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Butted Chainmail Replica Armor Long Shirt Haubergeon Size 4XL
Butted Chainmail Replica Armor Long Shirt Haubergeon Size 4XL
In Stock.
Butted Chainmail Replica Armor Long Shirt Haubergeon Size 3XL
Butted Chainmail Replica Armor Long Shirt Haubergeon Size 3XL
In Stock.
Fully Functional Archers Buckler Shield 16 Gauge Steel
This Archers Buckler Shield is the perfect shield for an archer, who would only really use their shield when they entered into close quarters combat, as opposed to other warriors, who might need a large shield to fend off projectiles like arrows.
In Stock.
Rampant Lion Bravery Medieval 16 Gauge Steel Battle Shield
Gear up for another unforgettable event, inspired by the rich history and culture of the Middle Ages. Crafted from 16-gauge steel, the Lion Steel Battle Shield ensures that you are ready to put your battle skills to the test.
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Functional Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield
This Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield features a black pre-stained wooden body with a steel boss, rim and metal braces riveted across the shield.
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Round Functional Viking Shield
Our Round Viking Shield is made from solid wood which has been prestained a dark brown. The center features a steel boss with decorative steel strips as well as a complete steel rim which helps protect the edge of the shield.
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Spiral Fluted Buckler – 12 Inch
Spiral Fluted Buckler . The unique design adds interest as well as structural integrity to the steel. It has a sleek design that will serve you well for SCA, LARP, 1.33, or other combat scenarios.
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Spartacus Gladiator Helmet With Stand
Spartacus Gladiator Helmet With Display Stand. 18 Gauge Mild Steel, Features Adjusted liner with chinstrap. High quality craftsmanship.
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Medieval Knight's Full Size Armor Close Helmet With Stand
Medieval Knight's Full Size Armor Close Helmet With Stand. Hand-crafted from 18-gauge steel, this piece can be worn or used as decoration.
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Medieval Armor Skull Helmet With Stand
The skull helmet is a fully functional helm and crafted in 18 gauge steel. Features adjusted liner with chinstrap. Free wooden display stand included.
In Stock.
Medieval Knight Templar Helmet With Stand - 18 Gauge
Medieval Knight Templar Helmet With Stand. Featuring 18 Gauge Mild Steel with Adjusted Liner with chinstrap . Helmet Display Stand Included
In Stock.
Fantasy Templar Helmet With Stand - 16 Gauge
In Stock.
Spartan King Helmet Roman Greek Functional Helm - 16 Gauge
Made from the finest authentic materials, this incredible helmet is made of 16 gauge steel, plated in antiqued brass, and fully lined in leather with an adjustable liner. It includes display stand.
In Stock.
Mark I Iron Helmet With Stand - 18 Gauge Steel
Mark I Iron Helmet With Stand - 18 Gauge Steel. Hand Forged, 18 Gauge Mild Steel. Included is Adjusted liner with chinstrap.
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Gladiator Steel Functional Helmet With Stand
Polished steel, 16 gauge thick, makes this functional Gladiator helmet strong and durable. The top of the helmet has a steel plume forged to it.
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Medieval Knight Templar Helmet Crusader Armor Helm With Stand
This is 18G Steel Medieval Helmet. This is a fully battle ready antiqued finished Medieval style helmet. This style of helmet features more of a great helm appearance and covers the whole head.
In Stock.
English Knights Combat Close Helmet With Stand - 16 Guage
English Knights Combat Close Helmet With Stand - 16 Guage. Ideal for costuming, as well as for combat, SCA events and reenactments
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Medieval Renaissance Detachable Visor Barbute With Stand
Constructed from 18 gauge, mild steel and featuring a comfortable leather liner, this helmet is characteristic of the Italian barbute
In Stock.
Highly Detailed Norse Warrior Helmet with Aventail
Helmet is decorated with etching on mild steel face mask. Heavy fighting formats protection (plates under the maille and two vertical bars on eyeslits) Display stand included.
In Stock.
European Closed Helmet With Stand - 16 Guage
This helmet is modeled after typical European closed helmets, possessing a rounded crown with a ridge-like crest across the helmets top, which acts as both additional decoration and added support and defense.
In Stock.
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Medieval Armor for Sale at Cheapest Prices

At Sharp Import, we offer the most comprehensive selection of Medieval Armor. We have some masterpieces for the enthusiasts who are love to replicate the movies. We have the most realistic replica Medieval Armors for sale. Also, for cosplayers, here is the best thing you would find in the market. So, whatever you’re looking for, we have got that. 

Chainmail, or mail, made of interlocking rings of iron, Medieval Armor proved to be an admirable protective gear. They were excellent in securing your vulnerable parts of the body, typically your face and eyes. They are a significant part of the historical battles. Well, we have moved to a much innovative world, the desire to have traditional weapons hasn’t vanished yet. If you love to use historical tools to impress your mates, here is a collection of the most impressive Medieval Armor and Trojan helmets. 

A Countless Array of Medieval Armor at Sharp Import

Sharp Import enables you to purchase from a vast selection of Medieval Armor. We stock the most popular designs of armors. Our stock contains facial masks, gauge armors, Russian Battle Helmets, Trojan Helmets, Kettle Hat helmets, spiked corinthian helmets, loaf visored helmets, display stands, Comb Morion Helmets,  Gladiator helmets, and a lot more. The best thing about these helmets is that they resemble the real battle helmets used traditionally. They are made of quality steel, hence, they are durable. 

If you are highly interested in buying some historical replicas, Medieval Armor is what you should be eyeing on. Our collection includes helmets inspired from different eras. So, amaze your friends with our historical Medieval Armor. Purchase them now and get them shipped within 24 hours to your door. 

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