bokken Kendo Practice Natural Hardwood Sword
In Stock.
34" Training Ninja Boken Sword. Made up of Polypropylene Material.
In Stock.
Renji Abarai Wooden Cosplay Practice Sword . 48 Inches overall in length
In Stock.
Chinese Style Gongfu Dao Single Edged Broadsword Saber Wooden Cosplay Sword
In Stock.
Foam Padded Training Escrima Stick with dragon design. 26" overall.
In Stock.
Zombie Wooden Samurai Katana Sword with Scabbard Cosplay Weapon. Overall Length: 40"
In Stock.
Zelda Twilight Princess Link's Master Wooden Sword With Scabbard
In Stock.
The Sword Dance Touken Ranbu Cosplay Prop Ishikirimaru Wooden Game Sword
In Stock.
Qing Dynasty Manchu Dao Chinese Broadsword - The Forbidden Blade Wooden Cosplay Sword
In Stock.
Memories Past Forgotten Wooden Key Sword Replica
In Stock.
Mikaela Hyakuya Anime Wooden Sword Cosplay Weapon
In Stock.
ALfheim Online Asuna Yuuki Mothers Rosario Wooden Cosplay Sword SAO
In Stock.
Anime Surgeon of Death Doctor Trafalgar Law Wooden Cosplay Sword Weapon
Out of Stock.
Mikaela Hyakuya Red Anime Wooden Sword Cosplay Weapon
In Stock.
Wooden Practice Samurai Training Bokken Kendo Katana Sword. 40 inch overall length
In Stock.

Wooden Sword - Master The Skill of Swordplay 

We at Sharp Import know about your passion to practice swordplay. Therefore, we come up with the best practice wooden swords that are ideal to train yourself and learn the skills of swordplay. We know that you are reluctant to use the real steel swords in order to prevent from an injury. Therefore, we make sure you don’t refrain from your passion by providing you perfectly designed wooden training swords. A wooden sword is a precise replica of a real sword, but it does not have a steel blade. Stop worrying about your safety now and practice swordplay with your best efforts. Scroll through our appreciative storage of swords to buy your wooden sword. 

A Mishmash of Wooden Training Swords at Sharp Import

We have an enormous stock of wooden swords designed purely for training purpose. Made of excellent quality wood, our swords are ultra durable. Some of our most acknowledged wooden swords comprise samurai wooden sword, wooden key sword, Chinese Broadsword, Wooden Black bokken sword, and Zombie wooden katana. Buy one of our training wooden sword and practice swordplay to become a master swordsman. 

Wooden Swords for Sale at Wholesale Prices

Sharp Import is the top wholesale distribute of wooden swords in the USA. What takes us ahead is our prices. We provide cheapest priced Wooden training swords for sale. Want to know how? Buy a wooden sword from Sharp Import and pay 90% less than its retail price. Yes, is that how we benefit you. We fulfill your requirements even if you are low on budget. So, waste little time to place your order for wooden sword and get it shipped at your door within a day. 

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