Legend of Zelda Sword - The Most Desirable Video Game Sword Today!


One of the most recognized and sought-after swords today is the legend of zelda sword. This is a fantasy sword that has been extremely popular. Generally, a fantasy sword is the one that belongs to a famous fictional character....
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How to Throw a Knife - Learn Throwing Knives Sport!


Knife throwing has grown at a rapid pace around the world. It is a different type of sport that gained attention not long ago.  Though there are plenty of throwing sports today, knife throwing is the most popular. Otherwise, we have axe throwing as well....
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Trench Knife - A Traditional Brass Knuckle Knife

Trench knife is known to be a historical knife. It has been popular all over the world, especially in the US since it served during the First World War. Actually, it is known for its use in World War I. Perhaps, we might not have been familiar with this knife if it was not used during that war.....
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Highlander Sword - The Legendary Sword of Connor MacLeod

Highlander sword is a common term you would hear from sword enthusiasts these days. This is actually a sword which has a massive fan base around the world. In fact, this sword has become more popular than any other sword in the market....
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The Rise of Nunchucks in 21st Century - A Traditional Weapon Turned Modern

Nunchucks has emerged as a weapon for self defense. In America, it has been used for defense against the attackers. But, there are people who use it as a martial arts weapon as well.  Where did that weapon comes from? Well, very few people know the background behind nunchucks....
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Earliest Stun Guns Vs. The Modern Stun Guns

Arguably the most popular and widely used non lethal weapon today is the stun gun. Admit it or not, but it has become a widely accepted weapon for self defense. Because it is non lethal, it is preferred by the women as well....
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How Pocket Knife Turns Out to be the Most Innovative Knife!

Knives have been constructed in massive numbers these days. One can easily figure out how crucial they have become in daily lives. In fact, a knife has become a necessity for everyone, and perhaps this is the reason why everyone is carrying a pocket knife....
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10 Types of Swords You Find in the Market Today

Sword was a primary fighting weapon a couple of centuries back. In fact, it was the first ever weapon used for fighting during the wars. Different types of swords served the warriors during wars before the nuclear weapons took over.....
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