10 Key Benefits of Carrying a Hunting Knife

In the past, knives were primarily used by or with a specific type of food. For instance, a chef's knife can easily cut through a tomato while a hunting knife is the perfect choice for skinning and dressing deer. But nowadays, most knives are seen as generic and are....
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What Makes a Bowie Knife Special?

A bowie knife is a form of a knife with a blade that has a long, curved cutting edge ideal for slicing and cutting through tough materials. The name of the knife comes from James Black "Jim" Bowie, an American pioneer with a number of notable contributions to frontier....
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What is a Paintball Pistol? A Detailed Overview

The history of paintball can be traced back to June 4, 1981, when Charles Gaines was struck by a paintball fired from 600 feet away during a game of capture-the-flag/paintball at his friends' house in rural Perry County, Pennsylvania. Paintball is a tactical game....
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