Dagger has long been used as a combat weapon. There was a time when it served as a primary fighting knife. It is a pure warfare weapon. 

A knife looks like a dagger, but it is different from a knife. It has a long and thick blade and an ergonomic handle. 

It is meant to be used for thrusting and stabbing actions. It features a sharp pointed blade which allows it to penetrate deeply into the body. 

Dagger is not supposed to be used for cutting work. The handle is designed in a way that it becomes comfortable and allows a strong grip. 

Dagger is the best knife when it comes to close quarter combat. There is no better choice for combat than this thick bladed weapon. 

There are different types of daggers. In the early days, there were medieval daggers and today, fantasy daggers are the most popular. 

We have come up with a detailed explanation of three types of daggers that are found in the market today. Here are those daggers and their uses:

1. Push Dagger

Push dagger is the most popular type of dagger. It is especially popular among modern users and enthusiasts. It is the smallest dagger that is even smaller than a pocket knife. 

It has a t-shaped handle and is easy to grip. It is basically a combat weapon and hence that is why it has such a handle.  The handle provides a strong grip and is difficult to disarm the user. 

As far as the blade is concerned, there is a thick blade, but it is very short. The blade has a sharp point which allows it to thrust deeper. And this is where it is supposed to be a pure fighting or warfare weapon. 

Push dagger is mainly used for self defense these days. Since it is a weapon that provides a good grip and a blade which is great for thrusting and stabbing. 

It is great for self defense because it can’t be disarmed, thanks to the t-shaped handle. Also, with its small size, it is easy to carry in the pocket. 

As you can carry it in your pocket, it makes you stay equipped with a weapon. So, you are always ready to deal with the attackers. 

2. Fantasy Dagger

Fantasy daggers are the real modern daggers. These are stylish and lovely daggers and they are extremely popular among modern enthusiasts. 

As the name suggests, these daggers belong to a world called fantasy world. So, these are not the real world daggers. 

These types of daggers are stylish and their designs are amazingly different. But, one can’t deny the popularity of these daggers. 

Fantasy daggers belong to some popular fantasy characters. These are imaginary characters from animation movies, fantasy novels etc. 

Fans of these fantasy movies love to have the daggers of their favorite fantasy characters. This is a way to express the love for these characters. 

The main use of these daggers is decor. These are the best collectibles that a modern enthusiast would have. 

If you are a real knife enthusiast, you have to have at least a few of these stylish daggers in your collection to determine your craze and passion. 

3. Medieval Dagger

Medieval dagger is clearly a dagger from medieval era. Medieval period is a significant part of history. This era is famous for constructing some of the best warfare weapons. 

Medieval weapons are still popular around the world. Specifically, medieval daggers are found everywhere. These are lovely and badass daggers, and every knife enthusiast needs to have a few of these in his collection. 

These are real fighting daggers made of stainless steel. Also, these come with thicker and larger blades. They are usually greater than all other daggers. 

Medieval dagger is a masterpiece for a history lover. If you are a fan of medieval history and medieval weapons, such a dagger is essential in your collection. 

Medieval daggers are often used for cosplay and for decor purposes. Cosplayers who dress up as medieval knights tend to use these dagger as a part of their costumes. 

Choose Your Dagger

So, which is the type of dagger you have been looking for? Choose your dagger from these three, and don’t forget to acknowledge us and let us know which is your selected dagger and why? Let us know your choice in the comments section below.

However, we hope that push dagger is your choice if you want effective weapons for self defense. Fantasy daggers are mainly for cosplayers. And if you are an enthusiast, you would love to have the historical medieval dagger in your collection!