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New improved material is not as stiff as previous models for safer, more realistic training! 8.5 inch long, 5.5 inch tall. Approx. 18.6 oz
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40" Practice Daito Sword. Made up of Polypropylene Material.
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29 Inches Sliver Foam Energy Cosplay Weapon. Materials: Rubber And Latex Exterior, Carbon Inner Core For Strength And Support
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Storm Wind Guard Cosplay Helmet 1:1 Scale Replica With Stand. Measures 11.81" x 9.05" x 9.84"
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Costume Replica Foam Cosplay Heroic Shield Measures: 21 1/4 Inch x 12 Inch x 1 Inch
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36.5 Inch Overall Video Game Fantasy Blue Key Foam Cosplay Sword
Out of Stock.
42 Inch Overall Jack-O-Lantern Key Foam Cosplay Sword
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25.5 Inch overall Tactical Prototype High Density Foam 1:1 Scale Prop Replica. Weight 1.8 LBS
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35.5 Inches Fantasy Metal Key Sword Replica Dark Kingdom Blade
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God Killer Costume Replica Foam Shiel. 18 Inch in diameter.
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40 1/2 Inch overall God Killer Costume Replica Foam Sword
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40 1/2" Premium Quality Bokken Kendo Practice Natural Hardwood Sword
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11.75 Inch Black Soft Rubber Training Sub-Hilt Military Knife. Blade Length 6 5/8"
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Black Soft Rubber Training Knife. 12" soft rubber knife weighs only 4 ounces and generally resembles a classic tanto knife design
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5 Inch in Diameter 3 Pcs Rubber Training Naruto Shuriken Star
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4.75 Inches in Diameter 3 Pcs Rubber Training Five Point Ninja Shuriken Stars
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15.5 Inches Overall Black Rubber Training Tomahawk Axe Hatchet. Ideal Training Weapon - Heavy yet forgiving!
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Blades of Chaos Kratos Foam Prop Replica Sword Set, The Props is made of high density foam swords with plastic chain. 17.5 Inches overall per sword.
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Fantasy Key Sword Black Foam Cosplay Dark Kingdom Blade, 36 Inches overall in length.
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Cosplay Weapons - Beautify Your LARP

If you are new to the world of Cosplay and LARP, there is one crucial thing you should keep in mind. To get in the character, you can’t just dress up like that character. You should comprehensively adopt the character and for that purpose, you should hold the weapon that your fictional character held. At Sharp Import, we have a vast collection of cosplay weapons that you would require to complete your cosplay. Weapons are necessary components of the costume. The weapons would beautify your role play and make the cosplay more enjoyable for you and for the spectators. 

A Breathtaking Variety of Cosplay Weapons

At Sharp Import, we got everything. By everything, we mean all the cosplay weapons you may require to successfully complete your LARP. You will get every weapon ever held by your favorite fictional character at Sharp Import. We work as wholesalers and offer cosplay masks, cosplay swords, weapons and more. If you want to know about the cosplay weapons we provide, browse our online store. 

Our stock includes Great Spartan foam swords, foam battle axe, Medieval era swords, fantasy swords, foam-made katana swords, karambit training knives, crusader swords, foam cosplay shields, and different weapons used by popular fictional characters you have witnessed in movies and games. Check our collection if you are searching for one of them. We promise, you’ll find it in our offerings. 

Cheapest Cosplay Weapons for Sale at Sharp Import

Sharp Import is the biggest supplier of cosplay weapons in the USA. We serve as a platform where you can buy distinct cosplay weapons at cheapest prices. We guarantee lowest prices for our cosplay weapons. If you buy one now, you can avail a 90% reduced price as compared to the retail price. If you don’t believe us, purchase it now to acknowledge. A comparison of our prices with others will let you know how we have priced our items. So, if you have a low budget to purchase the cosplay weapons, don’t worry, Sharp Import has you covered. Scroll through our Cosplay weapons and buy one of your choice at a significantly low price. 

Searching for more cosplay items? Explore our Cosplay Masks and Cosplay Swords and Weapons and find your favorite Halloween costumes masks and weapons of your favorite fictional characters. 

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