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Barbarian Father's Medieval Rams Head Sword
Here is an awesome Barbarian Sword. This awesome sword measures 39 inches overall with a 29 inch 440 stainless steel blade. There is an etch along the blade that reads "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom". The handle is leather wrapped and is embraced with a cast steel pommel and hilt. The guard is also cast out of steel pommel which takes the shape of an animal skull with horns on it. Excellent detailing for all collectors. The Conan Barbarian sword is complete with a free hardwood plaque so you can display it proudly.
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Immortal Warrior Day Blade Fantasy Blood Sword
Unique characteristics of the mirror polished blade include the double sided, factory edge. You can sharpen and hone this blade to perfection or hang it on your wall as a reminder of the darkness that hides out in the world just beyond your doors. The full aluminum handle is a single solid piece with a ringed ridge grip, which is featured in the movie. Included is a leather sheath with back straps.
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Medieval Dragon Battle Foam Long Cosplay Sword
Medieval Dragon Battle Foam Long Cosplay Sword. Overall Length: 41 Inches
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300 Spartan Warrior Replica Sword
This sword measures 34 1/2 Inch overall and breathes strength. The 26 Inch heat-forged blade is heat tempered from solid carbon steel
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Spartan Forged Warrior 300 Hoplite Battle Sword
Spartan Forged Warrior 300 Hoplite Battle Sword. Overall Length: 34.25 Inches , Blade Length: 26 Inches
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1Q3- WG1056BK
Full Tang UltraViolet Movie Sword With Scabbard And Stand
Full Tang UltraViolet Movie Sword With Scabbard And Stand. High quality mirror polished 440 stainless steel full tang blade with inscription engraved.
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Fantasy Storm Shadow Sword With Wall Display Plaque
This replica sword is intended solely for display purposes as a collector's item. This is a very beautiful replica of the Fantasy Sword with wooden wall plaque. Overall Length: 54 Inches
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19 Inch Set of 2 Fighting Knives of Tauriel Daggers Short Swords with Wooden Plaque
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Angel Stainless Steel Replica 1/1 Damascus Etched Sword With Stand
37 Inch Overall Angel Stainless Steel Replica 1/1 Damascus Etched Sword With Stand
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William Wallace Medieval Foam Latex Sword Cosplay Costume LARP
William Wallace Medieval Foam Latex Sword Cosplay Costume LARP. 43 Inches overall in length.
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51 Inch Medieval Excalibur Ancestral Replica Sword With Display Wall Plaque
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49" Sword Of Judgement Steel Knight Replica with Wooden Plaque. Sword weighs over MASSIVE 11 LBS
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Assassin Creed Aguilar 3 Pc Throwing Knives Set Replica Official Licensed
Assassin Creed Aguilar 3 Pc Throwing Knives Set Replica Official Licensed. 6.25" overall in length. Includes faux leather journal storage box.
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Movie Swords - The Meticulous Movie Replica Swords

As promised, Sharp Import comes up with a unique agglomeration of swords. Our Movie Swords are highly appreciated by our customers. These swords are exact replica swords of the real swords exhibited in the movies. If you are looking to get one, congratulations, we have that for you. Explore our assortment of Movies swords to purchase your cherished ones.

Watching movies have become a hobby, especially those involving wars and combats. This is because of the entertainment they deliver and the extraordinary use of weapons they present. We understand that you love replicating the movies, and for this purpose you require the exactly similar weapons as well. Sharp Import enables you to achieve this goal. If you are interested in displaying your movie replication skills, buy our weapons to make it a perfect practice.

An Explicit Variety of Movie Swords

Think of a movie in which you witnessed a weapon that you would love to have. At Sharp Import, we promise to provide you that weapon. We have a wonderful collection of Movie swords that are exact replicas of the real ones displayed in the movies. An explicit variety of these swords incorporate Sword of Odeja from Assassin’s Creed, Brave Heart’s sword, the Gladius sword, The Grim Reaper Death Scythe sword, Ultraviolet movie sword, Matrix movie replica swords, Budd’s sword and hundreds of more. So, choose your favorite movie swords from our list and buy at wholesale rates.

Sharp Import - Wholesaler of Cheap-Priced Movie Swords

Sharp Import has been a top wholesaler of Movies Swords. There is no other store than Sharp Import where you can find such vast range of swords inspired by the movies. We are arguably the biggest wholesalers of affordable movie replica swords. How are we affordable? In fact, our wholesale prices are significantly less than the retail prices. At Sharp Import, you are able to purchase your favorite movie sword at 90% lessened price compared to retail rates. What are you waiting for? Buy a movie sword now and add something cool in your collection of swords.

Searching for your favorite swords from video games? Browse our stunning collection of Video Game Swords to find the best out of them. Purchase any of them at similar reduced price.

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