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Medieval Cotton Padded Coif Hood Costume Arming Cap
Medieval Cotton Padded Coif Hood Costume Arming Cap - Gambeson hat
In Stock.
Cotton Armor Padded Gambeson Collar
Padded garments like this Cotton Collar are worn underneath metal and chain mail armor. It improves the absorption of impact and reinforces coverage.
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Medieval Long Gambeson
Beyond underclothing, this Medieval Long Gambeson is one of the first of many important protections that any warrior would have worn, and one that any reenactor would wish to put on, as well.
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Pair Of Genuine Leather Arm Bracers with Studs
Pair Of Genuine Leather Arm Bracer with Studs LARP Medieval Costume Cosplay
Out of Stock.
Roman Commander Eagle Greaves
The official greaves from the period movie are handcrafted of solid steel, coated in brass and decorated with sculptural ornaments.
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Roman Commander Eagle Vambraces
The Roman Commander Eagle Vambraces are handcrafted of solid steel, coated in Copper and decorated with a sculptural ornament. Light marks and scratches lend the battle gear an authentically antiqued look.
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What Our Medieval Apparel Includes?

At Sharp Import, we have an extensive range of medieval apparel. We have medieval cotton arming cap, padded gambeson collar, long gambeson, arm bracers, vambraces and greaves etc. If you are interested in buying any of these, just place an order, and allow us to ship them to your door in a single day. 

Our medieval apparel is a replica of apparel worn by medieval warriors. They used to wear such clothing as a part of their traditions. In addition, these were used for protection during combat. Today, these are used as cosplay wearable and costumes. So, buy medieval apparel from us at 90% less than retail prices! 

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