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The Sinbad Scimitar sword is truly an amazing sword, sure to demand respect from all. It possesses a scimitar blade that is almost 4.75 inches at its widest point. The blade is still well balanced and allows for use with either one or two hands, due to its unique pommel design. The high quality Steel blade is hand forged over hot coals.
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SKU: 5M2-PK1044
The Fenrir Keyblade, measuring an overall length of 42.5". Fenrir Keyblade, unlike all the other Keyblades, takes on the aspects of a pin tumbler lock key, induced with fine bandages that praise the base of the blade. It features a non-sharpen, decorative blade that is made with high-quality stainless steel material acquiring 30.5" length that is forged to perfection.
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SKU: 5M3-PK1025
This giant 37 Inches Keyblade is all metal with a steel shaft pole and aluminum hilt and decoration. The steel chain is 21 inches long and features a unique character design lanyard. Bright yellow and blue combined with silver and the black leather handle wrap create a stunning piece of art.
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SKU: 5J3-PK1001
Link held this sword and the power of the Triforce is unstoppable with this sword. This replica is handmade of the best quality stainless steel available, and the blade has a fuller located at center mass. The Triforce pattern is engraved on both sides to decorate it with authentic design from the video game. The guard is wide and deep blue, made of aluminum with a thick coat of automotive quality paint and finish.
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SKU: 5O1-PK1011
Belly Dancer Scimitar that is made of aluminum alloy is very light weight, only about 22 ounces, which is around 1.4 pounds. It is so light that you will hardly notice it after a long day of dancing and having fun.
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SKU: 5D1-PK1019
This sword is known worldwide and needs no real introduction. The blade is constructed of stainless steel with Godric Gryffindor etched on the front and back. The ornate hilt features faux rubies just like the sword in the movie with a griffin in the center of the cross guard. Included is a leather sheath with back strap.
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SKU: 5D3-PK1018
Finally, a high quality Sword of Omens! Absolutely overloaded with details, this blade, stainless steel, comes polished and features a light-up effect. A switch on the high aluminum handle controls the swords power, lighting up both sides of the guard. Powered by batteries, this sword is ready for action upon delivery. The handle is lined with red and blue colored jewels. Includes Custom Black Leather Sheath with Belt Loop
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SKU: 5B2-PK1000
Elf Warrior Dual Swords With Wall Display Plaque and Sheath
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SKU: 5O3-FM-411
37 Inch Overall Angel Stainless Steel Replica 1/1 Damascus Etched Sword With Stand
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SKU: 5E1-SI19987
The Chinese Sword is 23 Inches overall in length. Featuring Zinc alloy dragon head guard and a stainless steel blade. Included is the Wood scabbard with intricate metal decorations and Table Top Wooden Display Stand.
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SKU: 5L2-SI19984
51 Inch Medieval Excalibur Ancestral Replica Sword With Display Wall Plaque
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SKU: 1K1-SI18913
Caribbean Skull Crossbones Pirate Captain Jack Sparrow's Cutlass Sword
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SKU: 4K2-SI4913
Deep Blue Sea Pirate Cutlass Sword. It comes with a bronze colored hand guard and a black hard scabbard. 30 1/2 Inches overall in length.
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SKU: 4H1-SI4913BY
Grim reaper's death scythe. With its pole extending an enormous 80 Inch tall, this scythe has a razor sharp carbon steel curve blade.
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SKU: 2G3-EM0035-1
Combat Naginata Double Bladed Zombie Slicer Stick Sword, 27.75 Inch Overall
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SKU: 1O2-FMT-053GN
Anime Cutter of Creation Extase Sheele Steel Fantasy Costume Sword Red Replica
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SKU: 4L2-SS1691
It features an all metal construction with black and blue handle wrap and a chain dangling at the end of the handle. It measures 35 inches long.
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SKU: 2A2-SI16902
Fate Unlimited Codes Anime Saber Lilly Sword Calibur Replica - Stay Night. Nearly 4 feet long, this full tang behemoth is full scale.
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SKU: 4C3-SI19985
Berserk Lethal Crest Metal Game Key.
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SKU: 4F3-H123
35.5 Inches Fantasy Metal Key Sword Replica Dark Kingdom Blade
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SKU: 3H2-SI16924