The year 2019 has come up with many challenges, and a prominent challenge among them is self defense against the attackers. The attackers have become more and more fearless to launch random attacks. With such attacks being increased day after day, one thing is for sure; it is at least pretty difficult to control the circumstances, if not impossible. It seems as if they are becoming confident because of the lack of ability of the people to defend themselves. Most of these attacks take place during midnight when people find it slightly tougher to defend themselves. Self defense weapons have been used by the people, but most of them have proved to be ineffective in self defense situations.

A good question to be asked now is why different self defense weapons proved ineffective to deal with the attacker? If you head to the market in search for some weapons, you would find a plenty. This makes your choice a lot harder. How can you compare when you have got hundreds of them? Yes, indeed, it is not your fault if your weapon has failed to let you survive in such a situation. Of course, you had focused on a few after learning about their features. But, features do not solely determine the effectiveness of the weapon. There are several other things to be considered, such as ease of use, ease of carry, lethal impact, and quickness of the weapon.

Keep the above mentioned factors in mind and decide which weapon is the most effective? Generally, it’s a hard one because you just can’t compare hundreds of weapons by looking at each of these factors. So, we make things easier for you in this regard. We have performed a detailed analysis of all the weapons available in the market. After comparing them with respect to factors like ease of use, ease of carry, weapon speed and conceal-ability etc., we have enlisted nine most effective self defense weapons in 2019. So, here are our recommendations:

1. Pocket Knife

Pocket knife or folding knife is a perfect knife to have in a self defense situation. It has several cool features that make it an ideal self defense weapon. Starting with the small size of the knife, it fits into the pocket. Perhaps, it is the easiest to carry a knife. There is a fold-able blade that can be folded inside the handle of the knife. Though the knife is already a small one, a folded blade makes it further small so that it can be carried in the pocket or purse with ease. The blade is a strong and durable one and has the ability to inflict a severe injury to the attacker. So, it can be very handy for fighting the attacker.

A good thing about this knife is that it is very easy to use. You don’t have to learn about the knife or spend hours to upgrade your skills. The technique of using the knife against the attacker is simple. You can aim for any part of his body to launch your attack and cause a serious injury. The blade would work equally well on all parts of the body. Once the attacker is down after suffering an injury, you have the much-needed time escape. Pocket knife is also one of the cheapest self defense weapons you can purchase from the market.

2. Lipstick Knife

Lipstick knife is an ideal self defense weapon for women. However, it can also be handy for the men too. If we count some specifically designed weapons for women, this knife would top the list. It is one of the hidden blades that can be used as secret weapons against the attackers. The appearance of the knife is exactly similar to a lipstick. However, there is a small blade attached to the lipstick which is revealed when you twist the tube of the lipstick. The blade is small though, but possesses the required power to inflict severe injuries.

Lipstick knife comes up as a key recommendation for the women in particular. It can be carried with extreme ease. For women, it would be like carrying a real lipstick. The identical appearance won’t let anyone identify the weapon. Rather, everyone would perceive it as a lipstick. As far as attacker is concerned, he would be surprised to see a lipstick causing him to land in trouble. He would be left in frustration and amazement that a lipstick caused him such a nasty injury. Meanwhile, you can leave the place surviving a possible attack. If you’re a woman, this is the self defense weapon you must be carrying in 2019.

3. Stun Gun

Stun gun is perhaps the most popular choice as a self defense weapon these days. And why not? It is the most effective weapon if you want to survive attacks efficiently. If you haven’t yet tried this smart weapon, you are vulnerable to deadly attacks. The manufacturer of this weapon deserves a lot of credit, what a wonderful thing he has established. It is a small device that can deliver a powerful electrical shock to immobilize a person for quite some time. The device can have any shape, typically a flashlight, a cell phone or a lipstick. This is the weapon recommended to both the men and the women.

Stun gun comes in variety of shapes, but all these shapes have one thing common, the small size. Whether it is a cell phone or a flashlight, all of them can be kept in the pocket. The women can use their purses or bags for carrying them. The stun gun flashlight additionally incorporates a flashlight which provides light while getting back home in the dark. This eases your way back to your home as you can see attacker approaching towards you from a distance. The ease of use is another plus with this weapon. All you need to do is just touch the prongs of the device to the attacker’s body to deliver a strong electrical shock and immobilize him for a reasonable period of time. As a result, you can escape from the danger!

4. Pepper Spray

As we are exploring some smart self defense weapons, here is another key recommendation from our side. Pepper spray is as advantageous as any other self defense weapon on this list. It is a different weapon that all others though. It isn’t a typical weapon because there is no blade attached to it, no electrical power and no bullet fired from it. Instead, it is a spray that causes discomfort to the eyes and often leads to temporary blindness. Like stun gun devices, it also comes in different shapes, but the size is too small to be carried in the pocket.

Ease of use is a guarantee with this pepper spray. All you can do is just spray on the eyes or face of the attacker. This would cause serious irritation to his eyes forcing him to close his eyes. So, you can expect quick results from the spray. As you spray on the eyes, you would get time to leave the place and save your life. I guess this is exactly what you want from your self defense weapon? So, how about this brilliant spray? You should use one to ensure your survival in tougher conditions. It would come in handy in your defense against the wild animals too!

5. Police Baton

The last thing you would want is getting closer to an attacker. So, what about the idea of dealing with the attacker from a distance? All the self defense weapons mentioned on this list require you to get closer to the attacker to do the damage. A police baton saves you from this distress. It lets you launch the attack from a reasonable distance away from the attacker. A baton is an iconic law enforcement weapon, but the civilians now have the privilege to use this weapon for their defense as well. It is a small club that has the capability to inflict a serious injury whether hit on any part of the body. Why is this a recommendation? You’ll find out!

A baton is a massive weapon, perhaps the largest on this life. Though it is not an easy weapon to carry; you don’t have the luxury to place in your pocket. However, you can hold it in your hand. Imagine an attacker seeing a baton in your hands from a distance, would he dare to come close to you or attack you? Baton would pose a threat to the attacker. But, if he does dare to attack, you have every chance to survive. You can swing the baton and make the attacker step back or step away from you. So, it certainly works in a self defense situation, but can you always carry it? Yes, if you get an extendable baton the size of which can be reduced to make it a small weapon.

6. Pen Knife

It is a pen, no it is a knife, no it is a pen! In fact, it is both a pen and a knife. It looks like a pen, and indeed it is. You can use it for writing, but importantly, there is a blade attached to it, The blade is on the opposite side and can be revealed by removing cover from it. There is a very sharp blade capable of inflicting nasty injuries. Pen knife is not something new on earth. It has been used in the past primarily for self defense. The reason why it appears on this list is because of its small size and unorthodox design. It would be handy in any situation because it is small and lightweight.

If you have to deal with an attacker, you can simply uncover the blade and do the damage. The attacker would be surprised to see how a pen caused him such a nasty injury. You can have your pen placed in the pocket and pulled out when needed. So, carrying it isn’t an issue at all as you normally have your pens placed in the pocket. This is just another pen placed in your pocket, and nothing else. No one would figure out the blade though. We assure your survival, given you have this smart self defense weapon in your pocket!

7. Knuckle Duster

Hey folks! Would you like a brutal self defense weapon? A weapon that can be worn around your knuckles. Get knuckle duster then. Even if we had to compile a list of five most effective weapons, it would have still made into the list. Also called brass knuckles at times, it is a small wearable weapon that can also be considered a fashion accessory. Now, you can wear it as a fashion accessory but use it as a weapon when needed to defend against the attackers. Worn around the knuckles, you can make a fist and deliver a powerful punch to the face of the attacker. He would be left lying on the ground with his mouth injured.

When you are using a brass knuckle duster, make sure to aim the face of the attacker to enhance the impact of your punch. Suffering an injury to his face, it would be very difficult for him to get back to his feet. In the meantime, you have the time to run away from the attacker and prevent a worst case scenario for you. There is no problem in carrying this weapon because it isn’t actually an additional carry. Instead, it is already worn on your hands. Go get a nice pair of knucks and become a skillful defender!

8. Self Defense Keychain

How could a self defense keychain miss this list! One of our recommendations is a keychain. Yes, a keychain, but not an ordinary keychain. It is an especially designed keychain for self defense against the attackers. So, what’s special about this keychain? First of all, let us clear things. It can be used for holding your keys. However, it can be a brutal weapon just like knuckle dusters. There are a couple of spikes on the keychain that can work as either blades or knucks for punching the attacker. The two spikes look like cat’s ears while the two rings appear as the eyes. You can place two of your fingers in those eyes or holes and punch the attacker on his face with the spikes striking his face. This would cause a nasty injury to his face and may end up pouring blood out of his mouth.

So, it is a very capable self defense weapon. Don’t underestimate its strength and brutality. Wear it on your fingers and see how it does wonders for you during an emergency situation. As it can be worn, there is absolutely no trouble carrying it. Hence, a very handy choice indeed!

9. Boot Knife

Boot knife is another hidden blade you can use for self defense. As the name suggests, this knife is kept in the boot. These blades are actually small enough to be kept in the boots and pulled out when an attacker comes to you. Don’t be concerned about the safety of your feet. The feet would be well-protected from any sort of injury. A protective leather sheath will make sure that your feet stay secure from the blade. Ease of carry is one of the factors that we are considering essential, so, we have a self defense weapon that is in our boots. These blades are small, but are pretty effective in ensuring your survival. There are absolutely no question marks over the strength of the blade! Having such a weapon in a secret place would be a wonderful idea to defend yourself from the attackers.

What’s Your Pick?

So, you can’t try all of them at once. You must have at least picked one of these outstanding self defense weapons. Considering the factors we have been looking at, all these weapons fulfill our demands. Hence, all of them are extremely effective in every self defense situation. This makes your choice a little difficult as well. Sure, you don’t need to stick your attention to any other than these weapons, but before you choose one, try to keep your personal needs into consideration as well. For instance, if you are a woman, you should choose a weapon that is easy to use and non-lethal, such as stun gun or pepper spray. Similarly, if you prefer a weapon that causes injury, you can choose any of bladed weapons, such as a pocket knife. So, choose your desired one among these weapons and ensure your survival against the random attacks!