Butterfly Knives: The Best Flipping Knives Ever!

Posted by sharpimport on 8/30/2019 0 Comments

Butterfly knives are also known by the names of fan knives and Balisong knives. There is another name by which they are called and that is the Batanga knives. This name is not quite widely used and has a more geographic touch to it. Butterfly knives are basically folding knives that can be easily carried around in pockets....

Cosplay Weapons and Costumes: A Beginner’s Guide

Posted by sharpimport on 8/27/2019 0 Comments

Cosplay gatherings and parties are one of the greatest places where anime fans can gather, make friends, and simply have fun. Over the last decade, more and more people have become attracted to the culture of cosplay. Irrespective of gender, religion, and race, the cosplay parties are open for all. There is no fear of being judged, bullied, or laughed at....

Stun Gun: A Top-Notch and Highly Effective Self-defense Weapon

Posted by sharpimport on 8/23/2019 0 Comments

We all are aware of the immense rate of crime that just keeps on increasing day by day and no matter how many laws and policies are devised to control them, they just can’t be controlled or reduced considerably. This is the reason that people now take their safety into their own hands by making use of self-defense weapons i.e. stun Gun, pepper sprays, etc....

5 Self-defense Weapons for Women to Carry in Their Purse

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Whenever you think about choosing a self-defense weapon for yourself, always go for the one which is comfortable for you to carry. For women, the most comfortable carrying self-defense weapons would be those which they can carry in their purses since they carry their purses with them everywhere they go....

A Basic Guide to Hunting With Crossbows

Posted by sharpimport on 8/19/2019 0 Comments

Majority of the hunters are thrilled with the idea of hunting with crossbows than with any other weapon i.e. guns and rifles. They think that the best way to hunt with a crossbow and they would give anything to spend more time out in the field, setting the trail, practicing with their crossbows and anticipating their next hunt....

13 Must Carry Items to Include in Your Survival Gear | Sharp Import

Posted by sharpimport on 8/2/2019 0 Comments

Did you know that there are certain conditions which we must meet in order to survive? These conditions may be environmental conditions and some other conditions as well. For example, a human being, on average, can survive for only three weeks without food, only three days without any water intake and when it comes to staying out of normal body temperature, the time span is much shorter and that is approximately three hours only....

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