6 Brilliantly Designed SAO Swords & Ways to Use Them in 2021

SAO Swords

We might have adopted nuclear weapons and firearms but we never forgot swords. Yes, that’s the fact! The technology has led the world to such innovative weapons....
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5 Perfect Self Defense Weapons for Women

self defense weapons for women

Why is self defense important for women? I can collate here all the cases of violence committed against women both inside the house and out, in the streets and back alleys....
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5 Types of Medieval Swords and Their Modern Usage


Swords may be difficult to classify accurately, but here is a compact list of 5 most notable swords throughout history and what are these swords up to today....
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Stun Gun - Shapes, Features and Working Mechanism

stun guns review

A stun gun is a handy self defense weapon, here is all you need to know about inner workings of a stun gun to make it work for you....
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