The Best and Cheap Airsoft Guns

Airsoft has become one of the most favorite activities for Americans. It is a thrilling outdoor activity and often rated higher after hunting. Airsoft is a sport as well as a reenactment activity performed using airsoft guns. Those who regularly get engaged in airsoft know the enthusiasm and thrill of this sport. 

However, if you are a beginner, there is a lot you need to be aware of before you get your hands on an airsoft gun. You can’t just get on the field and start shooting. To experience the thrill of airsoft, you first need to know what airsoft is and how to use airsoft guns. 

Also, if you are a beginner trying to find some cheap airsoft guns, it is not the simplest thing to do. Only experts know how to get the right guns in your arsenal. However, to make things easier for beginners, here is a detailed guide! 

What Should Beginners Know About Airsoft Guns?

As a beginner, you first need to know what airsoft guns are, and how they operate. These are replica guns that look like real firearms and work like real ones as well. Generally made of plastic, they are durable but not as weighty as real firearms. 

An airsoft gun can be a cheap airsoft sniper, an airsoft pistol, a sniper rifle, an airsoft shotgun or an airsoft revolver. There are three main types of airsoft guns, including spring guns, automatic electric guns, and CO2 or gas guns. They differ in terms of their use and method to operate. 

Spring airsoft guns generally feature a spring and that spring plays the role in putting the bullet down the barrel. The bullets fired by these guns are made of plastic and are called BBs. BBs are small, round in shape, and are made of plastic. 

In automatic electric guns or AEGs, there is a rechargeable battery installed in the guns. This battery can be removed and changed or recharged. It plays the key role in operating these guns. Similarly, in gas airsoft rifles, a gas cylinder is installed and the gas helps in operating these guns. 

So, these replica guns are pretty simple and easy to use. Also, they are quite safe unless a BB hits your eyes or other sensitive organs of the body. Following are some protective measures, which airsofters tend to take. Beginners must learn and follow these safety instructions! 

What Protective Measures Should Beginners Be Aware Of?

As a beginner, you should know how to stay safe while using airsoft guns and playing airsoft on an airsoft field. Here are a few key instructions for safety:

Always point your airsoft gun in a safe direction when not being used

  • Wear face protection
  • Wear eye protection
  • Wear camouflage
  • Wear the right clothes and boots
  • Keep your guns away from the reach of kids
  • Keep your guns unloaded when not in use
  • Always clean and clear your barrel after using the gun. 

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The Best 5 Cheap Airsoft Guns For Beginners

1. Tactical Spring Sniper Airsoft Rifle Gun With Laser Scope Bipod

This is a cheap airsoft sniper rifle with a spring mechanism which means there is a spring that pushes the BBs down the barrel. It is a tactical rifle having several tactical features. This spring-powered gun can shoot BBs at a muzzle velocity of 250 feet per second while the effective range can be up to 100 feet. 

This sniper rifle features a detachable magazine with a great capacity of 50 rounds. The body is made of plastic but it is quite durable and long lasting. A tactical laser is attached to the gun as well, having 1 Milliwatt Max Power Output. Also, there are RIS rails. Such a highly featured airsoft sniper for sale beginners to enjoy airsoft. Most importantly, it is available at such a reasonable price. 

Tactical Spring Sniper Rifle

2. Wellfire D74 AK47 Full Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle Gun

This is an electric airsoft gun so expect more power with this one. It is one of the masterpiece airsoft rifles and ideal for beginners. It is a lightweight gun but gives a realistic feel. There is wood furniture on the plastic body, making it look absolutely real. 

There is a massive magazine capacity of 400 rounds with this gun. There is a foldable stock as well and you get a battery, a charger, a speed loader and a bag of BBs with the gun. There is a longer shooting range along with good muzzle velocity of 290 feet per second. It can be turned into auto mode, semi auto mode and safety mode. For better shooting accuracy, this airsoft gun comes with an adjustable front iron sight. 

Full Automatic Electric Airsoft Rifle

3. M16A2 Airsoft Gun Vietnam Style Spring Airsoft Rifle

This airsoft M16 is a spring airsoft gun, stylish and gorgeous. It looks quite realistic and works like a real firearm. Since it is spring-powered, no battery or gas needed to operate it, the spring pushes the BBs down the barrel. It offers a great muzzle velocity of more than 340 feet per second. The effective range at which it can shoot BBs is up to 10 feet as well. There is a detachable magazine clip with a capacity of 475 rounds. 

With a polymer body construction, it is one of the cheap guns and quite durable. The additional features of this gun include a carry handle, sling mounts, front and rear sight, etc. The package includes a bag of BBs as well. 

M16A2 Airsoft Gun

4. M83 M4A1 Carbine Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle

This is another electric airsoft gun operated through a battery. It is a durable gun with a plastic construction. It comes with a lot of features that make it a great tactical rifle as well. For instance, it includes a removable foregrip, a removable rear stock, working safety, integrated rail system, a removable carry handle, an adjustable hop up, a battery, a charger, and fully auto and semi auto firing modes. 

Apart from that, this great tactical assault rifle can shoot BBs at a speed of 200 feet per second. There is a magazine capacity of 40 rounds though. Other features of this airsoft gun include shooting glasses, laser, gun string, flashlight and a bag of BBs.
M83 M4A1 Carbine Electric Airsoft Assault Rifle

5. M180C2 Airsoft Spring Pump Shotgun Retractable Stock Flashlight Sight

The final of the best and cheap guns on our list is the airsoft pump shotgun. This is another masterpiece as well. It features a red dot system to provide the best shooting precision. It comes with a tactical flashlight, an extensable stock, and an adjustable hop up system. It has a magazine capacity of 5 rounds. However, it can shoot BBs at a great muzzle velocity of 320 feet per second. 

M180C2 Airsoft Spring Pump Shotgun

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