Self defense weapons for travelers

We all love traveling around the globe and exploring nature. It is always nice to explore things but one thing that makes travelers worried is that they often encounter wild animals and random attackers. Even if you are traveling within the city at night, you may encounter an attacker whose aim is just to victimize you. So, what can you do to avoid these attacks? 

One thing you can do is carry a self defense weapon. Self defense weapons today are considered small sized devices or tools that can help you survive against attackers and wild animals. A traveler often needs to defend himself from such attackers and animals. Therefore, if you are a traveler, here are a few suggestions. Consider the following 9 self defense weapons! 

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is a small and non lethal self defense weapon used for several purposes. It is often used as a dog repellant by many. Generally, it is a small bottle which contains chili spray. There is an active ingredient in it known as capsicum. It is something which makes it even more effective. It is quite easy to carry and quite easy to use. When sprayed on the face of the attacker, it can cause severe damage to the eyes. It can even cause temporary blindness to the attacker. Therefore, it proves quite effective in survival and self defense for a traveler. 

Pepper spray

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2. Stun Gun

A stun gun is another self defense weapon which is ideal to carry for a traveler who has to survive in different circumstances, specifically against wild animals and attackers. It is basically an electroshock weapon with an ability to deliver a strong electrical shock. It comes with two prongs on it. These prongs are touched with the body of the attacker and when they do so, a strong electrical shock is delivered to the attacker.  Same is the case with a wild animal. Also, you must know that stun guns are often used for hunting in different countries where lethal weapons are banned for hunting. The electrical shock immobilizes the attacker or that wild animal. 

3. Brass Knuckle Knife

A brass knuckle knife is also called a trench knife. It is a historical combat weapon which was first used by the US soldiers during the First World War. It was a weapon used in the trenches. It is basically a knuckle duster and a blade is attached to the knuckles. You can wear the knuckles and use it for battling your opponent. The good thing about this self defense weapon is that it allows you to use two things. You can use the knuckle duster to punch your opponent. At the same time, you can use the blade to cause severe injuries. In the end, your survival is guaranteed. 

Brass knuckle knife

4. Self Defense Baton

A self defense baton is basically a police baton and is either made of wood or steel. It is a giant size club which can cause severe damage. It is often used by the police for crowd control and for beating the hell out of criminals and culprits. It is equally effective whether made of wood or steel. It can cause severe injuries. When an attacker or a wild animal comes your way, swing the baton hard and deliver a couple of powerful blows. That is enough to repel them and to survive an attack. 

5. Sword Cane

A sword cane is a combination of two things as well. It is basically a wooden cane or a wooden stick that can be used for walking and hiking. However, there is a sword or a massive blade hidden inside it. The sword remains concealed unless you open it. What makes it a perfect self defense weapon is that you can use two weapons to deal with the wild animals and the attackers. For instance, you can use the wooden cane to beat them. In addition, you can use the sword to cause some severe injuries. 

Sword Cane

6. Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a small but a very lethal weapon you can use for self defense as well. It is basically a folding knife having a blade which can be folded inside the handle. It is generally an everyday carry tool used for routine cutting work. Moreover, it can be used for self defense against the attackers. These cool pocket knives have the strength and sharpness to cause severe injuries.  Also for a traveler, it is a perfect tool to carry. Apart from self defense, it can be used for cutting work. 

Pocket knife

7. Push Dagger

A push dagger is another powerful self defense weapon to use against the attackers and wild animals. It is basically a bladed weapon which can cause severe damage to the attackers. It is the smallest dagger ever. There is a t-shaped handle which provides very good grip and firm control on the weapon. In addition, there is a very short blade with a sharp point on it. This sharp point makes it penetrate deeply and cause deep injuries. It is easy to carry and is quite easy to use. 

Push Dagger

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8. Hidden Blade

A hidden blade is not a single weapon, rather it is a variety of weapons. There is a great range of hidden blades available in the market. There is one thing which is common among all those knives and that is the small size. All these knives have different shapes and designs but they are all too small and easy to carry. In addition, these knives have sharp blades that can cause severe injuries. The most stunning and amazing hidden blades include a lipstick knife, comb knives, boot knives, necklace knives, and many more.  So, you can choose from this variety of knives. 

Hidden blades

9. Balisong Knife

A balisong knife is another powerful self defense weapon you can use for self defense against the attackers and wild animals. However, it is a knife which is too hard to handle for beginners. You have to learn how to use it perfectly. It has two handles and one blade. The handles are movable and foldable and can be locked together. The blade is often concealed or hidden inside the two handles. There is a very sharp and sturdy blade which can cause severe injuries. So, it can be your go-to weapon to take on the attackers! 

Balisong knife

Pick Your Survival Weapon and Travel Safely!

Since you have explored the entire list, what is your pick of the self defense weapons? No matter which of the above tools you choose, it guarantees your survival against the odds in any situation. However, make sure you carry your survival weapon while travelling so that you can get rid of wild animals and attackers trying to decimate you. Be prepared and be safe!