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The Maya Blue Bone Damascus Steel Pocket Knife features a finely contoured stained bone handle plate with a Damascus bolster; the handle is very durable and features an ergonomic outlook that provides a comfortable grip. Black steel rivets hold the handle together for durable long lasting use. A brass liner locking mechanism ensures the blade will always stay in place with brass walls. This knife comes with a tooled leather sheath with a snap closure for holding the handle in place and a belt loop featuring two reinforcing studs for a sturdy hold.
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The appeal of Damascus steel blades extends back centuries not only for its beauty but strength. The flowing water effect on the blade comes from repeatedly heating and forging the metal while hammer wielding the strips thus creating small beautiful pieces of art. This blade features a swirling Random pattern with a thumb stud for opening. A wide slicing belly is provided in a drop point style.
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Made from Damascus steel the blade features a twist style pattern that gives this piece a little something special. Damascus steel is known throughout history as being a formidable blade. The technique used in creating the steel allows the Blacksmith or Artisan to create pieces of art without compromising the strength and durability.
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