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M9 Bayonet Handle Military Commander Survival Knife W/ Hard Sheath
All Black 12.75 Inch Overall Commander Survival Knife. Comes with the Hard Sheath
In Stock.
Tac Force Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife Compass Fire Starter Lanyard
Tac Force Fixed Blade Outdoor Survival Knife Compass Fire Starter Lanyard
In Stock.
Elk Ridge Survival Gear Knife And Nylon Cord With Clam Shell Packing
The length of the blade is 3.75 inch and it is made from 3cr13 steel. The cord and the knife boost the owners survival chance. Will sell by the dozen
In Stock.

Survival Knife - Your Greatest Companion in Emergency Situations

Identifying your self defense needs, Sharp Import brings robust and sturdy survival knife that won’t let an attacker leave you after an onslaught. Known as the strongest knife, it is intended to ensure your survival in wilderness environment and emergency situations. A survival knife will secure you from assaults and enable you to harshly victimize the attackers. 

There is a reason why Sharp Import recommends a survival knife for self defense. It is a main equipment of the armed forces around the world and works as a backup weapon. Imagine the strength of this knife as it assists in skinning, trapping, and carving and cutting woods. So, to all the hunters, outdoor enthusiasts and hikers, a survival knife will be your greatest companion in any environment. 

Choose the Best Survival Knife from Our Vast Selection

Sharp Import brings latest collection of ultra-durable survival knives. You can choose the best survival knife from the finest variety. We stock full tang tanto knives that are immensely strong because of the long blade. The Sweeper tracker T-3 knife is one of the most powerful survival knives on the planet. If you loved small sized neck knives, fixed blade kubaton knives, military serrated steel survival knives and survival jungle knives, congratulations, you can buy all of them at Sharp Import. So, choose the survival knife you have been dreaming to carry and shop from us at the cheapest price. 

Cheap Survival Knife for Sale at Sharp Import

We at Sharp Import assure quality as well as cheapest prices. We stock premium quality survival knives that you can buy at affordable rates. We allow you to buy the best survival knife at a price 90% lessened compared to the retail price of that particular knife. Don’t believe this? Check our prices and then make a comparison with the retail rates. Hence, avail the reduced prices of our survival knives, buy a cheap survival knife from Sharp Import and get it shipped to your doorstep the next day. 

Looking for further reduction in the prices? We let you buy survival knives of $100 or more to gain a discount of 5% on the price which is already the lowest. How to avail the discount? Check our Discount Tiers. 

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