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49" Overall Highlander Two Handed Movie Replica Sword
In Stock.
41" Overall King Arthur Excalibur Legendary Sword With Display Wall Plaque
In Stock.
35.5 Inches Fantasy Metal Key Sword Replica Dark Kingdom Blade
In Stock.
40 Inch Egyptian Khopesh Sickle Sword With Display Wall Plaque
In Stock.
51 Inch Medieval Excalibur Ancestral Replica Sword With Display Wall Plaque
In Stock.
32 Inch Overall Modern Fencing Master Tooth Pick Needle Blade Fantasy Sword With Wall Plaque
In Stock.
30 Inch Overall The Sinister Blade Fantasy Sword With Display Top Stand
In Stock.
40 1/2 Inch overall God Killer Costume Replica Foam Sword
In Stock.
In Stock.
43.5" SAO Blue Rose Sword Kirito Anime High Carbon Steel Replica. Includes wooden scabbard.
In Stock.
49" Sword Of Judgement Steel Knight Replica with Wooden Plaque. Sword weighs over MASSIVE 11 LBS
In Stock.
In Stock.
42 Inch Huge Weiss Schnee Myrtenaster Rapier Full Size Metal Fantasy Anime Sword With Scabbard
In Stock.
16 Inch Overall Elven Fantasy Short Sword Dagger Knife with Scabbard
In Stock.
Rivian Warrior Silver White Wolf Sword With Scabbard, 46 Inches overall in length.
In Stock.
Special Operations Titanium Double Scythe Energy Sword, 27 Inches overall in length. Includes wooden display wall plaque.
In Stock.
Fantasy Key Sword Black Foam Cosplay Dark Kingdom Blade, 36 Inches overall in length.
In Stock.
Forgotten Passing Memories Game Key Foam Sword Costume Cosplay, 35 Inches overall in length.
In Stock.
Word of Honor Magic Enhancer Key Foam Cosplay Sword Replica, 35 Inches overall in length.
In Stock.
Giant Foam Fantasy Key To The City Sword, 34 Inches overall in length.
Out of Stock.
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Fantasy Swords - Enter the Fictional Universe

We all wish to depart from this real world to enter the fantasy world and meet our favorite fictional characters. But, the sad reality is that we can’t do that. But wait, there is one way we can accomplish this. Sharp Import brings a huge lot of fantasy swords that will enable you to enter the fictional universe. Relieve from this world, and gain some majestic powers. 

Purchase our breathtaking fantasy swords at affordable rates. Fulfill your desire to escape this world, complete your cosplay, or have somewhat different feeling by carrying our fantasy swords. Open our compilation of swords to witness some of the most desired designs. 

Sharp Import’s Biggest Collection of Fantasy Swords

Do you know why Sharp Import has the reputation of best Wholesalers? This is because we stock the biggest collection of some unique items that you would never find anywhere else. One such collection is the Fantasy Swords. We have the most number of fantasy swords in our stock than anyone else. In addition, we have the most compelling designs. Take a gander at our large selection of Fantasy Swords to identify how cool they are. 

A few designs of our Fantasy Swords are highly unique as we are the sole providers of such outstanding swords. The variety of our fantasy swords incorporates Medieval Barbarian sword, fantasy blade machete, La Kill Anime half scissor sword, Dark Link shadow sword, Zelda link Twilight sword, dragon tongue sword, and several more of such astounding designs. Would you be missing these gorgeous and stylish fantasy swords? Certainly, not. So, browse our collection to find out the ideal fantasy sword for you. Purchase it at unbelievably low wholesale price. 

Fantasy Swords for Sale at Wholesale Rates

What is the greatest speciality of Sharp Import? Describing it in word “pricing”. You can simply put us at the top of the most affordable wholesale distributors of Fantasy Swords. Our prices are lowest, beyond your expectation. Buy a fantasy sword from us and pay 90% less than the retail price of that sword. How incredible? Yes, spend minimum on buying your favorite fantasy swords. Explore our unmatchable quantity of Fantasy Swords to buy the best among them. We provide quickest shipping at your doorstep within one working day. 

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