10 Best Self Defense Knives to Carry For Survival

Best self defense knives to carry

Are you struggling to defend yourself against an assailant, but don't know what self defense blade to get? Do you want a knife that's easy to carry in as many places as possible? Then keep reading for our list of the top 10 self defense knives....
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Exceptional and Unique Features of a Karambit Knife

Unique features of karambit knife

The Karambit knife is a traditional southeast Asian curved blade resembling a claw, used as both a farming implement and as an effective close combat weapon. In the West it is commonly referred to as "the tiger claw." It has been adopted by....
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How Can Blank Firing Guns Fire Precise Shots?

How can blank firing guns fire precise shots

A bank gun is a replica of a real weapon that is used in theater or film productions. These guns are typically made from lighter-weight materials, such as plastic or paper Mache, and can be found at costume shops, hobby stores, and various other locations....
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What is Cosplay? Fabulous Cosplay Ideas for Cosplayers

Fabulous cosplay ideas

The term cosplay is generally used to refer to costume play, in which a participant wears clothing and accessories to represent a character on screen. Moreover, it is a term that can also be used to mean role playing and even a subculture based on roleplay....
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Is a Belt Buckle Knife the Most Trending Thing Now?

Belt buckle knife the most trending thing

Given that you've come here to learn about belt buckle knives, you're probably aware that global crime has increased rapidly. The number of crime stories involving robbery or attacks on people is growing each day. In short, it is crucial to take steps....
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