Cosplay is a word created after mashing together costume and play. Cosplaying is a fun activity that you can do very much on your own or as a group. All you need is a prop and a costume. Cosplay masks make an integral part of any cosplay costume.

There are many types of cosplay masks out there. If you are a beginner cosplayer and have no clue which kind of cosplay mask will suit you best, keep on reading. You don't need experience to start having fun at masquerading and enjoying the craft of cosplay costuming, nor do you need to be of a specific age to wear a cosplay mask.

If you are searching for some inspiration for your next cosplay mask or need to give a crafty cosplay mask to friends or family members (it is holiday season after all) then you won't be disappointed by our top 12 picks for the best crafting material for cosplay masks and accessories.

1 - EVA Foam

Let's get this out of the way. Our first and obvious pick for a perfect cosplay mask material is EVA foam. This foam is our absolute favorite in crafting cosplay masks.

The soft, low-density black Eva foam is ideal to create any shape of cosplay masks because it's really bubbly and easier to shape. The gray high-density foam is ideal for more heavy cosplay masks because it's a little bit more solid. The cosplay masks you get out of this material are highly durable.

The foam cosplay masks can come in different thicknesses like 10 or 5 or 2 mm and which is great for making details or different layers on your cosplay masks.

Once you buy the low density or high density foam cosplay mask, you can also accessorize it with LED foam which is useful for defusing lights into your cosplay mask. You can put the LED foam material on top and it spreads lights through your party masks very nicely and evenly.

2 - Foam Clay

Foam clay is like clay but it dries out really quickly. Unless you are crafting the cosplay mask yourself, this shouldn't be a problem.  This material is ideal if you want to add more detail or update your existing cosplay mask.

What is amazing is that with the help of some water, you can actually stick it to your EVA foam cosplay mask or any other prop and sculpt it so that when it dries out, you get that extra detail that your cosplay mask was lacking.

You can actually cut the foam clay like foam and sand it with sanding paper before applying it to your cosplay masks. Then just put the stuff on to the mask, let it dry and it will be an amazing addition to your cosplay mask.

3 - Worbla

If you haven't heard of worbla before, get ready to fall in love with it. It feels like a ton of plastic material and when it is heated, it becomes warm and soft so it can be shaped with a normal pair of scissors to modify your cosplay masks.

Best part about worbla is that it can stick to itself so you don't need any glue to actually make a really cool cosplay mask or add a moustache or a crease to your existing one. So basically, if you don't have a lot of space and a lot of tools but you need to create a really cool cosplay mask, this one is just perfect. But the material has a few downsides.

Firstly, it's quite pricey compared to EVA foam and also quite heavy compared to foam material. So if you are a beginner cosplayer, we wouldn't recommend investing in this kind of cosplay mask.

Another problem is that the worbla melts in heat  so in case you're living in California and want to dress up at a summer convention with  this cosplay mask,it might not be the best material to choose.

4 - PVC

PVC is a super useful material for cosplay masks if your cosplay costume is  larger than life. You can use pins as a skeleton built and then add detailing on your cosplay mask after the mould has dried up.

Most people use PVC to make and attack wings or horns to their cosplay masks making this has more of a cosplay mask accessory material than actual halloween masks.

PVC is especially useful for construction of those masks that are made not to be worn but to be displayed. For example, a head bust. But PVC is great if you want to unleash some extra creativity on your cosplay mask since the material is rock solid.

5 - Acrylic Sphere

Acrylic spheres are actually really handy when it comes to working with foam or leather cosplay masks. It gives you a natural round mould to start crafting your cosplay mask with.

Basically, all you have to do is heat up the material, pull it over the sphere and your nasic cosplay mask is ready. Then you can wrap up the surface with sanding paper and start putting whatever details or features you want on your cosplay mask.

Put some LEDs into it and you will end up with a magical orb like cosplay mask that is bound to turn heads at a cosplay party or masquerade event. You can use the smaller sphere to actually make gemstones or eyes for your scary face cosplay mask.

6 - LED Strips

If you want to up your cosplay mask game, then there is no better way to go about then by using LED strips in your cosplay masks kr halloween costume. We know the lights are absolutely awesome but something that is even more awesome are animated lights.

So instead of just lighting up blue they can be flashy blue and instead of just orange, you cosplay mask can be like pulsing orange and instead of just being like red, your mask can become fire and on and on.

The great thing about animated LED strips is that these create really cool light effects which you can add to your cosplay masks. The only  bad thing about LED strips is that they are more expensive than just some simple static LEDs. They are also a little bit more complicated to install onto your cosplay mask. 

But if you get past this hurdle, then you will end up with the most unique and realistic cosplay mask and make all your friends envious.

7 - Leather and Fur

We are talking about cheap cosplay masks here so use fake leather and fake fur. These materials are simply easier to handle especially if you want to add some fluffy fangs on your cosplay mask or funky ears on cosplay masks for kids.

Leather and fur are almost like wraps and perfect for cosplay masks and costumes that involve a lot of pouches or baggy eyes. Fur can actually be ideal to use for Lion King cosplay marks or any face cover shaped as an animal. Just look for good quality fake leather or fur so craft or accessorize a cheap cosplay mask.

Leather cosplay masks go extremely well with warrior themed costumes. Most medieval soldiers wore armor that comprised heavily of leather straps. So these leather masks won't look out of place if you wear them in a war or medieval themed costume party.

Fur makes for an excellent addition to many cosplay masks. A fur hat or ear covering was common amongst pirates and Japanese soldiers. Fur also made a large part in the armor of viking warriors. If you are cosplaying any of these mighty soldiers, then your cosplay mask must have fur in it.

8 - LaceFront Wigs

Where it is Captain Jack Sparrow mask or the Wicked Witch mask, no cosplay mask is complete without a perfect set of hair. The lace front wigs are the new way to style your hair for costume purposes. 

In the old days of cosplay, the only way to change your hair color was actually to spray-paint all your hair. But now you can have high quality wigs available to go with your cosplay mask.

Lace Front wigs come with a mesh which you actually have to cut off before you can glue it on to your skin. Then finish the look with a matching cosplay mask. It actually looks like your real hair which makes the cosplay costume even more believable.

You can do some styling with your cosplay wig to make it even bigger and fluffy. Afterall, what is the point of a cosplay mask if it doesn't look real and believable? But the high quality lace front wigs can be quite pricey so keep that in mind when buying a costume for cosplay. 

9 - Urethane

There is a reason why urethane face masks are so popular. It is because they are super cheap cosplay masks. Wearing cheap masks for cosplay is actually not a bad thing, but it is just that these masks aren't as durable or realistic as other expensive cosplay masks.

Urethane cosplay masks flex well, and they are good face-forming masking by sitting well on your head but they aren't the most comfortable cosplay masks to wear, especially if you intend to wear your costume mask for a long duration.

Ultimately, you will start sweating under your cosplay mask and may have to remove it from time to time to get some fresh air. If you are looking to have some fun at a LARP or cosplay event, then these masks will definitely be spoiling that fun. 

10 - Foam latex

Foam latex masks are more expensive than urethane masks, even though in style and form, they may not appear that different. Foam latex is a perfect material for your cosplay mask and here is why.

Firstly, this material makes your cosplay masks highly breathable. If you want comfortable cosplay masks then foam latex is your best bet.

Secondly, they are much more flexible than urethane and other plastic cosplay masks. The flex easily almost like a leather pouch. But that doesn't mean that they will be loose or won't fit your face well. 

These cosplay masks fit comfortable and firmly on your face as they came with a zipper to finish your cosplay look. They may be more expensive cosplay masks but you get your money's worth through these face covers.

11 - Silicon

Silicon masks are most commonly used masks especially in movies or theatrical productions. But these masks are more expensive than foam latex masks while offering no added advantage or comfort.

If you have to decide between foam latex cosplay masks and silicone masks, we recommend saving a couple of hundred bucks and going for foam latex cosplay masks.

Silicone marks are considered the most high end costume marks-and for good reason. They are flexible but not too much, are absolutely durable and therefore worth the money. Furthermore, these cosplay masks can be accessorized very easily as silicone is a very friendly base material.

12 - Rubber

Rubber cosplay masks are the most common type of cosplay marks out there. They are super cheap-costing less than $10 and usually have elastic straps to tie them around the back of your head.

Rubber masks are stretchable but come in various sizes. Check the size and see if it says 'fit for adults' because most rubber cosplay marks are made for kids and come in smaller sizes. Rubber cosplay marks are realistic to an extent that they go well with most basic of costumes. Don't expect these cosplay masks to gel with a fancy latex cosplay costume.

But if you are thinking of keeping a basic look with a simple costume then these types of cosplay masks are ideal. You can accessorize them with a wig to give them a more authentic look.

We end our list of various cosplay mask materials and how to accessorize your cosplay masks with them. We hope you found some insight into the craft of making cosplay masks. Have a good time cosplaying!