We all are aware of the immense rate of crime that just keeps on increasing day by day and no matter how many laws and policies are devised to control them, they just can’t be controlled or reduced considerably. 

This is the reason that people now take their safety into their own hands by making use of self-defense weapons i.e. Stun Gun, pepper sprays, etc. or getting themselves self-defense training instead of just relying completely on law enforcement bodies.

Of course, it is their job to maintain law and order in the state but that does not mean that you should not take measures to have a plan B to keep yourself safe. With such a situation on hand, more and more self-defense weapons are being manufactured. 

There are so many of them and for a person who does not know anything about these weapons, they will totally get confused on what to buy and what not to buy. 

This is why you must know what you are looking for. In this article, we will discuss one of the most effective and highly popular self-defense weapons known as a stun gun. Do you know about this weapon? 

Well, let me just give you a brief introduction before we move on to its features and unlimited benefits in a self-defense situation.

What is a Stun Gun?

By the name of it, people normally think it is a gun and if not a real gun, then it would at least look like a gun. But that is surely not the case here. Stun Guns come in many different designs and a gun design is not one of them. 

Basically, it is an electrifying weapon and its primary use is in self-defense. This device may be small but it is quite sufficient to deliver an electric shock to your assailant and immobilize him temporarily.

It can be used by everyone and is not just specific to men or women. As these self-defense weapons are quite common, they are available in many designs in markets all over the world. 

They are small, compact devices and are designed this way so that they can be carried easily in pockets and bags and can be concealed as well.

Are you wondering what is the need for these weapons when a good enough weapon already exists which has a 100% guarantee as well? Of course, I am talking about a real gun. A real gun may work but the result it produces would not be the one you desire. 

There is a maximum chance that if you shoot someone, it can be deadly and you would not want to kill a person even just to protect yourself. This is why self-defense weapons i.e. stun guns are preferred which are effective but not deadly. 

They will just stall your attacker temporarily and will provide you time to run off to safety or call for help.

A self-defense situation requires the use of a brain and not the use of fists. One must act smartly and should keep escaping the dangerous situation his/her top priority. 

This is the world of smart weapons and you must be equipped with one if you wish to keep yourself safe. 

Now, if you are thinking that why should you buy a stun gun and not any other self-defense weapon then put light on the features and benefits of a stun gun that makes it an effective self-defense weapon.

Features of a Stun Gun

1- Compact

The best feature of a stun gun is its compactness and small size. It is well-known that small objects are carried around easily. Nobody wants to carry items that are heavy and big especially if that item requires to be carried around all the time. 

Therefore, small objects are easy to carry and easy to conceal as well. They can be carried in hand and they can be carried in small bags, pockets, etc.

The fact that small objects are easily carried also gives stun guns a benefit which allows the user to conceal them easily. This provides one an advantage of concealed weapon carry on the assailant which makes him lower his defenses. 

You can then use the stun gun on him and take him completely off guard.

2- Mechanism

The primary and only function of a stun gun is to deliver an electric shock to the opponent. This is why its mechanism is different from other self-defense weapons because its functionality is totally different from them. 

There are very few electrifying weapons available in markets. Pocket Tasers are also one of them and the only difference between a real Taser and a stun gun is that the former is a long-ranged weapon whereas the latter one is a short-ranged weapon.

Both of these weapons use prongs made up of metal to make contact with the body of the victim and them deliver an electric shock via them. 

In the case of a high voltage Taser, not only an electric shock is provided but the muscles are properly contracted which temporarily immobilizes the person. Police Flashlight Tasers are much more effective than other Taser Guns and are only used by the police personnel. 

One benefit of these electrifying weapons is that they only need to touch any part of the victim’s body, to do their effect.

All you have to do is touch the metallic prongs with any part of the body of your assailant that you can reach and turn on the stun gun. The stun gun will do the rest and will act as your personal defender. 

You won’t even have to pull a trigger, or push a button or even perform any technique. All you have to do is to turn on the stun gun with the help of the power button and let the metallic prongs make contact with the skin of the person on whom you want to use a stun gun. 

The rest will be done so quickly that you won’t even be able to keep track of it. And remember, that is the cue to run away and escape.

3- Flashlight

Sometimes the stun guns feature built-in flashlights as well which further increase the usefulness of these self-defense weapons. This feature is not available in all stun guns but most of the time taser guns do have them, especially those which feature the latest designs. 

A flashlight stun gun itself is a very useful object and when its benefits are combined with those of a stun gun, they simply make a better and much more useful product.

Most of the people are attacked in the dark and this is why a flashlight is a good feature to be in a self-defense product. This way you can use it to have light in the dark and that will scare away your assailant. 

However, if he still wouldn’t budge, then you can always use the stun gun on him. This feature won’t let anyone take advantage of you and harm you in the darkness. 

Even if you are not stuck in a dangerous situation but are stuck in a bad one where you need the use of a flashlight, you will always have one with you because of your stun gun.

Why Stun Guns?

Now, we will discuss some benefits of stun guns that make them the best self-defense weapons and a great choice for you if you are looking to buy a self-defense weapon for yourself.

1- Easily Used

Stun guns are quite easy to use and you don’t need to have any special training in order to use them. There are many other weapons that require training and skills from the user in order to use them properly. 

For example, if we talk about brass knuckles, they are used for punching someone and enhance the power of a punch which is why the user is required to throw a punch before he/she uses brass knuckles; otherwise, there is a chance that they may hurt their arm. 

If we talk about fighting with knives, then we are well aware of the fact that the user cannot fight with a knife until he/she earns knife fighting tricks.

Then there are Nunchucks which also require the user to be a master of its techniques and without learning them, the weapon is just useless to the user. But when it comes to the stun guns, they do not require any such training and can be used by anyone. 

You just have to use them smartly so that your assailant cannot know beforehand and be on the alert.

Its working mechanism is quite simple and is easier to use as well. There are no complex parts and nothing that has to be learned. Just turn on the stun gun, touch its metallic prongs with the body of your assailant and be done with it. 

You don’t have to spend days and nights getting yourself trained on something as in the case of cool knives, firearms, and other self-defense weapons. This small device is a wonderful solution to all this hassle and you don’t have to be an expert to use it.

2- Easily Carried

Another good thing about a stun gun is that it is easy to carry because of its small size. This is one of the most essential features which people consider when buying a self-defense weapon. 

As a self-defense weapon has to be carried almost all the time because we may not know when we are going to face an unfortunate situation. A stun gun is available in many different designs and almost all of them are compact weapons and can be easily carried.

These weapons can be easily carried by women in their purses and bags and men can carry them around in their pockets. One particular design of stun gun is made solely for the use of women and that is a lipstick stun gun. 

Yes, you heard it right! A lipstick stun gun is constructed just like a lipstick and is one of the best self-defense weapons for women. These weapons can be comfortably carried around as compared to knives and Nunchucks which are quite a hassle to carry around and it is not easy to carry them in pockets or in hands. 

This is why you must go for a weapon that can be carried in pockets.

Also, carrying a weapon in a pocket or in a small bag will keep it hidden and concealed. This will not raise the alarm among people that you are carrying a weapon and it will also keep the weapon well hidden from your assailant and the police as well. 

If you don’t want to cause a scene, then carrying a small self-defense weapon is your best option. And what can be better than a stun gun when it comes to small and compact weapons.

3- Huge Variety Available

Stun guns come in a huge variety in stores all over the world. This is why I assure you that you will find a design that will suit your needs and preferences. With other self-defense weapons, the choice is very limited as the basic structure of these weapons is almost the same and only the design varies. 

With stun gun, you will find them to be structurally different. Basically, there are four major designs in which these weapons come in.

One is lipstick stun gun which we discussed above and it is used and carried by women mainly as it is designed just like their favorite cosmetic item: a lipstick. One other stun gun is quite popular among women and that is the pink stun guns. 

Then there are cell phone stun guns that are constructed like cellphones but of course, they are not real cell phones, then you will also find mini stun guns which are quite small taser gun and stun gun flashlights which are designed like flashlights.

Each one of these stun guns looks like an item of regular use and this disguise hides their true identity as well. They look like perfectly ordinary items from the outside but in fact, they are self-defense weapons. These secret weapons are easy to be carried around and it is quite hard to detect their real identity.

4- Non-deadly

Stun guns are non-lethal self-defense weapons. It only provides an electric shock to the assailant and that does not harm anyone seriously. Nor does it fire bullets, neither does it have a blade. 

So, you can rest assured that it will not severely harm anyone but will just hold them back to give you a chance to run off to safety. Non-lethal weapons keep your conscious clear that you did not harm anyone permanently or your attack was not a deadly one.

This is why this weapon is used by lots of people and especially women because it is non-lethal and its basic purpose is self-defense and definitely not to inflict harm to someone. 

This factor is one of the most appealing ones which attracts such a huge amount of people into buying it for them and their loved ones as a self-defense weapon.

5- No Training Required

Another good thing about a stun gun, as we discussed above, is that you don’t require any sort of training in order to use it. You don't even have to aim at a certain position to use it on someone. 

All you have to do is to touch its prongs to any part of the assailant’s body and you will be done with your part. Yes, it is as simple as that! No training, no nothing! When it comes to firearms and knives, you have to first learn how to grip them and then how to use them. 

It is extensive training that may take days and weeks to master even when you do training daily.

Even after that, you have to aim the knife and the gun on someone when using it. But with a stun gun, that is definitely not the case, as you don’t have to aim anywhere but just be sure that your stun gun touches the body of your assailant. 

The stun gun will work the same and will have the same effect if you touch the prongs of it with the face of your assailant, his arms, legs or any other part of his body.


Stun guns are easily available in stores and as they come in a variety of designs, you will have lots of options to choose from. Stun guns have lots of benefits as a self-defense weapon but they do have one drawback as well which is that it is a weapon that can only be used at close range to your assailant. 

That increases the chances of you getting attacked so you have to be very smart when using the weapon against someone. So, would you like to have a stun gun as your self-defense weapon and your personal bodyguard or not?