All of us are aware of the huge number of crimes happening around us. Almost every day or every hour of the day, we are hearing about target killing, robbery and rape cases, kidnapping, and serial killing. And in most of the cases, the victims are women. 

That is why I strongly suggest women take self-defense training and carry any one of the self-defense products so they can be their own defender and take their safety into their own hands. 

When we talk about choosing a self-defense weapon for ourselves, we must focus on what feels comfortable to us and doesn’t feel like a burden as well. Because if it does, then there won’t be any good in carrying it around, as you won’t be able to utilize it properly. 

There is a wide range of self-defense products available to us and the best thing about them is that they are cheap most of the time. So, now you can have the peace of mind of being safe by spending just a few dollars and nothing more than that.

If we talk about traditional self-defense products, then people usually go for guns and knives. But do people still use them for self-defense? New weapons for self-defense have been designed to fit the modern world of advanced technology. 

The invention of these new weapons is more practical than ever, helping people in the most effective way. You must have heard about self-defense sprays, impact weapons, stun guns, brass knuckles, tasers, etc? 

All of these can be used for self-defense but which ones will work better for women especially? Most of the people like to deal with their attackers from a distance and do not want them to come near because they are afraid that they will get attacked. 

In such cases, long-range self-defense weapons can prove to be very useful. Before we move on to discussing different types of self-defense products, let us first have a look at the features which these products must-have.

Things to Look For in Self-defense Products

1- Should be Practical

Your self-defense products must be practical. Now, what does that mean? It means that your choice of self-defense weapons must be sensible. For example, we all are aware of the fact that we can be victimized anywhere, even within the safe walls of our house. 

We cannot predict these attacks; women can get victimized anywhere. For example, you may be on a morning walk when someone attacked you, you may be on a construction site when a worker tried to get the advantage of you, you may on your way home from office or school when somebody attacked you from behind. 

It can be anything and anywhere so our best possible option here is to carry a self-defense weapon which can be easily carried and is practical enough to be carried anywhere. 

Of course, when you are in office, you wouldn’t want to have a pocket knife with you. It will cause unnecessary alarm so the self-defense weapon you choose for yourself must have practical and realistic use.

2- Convenient to Carry

The self-defense weapon which you choose for yourself must be convenient and easy to carry. Now, which product can be comfortable to carry? Of course, the one which is light in weight and is small as well. 

A small weapon can be easily carried as well. Now are not the times when women stay at home. They keep on moving throughout the day; office, grocery store and in case of mothers, schools, etc as well. 

Therefore, the self-defense weapons that you choose for yourself must be carried around easily and can be carried anywhere as well. It is better to have a light, small and ergonomically design weapon. 

Even if we look around things of everyday use, if they were not compact before, they are now. Look at cell phones, they used to be heavy and designed like bricks. But now we have smartphones, all sleek and equipped with modern technology having touch screens and what not. 

So, your choice of self-defense weapon must be that one which is easy to carry around.

3- Should be Easily Accessible

The best self-defense weapons should be easily accessible to everyone. For example, guns are not accessible to everyone as they are not easy to buy and the permit to carry them is not obtained easily. 

Therefore, you must choose a weapon which can be bought easily and without the slightest hassle. Also, you must be able to access it easily when you have it with you so that you can deploy it quickly and easily when desired. 

Knives are usually carried in bags so they are not easily accessible as you will have to search the contents of your bag for it and it might be too late when you finally find the knife. 

Also, a good self-defense weapon is that which can be used easily without the help of any guide and there is no special training required for it.

4- Should Be Effective

The self-defense products you choose for yourself must be effective. A self-defense weapon is only good enough if it delivers the purpose of its construction properly. So, what makes a self-defense weapon effective? Or how do we determine its effectivity? 

There are some factors through which we can determine the effectivity of a self-defense weapon. Those factors are disability and deterrence. So, let us have a look at them one by one.

I- Deterrence

What is deterrence in a self-defense situation? It means to discourage your attacker and make him leave on his own without any fight. It means to infuse fear in him from you so he runs away and does not try to come back. 

In short, it means to take charge of the situation and making your assailant feel as if attacking you would be the biggest mistake of his life. Self-defense products that help you do that have the property of deterrence in them and are effective as well. 

Avoiding a dangerous situation should be your first priority and we should do whatever we can to make that happen.

II- Attacking

If deterrence doesn’t work, then the next thing which we can do is attacking. Attacking your assailant is the primary reason you buy and carry self-defense products. 

By attacking them, you may restrict the movements of your attacker, or his abilities and senses as well so that he cannot attack you anymore and you can run away to safety. Remember that our primary goal here is to run away safely and not to kill anyone. 

So, we need a weapon that is not lethal but is effective enough to restrict the attacker. But sometimes, situations arise where the attacker is strong or clever enough and dodge our attacks with self-defense products. 

In such cases, it really turns into a fight, most of the times, a bloody one. So, you must be prepared for that as well and have some self-defense training.

5- Should be Reliable

Good and effective self-defense weapons should be reliable as well. Let us take the example of the lights which turn on as soon as we enter the room. We will be comfortable and good when things around us work the way they do. 

Which is why self-defense products should also function the way they are meant to be. A reliable self-defense weapon is the one that fulfills its purpose and functions the way it is meant to be. 

So, you must choose a reliable self-defense weapons which has a good reputation for working properly and providing its functionality.

Types of Self-defense Products

Now that we know about the features we should look for in a good self-defense weapon, let us have a look at the different types of these products.

1- Spring Assisted Knife

A spring assisted knife is a folding knife or commonly known as a pocket knife. It means all the features of a decent self-defense weapon which you can carry in your purse or bags and inside the socks as well, making it a boot knife. 

It is quite easy to use and is effective as well but of course, you just have to do a little training which I why I strongly recommend that women should get themselves such training. 

Apart from being a self-defense weapon, these knives can be used as a utility tool as well. It can be used to cut small vegetables and fruits. You can also cut nails with it when nail cutter is not available of course and it can be used to cut ropes etc as well. 

One attack at someone with a blade can hurt a lot and it can give you the opening you would be searching to escape. But remember, you would have to learn some knife tricks first. 

Also, a blade scares off people most of the time than any other weapon. So, wielding it can cause your assailant to run off right back on his heels.

2- Stun Gun

A stun gun is one of the best self-defense products. Stun guns are basically electrifying weapons that are used to immobilize an individual but on a temporary basis. They are also known as immobilizers and are quite effective. 

They provide a jolt of electric current to the target which gives you sufficient time to escape. Stun guns are available in stores all over the world in a huge variety. The most common type is the lipstick stun gun which is a good self-defense weapon for girls and women. 

Then there is the cellphone stun gun which is designed after a cellphone but is actually a stun gun. It uses the power and the volume button of the phone as the power button of stun gun flashlight

Did I say flashlight? Yes, these self-defense products have built in flashlights as well which prove to an extra bonus when you are out alone in the dark, feeling threatened by someone.

3- Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles are one of the most common and widely used weapons to be used in street fights nowadays apart from knives. They are basically hard because they are constructed of metal and are used to increase the power of a punch. 

Here are a few reasons you should actually consider including them to your collection of self-defense products.

i- Versatility

Brass knuckles are versatile indeed; you can't find self defense weapons with a somewhat similar cool and fascinating aura. Brass knuckle knife is unique in themselves. 

This powerful weapon is made of a single metal piece with four holes in it. All you have to do is to learn and practice the perfect punch.

ii- Rich History

The affectivity of brass knuckles is evident in its rich history which shows that they were actively used by gladiators and Spartans in their famous battles. Later on, these were also used by soldiers in close combats during the WWI and WWII. 

While wearing these knuckles you will definitely get your hands on a valuable piece of nostalgia.

iii- Excellent Self Defense Weapon

Without a doubt, brass knuckles are well-known self defense weapons. These are highly effective in close combat. Enough damage can be caused by only one punch. This weapon can cause broken bones and fractured skulls. 

It is important to learn and practice the maneuverability so that no self-harm gets incurred. The best trick is to throw punches in a jabbing motion; instead of the conventional striking boxer punches.

iv- Great Conversation Piece

Brass knuckles are immediate attention grabber; therefore, they also make a great conversation piece. This factor has been reported by many people who keep brass knuckles paperweight on their desks. 

In other words, brass knuckles can cause strangers to break the ice while they have something interesting to talk about: brass knuckles.

4- Pepper Spray

Have you ever heard of a pepper spray? It is one of the non-deadly self-defense products. Just 1 shot of this spray will lead your assailant into a defensive position and crying in no time at all. 

A pepper spray is highly effective and all of that is because of the high concentration of OC (Oleoresin capsicum) in it. Most of the times, these self-defense products come in small bottles which makes it easier to carry them around. 

But sometimes, they also come in a variety of other shapes i.e. a gun.

5- A Flashlight

Have you ever wondered why a flashlight has its name in the list of self-defense products and what good will it do in a self-defense situation. Well, then let me tell you that a flashlight can assist you immensely in such a situation. 

It can help you see things clearly and find things clearly as well. For example, you cellphone and other useful stuff. But the most important role it can play is in fending off your assailant by subjecting him to a show of blinding light that will surely scare him away in the dark. 

Of course your assailant would not want anyone to see him and will not anyone to find you as well. So, a flashlight will ruin all his dirty plans and will provide you a safe route out of the dangerous situation. 

However, do carry other self-defense products with you apart from a flashlight in case you have to take more extreme measures for your safety.

The above-mentioned self-defense products are widely used by people. One or more of them must be carried in order to be equipped well enough for a dangerous or unfortunate situation.