Picking the right Airsoft Sniper Rifles - Expert Buying Guide

Posted by Hannah Baker on 2/28/2019 0 Comments

The new Airsofters in 2019 are pretty excited about the Airsoft Sniper Rifles. Sniping appears more glorious and easier for them after seeing movies and video games involving snipers. But, who wouldn't love to experience the thrill of sniping? However, airsoft sniping is tougher than it looks. As you bring an airsoft sniper rifle to the field, there are loads of challenges to overcome......

5 Widely Used Fixed Blade Knives

Posted by Hannah Baker on 2/27/2019 0 Comments

Knives are being used by the human race since forever. The earliest people did not have knives made up of steel like we do but their carved stones versions also served the same purpose modern knives do i.e. to them for utility purposes or to defend oneself against possible harm and threats.....

3 Most Fascinating Ninja Weapons

Posted by Hannah Baker on 2/25/2019 0 Comments

The Ninjas were one of the smartest and clever people to ever set foot on planet Earth. They used to live in Japan somewhere around the 12th century. They lived on the island of Honshu that was known as Japan’s biggest Island at the time. Their civilization was situated in between the famous mountains of Iga and Koga....

Types of Stun Guns and their Usage

Posted by Hannah Baker on 2/22/2019 0 Comments

If you are looking for an effective yet non-lethal self-defense weapon, then stun gun will be the best option for you. Stun guns are the perfect deterrents and you can also use them to stun your assailant or disarm him/her with these smart weapons. The purpose and main function of stun guns is to immobilize the attacker without causing his death....

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