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Real Deluxe Samurai Katana Sword. 41" overall in length with 28" blade. Full tang Katana for extreme strength and durability. 440 Stainless steel blade.
In Stock.
1st Generation Highlander Duncan Macleod Black Closed Mouth Regal Dragon Movie TV Sword
In Stock.
Dragon Sakura Samurai Sword With Stand Carbon Steel Blade Purple
In Stock.
40 Inch Overall Length Samurai Katana Sword. 4MM Thick, 26.5 Inch Carbon Steel Blade. 10.5 Inch Tan Cord Wrapped Handle. Includes Scabbard, Metal Tsuba and Wood Display Stand
In Stock.
40 Inch Overall Samurai Code Shirasaya Sword
In Stock.
Handmade Full Tang Highlander Connor MacLeod Sword. 43" Overall. 12.5" Handle. 27" Blade. Hand forge high carbon steel blade with blood groove.
In Stock.
Dragon Sakura Samurai Sword With Stand Carbon Steel Blade Blue
Out of Stock.
Apocalypse High Carbon Steel Full Tang Katana Sword. FREE sword stand and black sword bag is included. 40.5 Inch Overall in length.
In Stock.
2P3-SS789 - Zombie Slayer High Carbon Steel Full Tang Katana Sword. Overall Length: 40.5 Inches. Includes: Black sword bag, Leather wrapped hardwood scabbard (saya), Hardwood sword stand, Zombie Slayer emblem on blade
In Stock.
Dragon Sakura Samurai Sword With Stand Carbon Steel Blade Green
In Stock.
Hattori Hanzo samurai sword with hand forged carbon steel blade. Full tang construction.
In Stock.
Rurouni Kenshin Himura's Reverse Blade Katana with Black Handle. The overall length of this katana is 39".
In Stock.
The sword of courtesy , compassion , and sincerity. 41 1/4" overall. Matte black scabbard with hand carved Samurai Bushido Code on each scabbard
In Stock.
Samurai Warrior Tanto 16 1/2 Inch Combat Fighter Tactical Dagger Knife
In Stock.
Functional Samurai Sword " Sword of Morpheus " Matrix Movie. 45" overall, 13" handle, 29" blade.
In Stock.
Hand Forged Carbon Steel Highlander Connor Macleod Dragon Katana Sword
In Stock.
Hattori Hanzo replica of Bills Samurai Sword 41 1/2" overall in length.
In Stock.
Touken Ranbu Online The Sword Dance Kogitsunemaru Games Sword
In Stock.
A black sword w/faded burgundy markings. 440 stainless steel blade. Has a wooden sacbbard-overall approx 40
In Stock.
Hachisuka Kotetsu Replica Game Sword. 40.75 Overall in length.
In Stock.
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Samurai Sword - The Legendary Katana Sword - Samurais’ Primary Weapon

Sharp Import comes up with a collection of most elegant swords. Our Samurai Sword are now available to be purchased on cheapest prices. How impressed are you with Samurais and their swords? One of the most powerful sword, a Samurai sword is typically known as a katana sword. Samurais considered it as their primary weapon which assisted them in knocking down their enemies pretty easily during wars. A Samurai operating a katana would have been the best swordplay ever. With high quality blades, these swords expressed nobility. So, would you love to replicate a Samurai warrior using a katana sword?

Our Compilation of Samurai Swords and Katana Swords will Blow your Mind

Sharp Import has a vast assortment of mind blowing Samurai swords or katana swords. We stock almost every design of katana sword ever held by the Samurais. Some of our top Samurai swords include the very impressive Shirasaya sword, the Sword of Morpheus, the Mikazuki Munechika, the Samurai Warrior Tanto sword, serpent cursed katana, Dragon Sakura sword, Rurouni Kenshin sword, and hundreds of more designs of Samurai Sword. 

At Sharp Import, we stock the most accurate replica swords of the real samurai swords. The realism of these swords will make you feel them as the real katana swords while holding them in your hands. Let’s get to our compilation of the Samurai swords and buy the ones you have been dreaming of carrying. 

Sharp Import - The Greatest Wholesaler of Samurai Swords

There are a few factors that have led us to the top of the market, and the most important among them is our stack of Samurai swords. We are the leading wholesalers when it comes to Samurai Katana swords. Another significant factor is our lowest rates. We guarantee cheapest prices of our Samurai swords. You can buy a samurai sword for less than 90% of the retail price of that sword. Isn’t it amazing? So, avail this lowest price from Sharp Import. Buy cheap price Samurai swords from the best wholesalers in the USA. We offer quickest shipping services. 

Looking for more historical swords and weapons? Check our accumulation of Ninja Swords and Ninja weapons to find out more historically popular swords and weapons.

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