Whenever you think about choosing a self-defense weapon for yourself, always go for the one which is comfortable for you to carry. For women, the most comfortable carrying self-defense weapons would be those which they can carry in their purses since they carry their purses with them everywhere they go. 

Why are we focusing on self-defense weapons for women today? Because women are victimized the most this is why most of them are even afraid of leaving their homes. 

Most of the times, women are accompanied by their elders to schools and just because the world is not a safe place for them.

Murders, assaults, kidnapping, rapes are so common nowadays and the ratio of these crimes is increasing day by day. So, should women stay back at home and compromise their jobs and dreams? Or should they go out with heads held high and fight? 

I like the latter option much better and this is why I am writing this article; to create awareness among women regarding self-defense.

Self-defense is the act of defending oneself against harm and that harm can be in the form of anything. Most of the times, the harm comes in the form of a fellow human being, who is so morally corrupt so as to harm others and rob them of their money, possession or worse, life. 

So, women can get themselves professionally trained on self-defense and take a self-defense or martial arts classes or they can go out and buy self-defense weapons for women and there are lots of them in markets at very reasonable rates.

You will be amazed by the variety you will find there. Each one of them will have their own benefits and drawbacks. You will be fascinated with the creativity and intricacies of these weapons. But before you make a decision about your self-defense weapon, you must ponder upon a few things. 

The first and foremost is that your self-defense weapon should be effective. After all, what will it do if it is not effective and does not provide its basic functionality? Right? So, go for the one that is effective and reliable.

The second thing to look for is convenience. You should feel comfortable while carrying it and it shouldn’t be a burden to you. The next thing to look for is conceal ability. After all, you are carrying a weapon and your best chance against your assailant would be if he is totally unaware of your move. 

Therefore, you must hide and properly conceal your effective self-defense weapons. Most self-defense weapons for women are designed by keeping this factor in mind. The next factor to look for is ease of carrying.

The self-defense weapon you choose to buy for yourself should be easy to carry so you can carry it almost everywhere , after? ?all, we never know when are we going to be victimized. So, it is better to be equipped at all times. 

There is another factor which you must consider before buying a weapon for yourself. There is an endless variety of self defense wholesale products, and are generally of two types. They are either close-ranged weapons or long-ranged weapons.

Now it is totally up to you which one you prefer for yourself. 

If you are okay with the fact that you will be in close range to your assailant when using weapon against him, then you may go with close-ranged weapons but let me tell you that you will put yourself at a high risk when doing so as the game can turn and you can be seriously harmed if you are in a close distance to your assailant. 

Anything can go wrong so it is better to go for the next option which is the use of long-ranged weapons.

Long ranged weapons can work on someone even when you are standing at a distance from them. This approach keeps you from getting too close to your assailant and therefore reduces the chances of seriously getting hurt. 

With these self-defense weapons for women, you can take down your assailant before he approaches you. Let us now have a look at some popular self-defense weapons for women which women buy a lot these days for their safety.

1- Pepper Spray

A pepper spray is one of the best and most appropriate self-defense weapons for women. It will help you get away from your assailant and will even temporarily blind him so you can run away. 

A pepper spray has stinging effects due to the presence of the OC component in it. This is why it results in swelling, temporary loss of breath, redness, temporary blindness if sprayed on the face.

Technology has now made them even better as there are some high-quality pepper sprays which when sprayed on someone leave their tracks behind and form a UV film on the affected area which can be identified by the police personnel via their advanced tools. 

In this way, you can not only get away from your assailant but can get him captured as well so he cannot harm any other person. Pepper sprays are easy to carry as they come in small bottles and various other compact designs as well. Also, they are usually cheap to buy and are effective as well.

2- Lipstick Stun Gun

Have you ever heard the word “stun gun”? Stun guns are also one of the most popular self-defense weapons for women and come in a huge variety and designs. However, for women, the best possible option is the lipstick stun gun which is designed and constructed like a lipstick. 

The fact is that it looks like a lipstick from outside to hide its true identity of being a stun gun inside. There are even small buttons on the sides of this stun gun for powering it on and off. 

It also produces a loud buzzing sound when you power it on which is enough to scare away your assailant but if he still doesn’t go away then you can always give him the shock of his life by touching him with the prongs of your stun gun.

3- Hidden Blade Necklace

A hidden blade necklace provides an awesome way for women to defend them and keeps them equipped with a perfect self-defense tool and a utility tool as well. 

Of course, there is a blade hidden inside the necklace as you can guess by its name and we all know how versatile a blade can be. A hidden blades necklace looks like an ordinary necklace from the outside but there is nothing ordinary about it as it has a blade hidden inside of it. 

These self-defense weapons for women come in many different designs and make you look trendy and classy as well.

4- Tactical Knife

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a regular kitchen knife or a pocket knife and a tactical knife? After all, both of them are knives. Kitchen knives and pocket knives are ordinarily designed and are used mostly for utility purposes. 

Whereas, tactical knives are mostly designed specifically for combat purposes. So, they are more sturdy and durable than other knives.

Also, they usually come with serrated blades and ergonomic grips to provide a good and comfortable user experience. So, if you are aware of some knife fighting tricks and know your way around a tactical knife, then these self-defense weapons for women will be good for you as well. 

The best thing about them is the ease of carrying them. You can tuck them inside your boots or under your belt or inside your purse. Or you can even hang them around your neck as a neck knife. The choice is yours!

5- Self Defense Keychain

Self defense keychains or self defense rings are another one of remarkable self-defense weapons for women. They are available in many amazing designs. Mostly these rings are used to punch so if you are trained on that and know how to throw a punch properly, then you can definitely go for these rings. 

There is a masterpiece known as the Cat self defense keychain. It is a lovely keychain to carry your keys but a badass weapon to deal with the attackers. It looks like a small cat's face. There are two eyes and two ear of the cat. The eyes of the cat serve as the holes to wear the keychain. 

On the other hand, the two ears of the cat are the deadly spikes that can cause some real damage. You can wear it around two of your fingers, and deliver a few punches in the face of the attacker to cause severe injuries and save your life. 

Carry Your Self Defense Weapon & Ensure Your Survival

So, that was the list of some of the most effective self defense weapons to deal with the attackers. There is a great list of self defense wholesale products to choose from but these are the best choices. Anyway, what is your pick of the weapons above?

No matter if you carry a stun gun flashlight, pepper spray or a self defense keychain, you are guaranteed to survive in any self defense situation. Also, these are pretty small weapons that can be carried in the purse. So, carry your self defense tool and ensure your survival.