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Medieval 15th Century Italian Arms 16 Guage Fully Functional Armor
Medieval Battle Ready 15th Century Italian Arms 16 Guage Fully Functional Armor
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Medieval Battle Ready 15th Century Italian Arms Armor Set Adult Size
Medieval Battle Ready 15th Century Italian Arms Armor Set Adult Size
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Combat Winged Gothic Pauldrons Shoulder Armor Set
This Pauldron is Crafted from 16-gauge mild steel, the armor catches the light with a polished steel finish. Stunning, wing-like plates form the upper portion of the pauldrons. Three articulated spaulders form the lower portion.
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Medieval 18G Steel Body Armour Pauldron Shoulder Neck Armor with Blade Breaker
This is the Medieval 18 Gauge Steel Pauldron Shoulder Neck Armor with Blade Breaker. The neck and shoulder area is one of the most important places that a warrior has to protect.
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Medieval 15th Century Italian Arms Armor Set
Our early 15th century Italian arms armor is handcrafted from 18 gauge steel. Each arm piece comes equipped with leather strap and buckles for a tight secure feel around the arm. This piece is magnificently designed to protect the upper arm, the elbow and the lower arm.
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A Significant Selection of Arm Armors for Sale 

Sharp Import comes up with a great variety of arm armors for sale. We have updated our stock and brought some of the loveliest ones. Explore our inventory, and buy some splendid ones at the lowest prices. 

At Sharp Import, we have a fantastic range of armors. We have the Medieval 15th century gauge armor, gothic shoulder armor sets, neck armors, pauldrons, and many more. Select your desired ones at order online, We are always ready to ship them to your door! 

What is an Arm Armor & Why You Should Buy Them?

An arm armor is an ancient warfare weapon. It was a necessary wearable for the ancient warriors. It protected their arms and shoulders from steel bladed swords. Today, cosplayers love to use them for role-play. There is a great demand for these ancient warrior essentials. So, buy them in wholesale from Sharp Import and make your retail businesses upsurge. Earn great profits by providing people with their favorite arm armors. 

Buy Arm Armor at the Cheapest Wholesale Prices

Sharp Import is known to be the most affordable wholesale store. We offer a variety of arm armors at the cheapest wholesale prices. Generally, our prices are 90% lower than retail prices. So, here is a great opportunity to generate profits. You have a great margin of 90%. Shop from us at such reduced prices, and also, don’t forget to avail discounts. You can get a discount of 20% for an order exceeding $999.99. 

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