How to Make Wooden Nunchucks in The Right Way!

Posted by Hannah Baker on 5/20/2019 0 Comments

Have you ever made Nunchucks at home? All by yourself? No? Well, you have missed out the actual fun then. I am the sort of person who finds great comfort and fun in Do It Yourself (DIY) stuff. The first Nunchucks were made by its user himself after getting inspired by a farming tool. Nunchucks are basically two sticks made up mostly of wood, metal, and plastic....

The Four Most Common Types of Steel Used for Manufacturing Knives

Posted by Hannah Baker on 5/17/2019 0 Comments

There is no tool as good as a reliable and durable knife. Knives are our first choice when it comes to Everyday Care (EDC) tools. All of us use knives to perform our tasks of daily life but very few of us are well aware of the difference between a good knife and a bad knife. A good knife should function properly without wearing out or breaking too soon....

Can Brass Knuckles Break Your Fingers?

Posted by Hannah Baker on 5/14/2019 0 Comments

It is mostly believed that brass knuckles are the bad guys and their menacing look seconds this opinion of people. This is why they are used mostly in street fights than in a self-defense scenario. When I thought about buying brass knuckles for myself the first time, I was quite confused.....

What are the Best Pocket Knives to Carry?

Posted by Hannah Baker on 5/10/2019 0 Comments

Pocket knives are known as the perfect Everyday Care (EDC) tools. Did you know that? We see regular fixed blade knives in kitchens more frequently but this doesn’t change the fact that pocket knives are more useful, reliable and easy to use as well. Pocket knives are those small knives which are foldable....

Uniquely and Artistically Designed Damascus Style Knives for Sale under $10

Posted by Hannah Baker on 5/9/2019 0 Comments

Damascus Steel is very mysterious and fascinating steel which gives the knives a totally breathtaking look. But usually, the minds of people are juggled up in the various questions while they think about buying these knives especially when they find them at low rates. Some of these questions are that are Damascus steel knives for sale under $10 just for looks?...

Stunning Airsoft Guns under $50

Posted by Hannah Baker on 5/3/2019 0 Comments

Maria was 12 years old when she first realized she has affection for guns. Her mother told her that she is a girl and guns and all such stuff is more liked by boys but still, she eagerly wanted to play with guns. Her father bought her a low budget airsoft gun under $50. She used to play with it. Years passed and with time as she was growing elder, her fondness for guns increased. She wanted to set a career in which she could use guns....

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