3 Best Pepper Sprays for Women to Deal with the Attackers

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is believed to be one of the best self defense weapons these days. It is a small sized spray that has severe effects....
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11 Best Katana Swords in the Modern-Day Market

best katana swords

Katana sword is believed to be one of the all time great swords. This was a pure fighting sword back in the 15th century....
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Learn Sword Fighting Techniques - A Basic Guide

Swords have served humans for centuries. These bladed weapons were used for warfare and fighting the enemies....
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How to Use Nunchucks? A Basic Beginner Guide

how to use nunchucks

Nunchucks or nunchaku is a traditional Okinawan weapon, recognized today as a martial art weapon....
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3 Types of Daggers and Their Uses


Dagger has long been used as a combat weapon. There was a time when it served as a primary fighting knife. It is a pure warfare weapon....
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5 of the Best Airsoft Guns/Rifles for Airsoft Games

best airsoft guns

Airsoft gaming has become an alternative to video gaming. People who spend their time playing computer games have now become field players....
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Kunai Knife - How to Throw a Kunai?

how to throw a kunai knife

Knife throwing is an art, a skill and a technique. If you don’t master this skill, art or technique, don’t call yourself a good thrower....
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3 Best Traditional Pocket Knives for Impassioned Enthusiasts

traditional pocket knives

Pocket knife is one of the most important inventions of the modern era. It has brought a revolution in knife technology....
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