Enrich Your Arsenal with a Police Baton

The increasing number of random attacks have urged people to carry weapons and tools for self defense. You need to carry a tool or weapon to defend yourself from the attackers who are always there to find a way to attack you. If you are unarmed, you are an easy target for them. 

They will victimize and brutalize you and may snatch everything. However, you need to worry more about your life. Hence, you need to carry a weapon that you can use to survive this victimization and brutality. 

So, what are the options when it comes to self defense weapons? When you explore the market, you will find plenty of weapons you can carry to defend yourself against the attackers. However, not all the weapons can be trusted. Only a weapon like a police baton can ensure your survival against those attackers. 

A police baton is a small wooden club that is used by the police and armed forces for controlling the crowd and beating the culprits and criminals. It is still considered a police weapon  but the general public has also started using it as a weapon to battle the attackers. 

This self defense weapon is perfect if you want to ensure your survival against the attackers. So, enrich your arsenal with a police baton if you want to stay safe from the attackers. In addition, you can avail other advantages and uses of this tool or weapon as well. 

Types of Police Baton

1 - Traditional Wooden Baton

The most traditional baton is the wooden baton. There are a few types of batons and those are different as per the materials used to manufacture them. So, the traditional one is made of solid wood and is pretty lethal and offers the strength you require in your self defense weapon.

2 - Steel Baton

A steel baton, as the name suggests, is the police baton made of steel. It is even more lethal since steel is a stronger material when compared to wood. This baton is more frightening for the attackers and it can ensure your survival against them. 

3 - Collapsible Baton

A collapsible baton is a different type of baton. It can either be made of wood or steel. The important feature of this baton is that it has an alterable size. You can increase or reduce its length as per your requirement. It can be collapsed to become smaller. 

Advantages of Having a Baton in Your Arsenal

1 - Survive Against the Attackers

First of all, a police baton will help you get rid of the attackers. There is no better weapon for self defense than this. It has every feature you want in your survival weapon. It is lethal and strong enough to beat the hell out of the attackers. In addition, it is easy to carry if you have a collapsible baton. 

You can reduce the size to carry it comfortably. A couple of powerful strikes are enough to make the attackers run away. Also, baton is one of the weapons that the attackers would fear and won’t dare to even come closer to you! 

2 - Get Rid of the Bullies

Are you afraid of bullies? Don’t be afraid and teach them a lesson. Get rid of the bullies around you and say thanks to the police baton. Carry this baton and swing it hard against the bullies to injure him and teach them not ever dare to bully anyone again. 

3 - Control the Crowd

Just like police and armed forces do, you can control the crowd with this baton. If you are not in control against the large gatherings, this small club can help. It can make everyone stay organized and don’t ruin the event. Police do this with ease, thanks to the baton. 

4 - Get Rid of Wild Dogs & Animals

Outdoorsmen and campers are often attacked by wild animals. They require such a weapon that can help them get over them. A baton is a perfect weapon to have if you are fearful of getting attacked by a wild animal. You can swing it hard and make the wild animals frightened. 

5 - Clear Your Path 

Again for campers and outdoorsmen, a police baton is a perfect tool to carry. When you are in the wilderness or forest, there is no clear path. You can use the baton to clear your path and walk comfortably. The baton can also be used as a hiking stick if you don’t have one! 

6 - Showcase Your Respect & Love for the Police

Want to pay tribute to the police and armed forces? A police baton can be a great collectible for those who love the police and military. They can pay tribute to them and showcase their respect and love for them by having their iconic weapon in the arsenal. 

7 - Halloween Costume

Don’t have a costume for Halloween? No need to worry about that. You already have a perfect costume in the shape of a police baton. You can dress up as a police officer and hold the baton to look like a real policeman. What a great costume idea! 

8 - Cosplay, Movies & LARP

The baton can also serve in several other ways. It has already been used in the movies and theatrical production. If you want to dress up as a policeman on stage, it can work as your cosplay weapon. In addition, it can be used as a weapon for LARP. 

The Final World

So, there’s every reason to enrich your arsenal with a police baton. It can be your everyday carry tool or accessory. Walk around with more confidence and don’t be afraid to get attacked. Beat the hell out of the attackers and bullies with this strong and lethal weapon. Get your baton now and fill your arsenal with a real defensive weapon!