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Black U.S. 1918 WWI Knuckle Duster Trench Knife
Black U.S. 1918 WWI Knuckle Duster Trench Knife. Knuckle duster grip and skull crusher pommel. Includes leather sheath. Overall: 11 3/4 Inches
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U.S. 1918 Brass Knuckle Trench Knife
An almost direct replica of the Mark I complete with knuckle duster finger guards and skull crusher pommel, it is an all-around fighting tool. 11 3/4 Inches Overall in length.
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Brass Knuckle Knife - An Ultimate Killer Knife

The sharpest knife on the planet, Brass Knuckle Knife has a rich history of being the killer knife. If you are a knife enthusiast, you shouldn’t be missing this one. Sharp Import brings an astonishing variety of knuckle knives for sale. So, we let you choose the best knuckle knife for you and enrich your collection of knives with a trench knife that made the history. We identify your love for the historical weapons, therefore, we enable you to buy weapons that turned the tables for the soldiers in close quarter combats in the history. 

Won’t you be keen to carry a knife that was carried by German, British, and US soldiers during the World Wars? A Brass Knuckle Knife caused severe consequences amid these wars as they could kill or incapacitate the enemies at close quarter combats. The sharp blade ensured strength and the knuckles attached to the handle secured a solid grip. So, this is what makes this incredible knife extremely effective and deadly. So, you are definitely looking for a self defense knife? Then, what about a knuckle knife? Let’s buy this seriously nasty knife and make the attackers pay for their actions.  

Distinct Types of Wholesale Knuckle Knives for Sale 

Tough finding a brass knuckle knife for you? Don’t worry, we make your choice easy at Sharp Import. We have a cordial selection of knuckle knives, and all of them are promising and equally effective. Choose your favorite knuckle knife from an amiable collection and  buy at wholesale prices. We stock every knuckle knife you might have been searching for such as assisted opening knuckles knives and colorful knuckle handle knives. So, choose one of them and place your order. We provide the quickest shipping in USA, so you are likely to get your order within 24 hours. 

Looking for Best Knuckle Knife? Try Sharp Import for Cheapest Prices

Our wholesale prices will left you in a shocking condition. Buy the best brass knuckle knife from Sharp Import and pay 90% less than the knife’s retail price. Wondering how is that possible? Compare our prices with the retail rates and figure out the difference. So, what’s more can you expect? Shop our knuckle knives now to avail the reduced prices. 

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