10 Smart and Easy-to-Carry Self Defense Weapons

Several years ago, world was safer than it is today. People had a sense of safety when they were at home, and I remember my grandpa would often leave the front door unlocked at night. But coming to today, we can’t even think of leaving the doors unlocked even during the day.

Let’s face it, we never feel secure in this modern world. We are vulnerable to random break-ins day or night. When walking on the streets, there is even more discomfort. We can suddenly become a victim of vicious attack. So, what can be done to survive?

Certainly, you should carry self defense weapons.

While guns can be a greatest weapon for self defense, but not everyone wants a gun with him. Lethal and heavier weapons are never a preferred choice of many, hence, it is a need to get some lightweight, easy to carry weapons.

You would definitely want a smart weapon that can be grabbed at once when required. As everyone has the right to protect himself, let’s find some self defense weapons that are suitable to your needs.

After a thorough analysis of weapons available in the market today, we have enlisted some easy to carry, smart self defense weapons that you must carry in 2022. Here are our top picks:

1. Pepper Spray

The smartest of them all, Pepper Spray is for those who want some non-lethal self defense weapons. Pepper spray is a mixture of chilli peppers extract and comes in aerosol canister. It has a simply working mechanism, you can spray it on the face of the attacker to cause serious irritation to his eyes, nose, and throat.

It is non-lethal, but effective enough to serve your self defense needs. It does not cause long-term effects, and this is why it is a popular weapon among women and law enforcement. It would distract the assailant or a criminal for at-least 30 minutes, hence, you have enough time to escape him, or the police officer has much time to take control of the subject. 

The immediate effect of the pepper spray may be severe, but no lasting injury is caused by the pepper spray. This makes it a safer option compared to guns.

2. Brass Knuckles

Brass Knuckles used as one of the popular self defense weapons, specifically among the youngsters. It is an excellent option when it comes to ease to carry.

Knuckle duster is a piece of metal designed to fit around the knuckles of your hands. They can significantly enhance the punching power of the wearer. As they are worn around the knuckles, there is no problem carrying them. They are with your hands, so no additional weight is carried in your pocket, purse or bag.

You may be wondering how it would enable you to survive against the attackers. Well, a simple punch with a bare hand can cause serious injury, now imagine a punch with brass knuckles. You are likely to severely injure the attacker and gain much-needed time to escape.

3. Lipstick Stun Gun

If you are familiar with a stun gun, you probably know how it works. However, here we are discussing the smartest self defense weapons, so we bring an option that you would love to carry in 2022. All the ladies out there, let’s defend yourself with a lipstick Stun Gun

Yes, a lipstick. This is a normal stun gun, but designed and shaped exactly like a lipstick. The attackers would have no idea that you are pulling out a lipstick that can give a shock, and immobilize him quickly. This smart weapon is ideal for women who avoid carrying blades or lethal weapons.

4. Stun Gun Flashlight

A flashlight, a stun gun, here is a combination of two useful items. While we are identifying smartest self defense weapons, Stun Gun Flashlight should top the list. It functions like a normal stun gun, but flashlight is an additional benefit. A perfect weapon for late night travellers who struggle to get to their destinations because of frightening darkness. 

Also, if you come across an assailant or an attacker, you can touch him with the prongs of this stun gun to immobilize him. Hence, your chances to survive are increased, plus a flashlight allows you to sense the attacker approaching you from a distance.

5. Cell Phone Stun Gun

Another stun gun, but more uniquely designed. This one of the interesting self defense weapons that are equally effective as some heavier weapons. Why not have a smartphone, your smart protector? A Cell Phone stun gun has an identical design to a smartphone, so when you are taking out this stun gun during an emergency situation, the attacker would think you are using your cell phone. 

So, this is where you can take an advantage of the situation and give him the shock that he deserves. This is where a Cell Phone Stun Gun can be extremely effective, and this is why it appears on this list.

6. Mini Stun Gun

When you talk about smart self defense weapons, your main concern is the size. Someone like me would always prefer a weapon that is small and can be carried easily. As the preference is small size, the suggestion is Mini Stun Gun

It is a perfect option to prevent from danger comfortably. We are talking about a weapon that has absolutely no weight at all, but is as effective as a normal stun gun. I would regard mini stun gun as the most convenient self defense weapon. Held in your hand, no one can notice that your palm is in fact equipped with a menacing weapon

7. Boot Knife

How about a blade in your boot? Yes, a boot knife really equips your boots with a knife. It is a secret, hidden self defense weapon that can be taken out while you are dealing with an attacker. 

A boot knife includes a small sized blade that can be placed in your boot, but don’t worry, a protective sheath is incorporated as well to make sure your feet are well-preserved. Isn’t it a smartest option, and easy to carry too? To all the blade lovers, my suggestion is a boot knife. You will have absolutely no problem carrying them because of their comfortable and easy to handle size.

8. Lipstick Knife

Another key option for women, lipstick knife can be an easy to carry self defense weapon. The ladies can consider it as a real lipstick, and carry in a similar fashion. A lipstick knife functions identically as a lipstick. 

However, there is just a minor difference. It features a small, hidden blade which appears as you twist the tube. It is another weapon that can surprise the attacker who would have been perceiving it as a normal lipstick. So, this is what makes it a smart weapon, and perhaps most comfortable to carry.

9. Pen Knife

Did you ever think that a pen can incorporate a blade in it? But, a pen knife is one of the interestingly designed self defense weapons. It appears as a real pen, but is in fact a knife. From one end, it is a pen while the other end includes a blade. 

When the pen is pulled apart, the blade pops out. Hence, it is difficult for anyone to detect this knife. I haven’t used a pen knife, but I’m certainly planning to have one.

10. Neck Knife

Designed to be worn around the neck, a neck knife is a hidden blade and a secret self defense weapon. Neck knives have brought a fashion statement combined with self defense. You may be concerned about carrying a blade around your neck, but relax, there is a protective sheath on the blade, so you are absolutely secure from self-injury. So, this smart weapon can be hidden in your shirt and taken out when a survival is required.

While you’re planning to buy some smart self defense weapons in 2022, we suggest not to go for anything other than these self defense weapons. They are easily concealable, and can be carried with extreme ease. So, be smart as you choose your self defense weapons.