From our kitchens to our pockets, knives are something that can be found everywhere. From cutting to chopping, the use of knives can be found everywhere. Knives are one of the essential weapons that have been introduced. 

Almost all weapons are used to cause harm, but the knives are more used to serve mankind. The brass knuckles are the ninja weapons that are used to wear on the hand, with the purpose of increasing the power of the punch. In street fights and for self-defense they are widely used.

The brass knuckles are not that much dangerous, as they can injure you but definitely are not responsible for any deaths. These both, the knife and the brass knuckles are combined together to form a brass knuckle knife

The knuckle duster is the perfect combination, which is in use from centuries. The brass knuckles are attached with the knives; therefore they serve as both the brass knuckles and the knives. 

Usually hard or metallic brass knuckles are attached with the sharp blade of knives, the grip of knives which we call handle is not present, only the blade part is fixed with the brass knuckle. The brass knuckle serves as the grip of the knuckle duster knife.

Origin of Brass Knuckle Knife

In the past, as weapons were not so advanced, and guns were not even introduced, the war was more physical rather than depending upon the weapons. The rivals fought face to face with swords and other handy weapons. 

It was not like today that sitting miles away firing will be done or the jets will invade in each other’s territory. At that time the soldiers had to fight on the ground showing their physical strength.

The daggers were used at that time to target the enemy. Later, showing a bit advancement, brass knuckles were combined with the spikes, the pointed spike which can surely be enough to kill other person or to cause him serious harm. 

Then these were used along with other weapons in wars. Later daggers were attached and so were the blades of knives, the cutting edges and these were named as brass knuckle knife. So the origin of knuckle duster knife is of hundreds of years ago. 

At that time the revolver, the pistol was combined with the knuckle knife too.

They were able to serve the three different things but in the shape of a single weapon. It was named as Apache revolver. Apart from it, at the time of World War 1, the knuckle duster knife was widely used and many of new were introduced such as one called brass knuckle trench knife. 

The trench knife was constructed in a way that a dagger was attached with a bronze brass knuckle, this dagger blade was able to cut from both sides of its blade and was few inches long. Later it was also used in combat fights.

Uses of Knuckle knife

As the brass knuckle knife is the combo of two individual weapons, the use of it is also a combo of these two weapons. They can be used both ways, like brass knuckles and as well as knives.

Brass knuckles

The knuckle duster knife is able to serve as the brass knuckle. The main goal of wearing a brass knuckle is to add power to the impact of your punch. It helps to knock the other person out with a single punch. 

As in knuckle duster knife, the brass knuckle is attached which is worn in the same way as the simple brass knuckles, one wears it on his knuckles exactly the same way as if he is wearing only brass knuckles, so one can use them to punch.

When involved in hand combat, where to kill is not necessary but to win is, instead of using the blade side of knuckle duster knife, one can use the brass knuckle side. It will help him to punch the other person harder. 

The brass knuckles are capable of bringing another person on the knee as their impact is quite disastrous. In wars they were helpful as always one is not in the position to strike the pointed side at the opponent, but as he is already wearing brass knuckle, one can rely on the punch.

The punch will leave a hard blow because of brass knuckle, so one might get the chance to hit the opponent with dagger side and finish it all at once. So, the brass knuckles used to make brass knuckle knife are spiked brass knuckle. 

Spike brass knuckle is itself very harmful as it has pointed sharp ends, so if they are used instead of simple brass knuckles, one may not feel the need to use blade side.

The brass knuckles used in brass knuckle knife are heavy weighted most of the times. This is due to the reason that when striking with a blade, the grip should remain strong and also it lessens the chances of breaking. 

The brass knuckles used in knuckle duster knife are of fine quality, as their use is more intense than the simple brass knuckles. The paperweight brass knuckles may not be used in this kind of knife.

Brass Knuckle knife as Knife

It will be more appropriate to say that the brass knuckle knife has more use of daggers instead of knives. These are the only type of knife which is not used for cutting purpose. 

Unlike other knives, which are more a home product rather than weapons, the knuckle knife is a true weapon, which is more used for assassination and killing purpose or to cause severe damage like other weapons.

They cannot be used to peel of fruit skin or to slice bread; they can only be used to target others. In wars, as to kill the opponent or to arrest them was the main goal, one may not hand over his self unless a severe pain is given to him, so the use of these knives was more. 

They are capable of causing as much damage as one wants. The blade attached is in pointed shape and is sharp enough to cut the arteries, depending on the length of the blade, it can give the deepest of wounds.

The wound given by these knives may take a lot of time to heal, it can cause rapid blood loss, resulting in death. The blades attached are usually several inches long and is always a bit thick not like ordinary knives which are usually thin, it is because the only purpose of brass knuckle knife is to cause harm, not to be used in the kitchen.

Use of Knuckle knife in modern World

The brass knuckle knife is a perfect self-defense weapon which can be used, like if want to punch, one can use the brass knuckle side and if, in serious danger, one can make the best use of the blade attached to it. 

They need to be kept in the bag, so the new knuckle knife has a cover which can be put on the blade so that it does not tear the bag.

Apart from this invention, new brass knuckles knife is designed in such a way that the blade part is hidden in the brass knuckle. As a whole, it looks like a brass knuckle but when needed, it can be converted into knuckle knife. 

Such type is called automatic knuckle knife. Some of them have a push-button when it is pressed the blade pops out and in some of them, the blade is pushed out manually with the other hand. 

It is better than simple dagger as when striking there are chances of losing control over the handle and dagger or knife can fall down.

The other may pick it up and can use it back on you. When using a knuckle knife, there are fewer chances of dropping it from hand as it is worn on the knuckles, when gripped there is no way left for them to drop out. 

Even if you miss the target once, it remains in hand and can be used to strike again. Due to its harmful effect, brass knuckle knife is declared illegal in many countries and it’s selling is strictly forbidden. Hence it cannot be found in markets. 

But in many countries, they are in practice and for this reason, they are available in a variety of designs.