Hidden Lipstick Knife

Lipstick Knife - Twist Your Lipstick Tube into a Blade

All the women out there would love this. Here is the most desired self defense weapon for the ladies. Consider it a lipstick or a knife, it’s up to you. A lipstick knife can be the smartest weapon women would ever use for surviving severe attacks. Sharp Import brings a compilation of intricately designed lipstick knives for sale. Buy the one that attracts you at the lower than market price. Who won’t desire to have such a secret weapon that can be taken out instantly to prevent from an aggressor. Get this amazingly smart weapon, and shock the attackers by countering them with a small, yet effective blade.

Choose a Lipstick Knife from an Exhaustive Collection

If you are keen to choose a lipstick knife from a vast collection, Sharp Import lets you do that. We have an extensive range of stylish lipstick knives. So, you have an enormous choice. Select the one you love the most and place your order. We will ship your order at your desired address within 24 hours.

Wholesale Lipstick Knives for Sale at Cheapest Prices

How is Sharp Import a special wholesaler? Certain aspects make us the most renowned wholesale distributors of Lipstick Knives in the USA. However, considering the major element, our reduced prices have led us to the top. Can you think of buying a lipstick knife by paying a significant 90% lower than the retail price? We guess, you can’t. But, let’s move to the real world. Sharp Import is actually offering a lipstick knife for sale at this much lessened price. So, don’t miss to avail this lowest price, and buy your favorite lipstick knives now.

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