Maria was 12 years old when she first realized she has affection for guns. Her mother told her that she is a girl and guns and all such stuff is more liked by boys but still, she eagerly wanted to play with guns. 

Her father bought her a low budget airsoft gun under $50. She used to play with it. Years passed and with time as she was growing elder, her fondness for guns increased. 

She wanted to set a career in which she could use guns. Her mother never wanted her to be in guns. With a little support of her father, she joined an academy where she trained herself with airsoft guns and at the age of 16, she was all perfect with her stunning accuracy in achieving the set target. 

This was the time her mother got her admission in a medical college as she wanted Maria to be a doctor. Maria was not happy with this decision as she wanted to go in shooting sports; she wanted to make her name there as it was her ambition. 

From the age of 12 to till now, she gathered many airsoft guns under $50, she collected almost all of the airsoft guns at a low rate, because it was her father advised that it is always not necessary that the expansive things are better, it is always the cheap things that leave an impact. 

It is because the struggle is what that makes you successful, not the value of the thing that you use. 

If you are capable enough, you will reach at the top of the ladder by yourself and if you are not confident about yourself, no matter how expansive things you buy or use, still you will remain a loser. 

This thing got stuck in Maria’s mind. Maria developed a belief that if she really wants to make a mark with her ambition than these airsoft guns under $50 are enough for her, all she has to do is to prove herself and proving herself does not depend on the stuff she is using. 

She was not sure whether she will be able to adopt this ambition as a profession or not. But as she had no choice, she kept practicing his preciseness in the target at her free time and continued her medical college. 

She participated in a university-level shooting competition and scored the second position. She was happy but her father wanted her to be first.

As it was Maria’s ambition, her father wanted her daughter to outmatch everyone in her ambition. She continued practicing but never took a part in any of the shooting competition. She finished her medical college and was finally a doctor. 

At that day her mother offered her that she can get anything of her choice, the thing told by Maria was to allow her to prove herself. Her mother not willingly but after some interference from her father allowed her to give her a chance to join the shooting academy. 

She began there with her airsoft guns under $50. After a few months as she was the best shooter in that academy, she was selected to represent that academy on a national level. This was a chance for Maria. 

She forced to use a professional gun but she refused and took her airsoft guns under $50, as she believed her success will not be dependent on any gun instead it will be on her own capability. She was outmatched everyone in that competition and with her splendid shooting skills, she won that competition. 

The point to remember is, all were having professional guns but she was the only one having airsoft guns under $50. Her mother realized this is where she would have satisfied her soul. Her mother happily allowed her to continue her aim instead of adopting medical as her profession. 

After this, she represented her country in the World Olympics and won the gold medal for her skills. She proved herself best among all.

Airsoft Guns under $50 in Terms of Quality

The quality of everything has generally increased and rates have gradually decreased. We can say that advancement in technology has lead to more economical things. The price is no more a quality definer. 

The low priced things have even the same working and almost the same result with a minute difference. This all happened due to betterment in industries, now the same thing on low rates is available too. 

The ones, who are not brand-conscious, can make the best use of it. The ones, who are more into brands, may buy the same thing by paying the greater price. Like all other industries, the same happened for sporting industries. 

First, things were not in range for everyone. But now the things are in the range of people for whom affordability was a problem. They can have the same things, the difference may exist, but it is not such a difference that would entirely change the concept of that thing.

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The difference would be a minor one like the expansive one is rated as 9, the other one would be rated as 8. So no prominent difference is present. Same goes on for airsoft guns. The airsoft guns are available at many low rates. 

These airsoft guns under $50 are superb in working. The main two things regarding airsoft guns that matters are their power and secondly their accuracy. 

The airsoft guns under $50 perfectly fulfill these two attributes. They perform the same way as the expansive airsoft guns. Airsoft guns under $50 have great preciseness; they can easily achieve a distant target very accurately. 

In terms of power, they are categorized in different types, some are more powerful some are less but all fall in the list of airsoft guns under $50.

Most of the people do not show interest in these games as they do think that in these games the guns used are expansive, but the ground reality is totally different. This is what I will be trying, to convince the ones who think this, I will be telling about different airsoft guns under $50. 

Airsoft guns available are categorized as airsoft pistols and airsoft rifles. Both of these are available at low rates and both of them have a perfect working mechanism.

Airsoft Guns under $50

The airsoft pistols are available at the lowest of all rates. It will not be wrong if I say that they are available at the rate of snacks. Airsoft pistols, start from the lowest all such as $3.

G22MS Metal Airsoft Gun - 92F Silver Tactical Pistol:

Pistols are always considered as the favorites of all. As most of them are black in color, for a different unique look, everyone shows their fondness towards silver pistols. For the silver pistol lovers, the specially designed silver G22MS is available in the market. 

This pistol works on the spring mechanism. Its spring mechanism makes it easier for everyone to use it. The magazine is also in silver shiny color. It is a full metal gun. It is almost 6.5 inches long. Its magazine is capable of firing 8 rounds.

CYMA C25 Heavy Weight Airsoft Pistol:

It is a compact pistol. It has an entirely different design and shapes from pistols. It is a small pocket size airsoft pistol. Most of the pistols have long handle grip area but this one has short handle grip. 

It also operates on the mechanism of spring. It has a really short barrel length of only 3 inches, this short size makes it unique among all airsoft pistols. They are mostly used for short distant targets. 

Usually for targets which are 30 to 40 feet away. Its magazine is capable of shooting 7 rounds. It is a heavyweight gun.

G2A Airsoft Handgun:

It has a full metal body. For firing each time the spring has to be loaded and then fired. The specialty of this gun is that it has specially designed silencer. With the help of silencer, its barrel length can be extended to 11.25 inches. 

This length almost makes it a rifle. This pistol is best for practicing shots.

G20H Full Metal Airsoft Spring Handgun:

It operates on the mechanism of gas. Carbon dioxide is used to power it. It has a plastic body. The gas phenomenon makes it able to fire 15 rounds of the magazine. As it is gas powered, it reduces the efforts to load it again and again.

Airsoft Rifles under $50:

Rifles are always the best-used weapons in wars and in military actions. For this all the airsoft games played, involves the vast use of rifles. Airsoft sniper rifles include a wide variety of range which is available at low rates.

Airsoft Sniper Rifle L96 Gun MK13 MOD L96A1:

Snipers are always loved the most by the gunners. For the affection of snipping, this model of airsoft rifles is available. It has a long barrel and still, it can be extended more by the help of barrel extension. 

Its specialty is that it has a built-in laser, which makes it shots more accurate. The bipod attached to it can be folded.

FN SCAR-L MK16 Airsoft Rifle:

It is a spring assisted airsoft rifle. It has a long barrel length of 32 inches. It is capable of shooting distant targets such as 100 feet. It has a detachable magazine which is capable of shooting 145 rounds. 

It has a red dot sight, which helps the user to set a precise target. One has to place the red dot on the target, and then all he has to do is to fire and the rest of the target will be achieved itself.

Airsoft Sniper Rifle L96:

The most famous sniper of all time, the L96 is available as a replica airsoft gun. It operates on a bolt action, known as spring action too. It has a magazine capacity of 26 rounds. Normally have the length of 36 inches but can be extended to 43.5 inches with the help of additional barrel. 

Its shape is the reason it got famous. It is a long shaped rifle, best to use when hiding and targeting from distance.

M82p Fully-Semi Automatic Airsoft Rifle:

It is a fully automatic rifle. It is an electric-powered airsoft rifle. It is one of the most powerful airsoft rifles. It is able to shoot perfectly the long target. It operates upon two modes, one is semi-automatic and other is fully automatic. 

This helps the user, by reducing the effort of the user to a minimum. The flashlight is also attached to it which helps in attaining an accurate target. A silencer can be attached to it as well.

Availability of Airsoft Guns under $50:

All the airsoft guns discussed above are available almost everywhere. All are being used worldwide. Not only the discussed guns are used, apart from them, but a wide range of other airsoft guns under $50 are also available too. 

The rate is never an issue when it comes to airsoft guns. The airsoft guns are at a low rate. All these airsoft guns under $50 can be used for all purposes. From training to shooting to battlefields, they are helpful everywhere. 

All these are copies of original guns and all of these are being in used originally. The one at a higher rate is available too but the airsoft guns under $50 are easily in the range of almost everyone.

We need to clear our thoughts that the things low in price might have the same impact as the thing which is higher in price, all one need is to understand what he requires. 

The desires may lead to failure but approach according to the situation and according to the affordability can lead you to the success, not only in this world but also hereafter. 

The thing to understand is that it is not the things that prove you, it is not the things that make you win, it is not the things which are important, it is the person that matters, it is the skills which you have to proof, its about your confidence in things and yourself that makes you better not the money you spend on thing. 

What people were not able to achieve with their professional guns, Maria achieved it with her airsoft guns under $50.

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