self defense weapons for women

Why is self defense important for women? I can collate here all the cases of violence committed against women both inside the house and out, in the streets and back alleys, in the middle of the day or after dark. That would be a sorry sight packed with jaw-dropping facts and numbers. 

After all, the very notion of 'public spaces aren't safe for women' is a truism we have graciously accepted as reality of our existence. But I won't give you statistics.

I would instead try and make you understand what happens when a woman walks out. We automatically become more alert knowing we are in an unsafe zone. We always keep an abundance of caution when walking down the road. 

This tactic is used to send out a subtle message-'don't come any closer or…' or what? What can you do in such a situation other than make a dash for your life. You left your house just to get some fresh air after all,  not to destroy the edifice of toxic masculinity.

On and on it goes, this reinforcement of patriarchal dogma that crudely reiterates a woman's  genuine misfit-ness to be able to defend themselves like men can. 

Perhaps when Freud called a female mind, 'dark matter', he was just reflecting a centuries- old mentality where an attacker will think of a woman out on her own, to be 'fickle'.

Well, not anymore. This is the 21st century and women have had it enough. We know streets aren't safe but should know of a better solution than locking ourselves up. We need to equip ourselves with the best self defense weapons available for women in the market. 

We should make use of the advances in technology that have allowed for such sophisticated self defense weapons especially designed to be used by women.

Before buying yourself a self defense weapon, you need to know the lay of the land. There are plenty of options at your disposal and you shouldn't feel lost and confused choosing which self defense weapon will suit you best. So we have compiled a list here of the best self defense weapons for women. Happy choosing!

1. Lipstick Stun Gun

Before we list the relative advantages of carrying this self defense weapon, you need to have some idea about what a stun gun is. Stun gun is a pronged device which discharges a certain amount of volts when in direct contact with the skin of a person. So any object, which has these electric probes can act as a stun gun. 

Many regular everyday objects have been modified to be used as stun guns but we think a lipstick stun gun is the most easily concealed and hence the most effective self defense weapon for women out of all of them.

You would have never thought that lipstick can become your ultimate weapon in terms of self defense. The greatest advantage that a  lipstick stun gun has over other self defense weapons, how inconspicuously it can be deployed. 

A lipstick stun gun was designed to look and feel like your average lipstick, so no one in their right mind could ever guess that this slick delicate cosmetic is a disguised stun gun. It is super easy to retrieve from your handbag or drawer.

Many women feel queasy when asked to carry a self defense weapon with them at all times. The sheer logistics of handling a self defense weapon can fade your resolve to arm yourself. This is why, the best part of this self defense weapon is that you can carry it around as if you don't have a 'weapon' in your purse.

Consider this scenario. An attacker is lurching towards you, he would never know you are armed as you swiftly retrieve the lipstick out of your bag. Taking him by surprise, you quickly expose the stun gun embedded where it should be glossy lip wax. 

All with a flick of a lip case. You have to make sure the attacker's skinless contact with the prongs for at least a few seconds. Then the stun gun will do its magic. 

The assailant is experiencing electric shock such as he has never experienced before. Moreover, he would be shocked as to what hit him. You looked like a poor helpless woman to him. Anyways, he is shocked to his knees and you can make an escape towards safety. giving you plenty of time to make an escape. 

As far as self defense weapons for women go, lipstick stun guns are pretty versatile. They may have a flashlight built into the body of a lip case. You can use the flashlight to direct yourself or recognize an attacker when it's too dark. 

Most lipstick stun guns would have the two pronged stun gun embedded within the outer layer of this flashlight. Some stun guns will have a feature where you can fire a bang into the air. The blast will alert the intruder forcing him to retreat a thousand miles away from you or can be a call for help.

2. Comb Knife

A comb is the most basic of everyday items. Most women carry it with them everyday and everywhere without fail. A comb will never arouse suspicions. No one will give a second glance to an insignificant tiny comb. Little do they know that this very object is your one way ticket towards safety.

The cumbersome task of handling a self defense weapon for women alone is off putting. You don't want to get into trouble for carrying something lethal. But your self defense should be a priority as well. This conundrum is solved by a comb knife. 

Comb knife can function like an ordinary comb, except that there is actually a blade within the comb teeth section of the comb. A blade attached to the handle like any other blade knife. The blade of a comb knife is fixed and around 4" long. It is made with stainless steel sharpened to a glossy finish.

The total length of the knife can be anywhere between 6"-9" long. The handle of the knife or base of the comb is nylon. More expensive comb knives may have handles made of Pakkawood. 

Comb knife is light and easily deployed. Just pull the comb off the blade and your ultimate self defense weapon is ready to unleash its wrath on any attacker who dares to harm you. Before long, he will be screaming with pain- all because of a harmless comb.

3. Pepper Spray

Perhaps the most well-known amongst all the self defense weapons for women, a pepper spray is practical hands on tool in your service. 

Pepper spray has been so heavily popularized by the mass media-be it movies, tv shows or even self defense adverts-that there is no chance you haven't considered purchasing a tiny bottle yourself at some point in yourself. 

But the pop culture frenzy around this self defense weapon used by women is not enough to inform you about pros and cons of pepper sprays.

So let's start with the basics. What is actually inside a pepper spray that makes a potential offender cry in agony? The most common constituent of most pepper sprays is known as OC(Oleoresin Capsicum). 

This chemical is given a fluid like texture by dissolving it into h ethanol and then emulsifying the resulting solution in propylene glycol. Capsicum found in the OC is the main aggravator here. 

What you see in the media depictions of pepper spray attacks, where the receivers are crying their eyeballs out is the chili-like effect of OC. 

The volume of spray components deployed and the areas on which they land are the variables that determine how harmful lethal this self defense weapon for women can be. Different kinds of pepper sprays are available in the market. It is best to educate yourself about them before you pick one.

Stream Pepper Spray: 

In this type of pepper sprays, the components are ejected as a single stream. To get an idea, think of water shooting out of a water gun. Because the strength of the stream is high, the range of this self defense weapon is about 15-20ft. 

But don't just consider how far the spray can spit out, also think of the volume of spray that can hit the target. In this case, you need a good aim in order to cause some damage to your offender. 

Another positive about this spray is that due to the strength of the stream, the components won't blow back into your face. However, the spray gets used up quickly and you will need frequent replacements.

Cone Pepper Spray: 

The ejected mixture comes out in the form of mist. The range of this one is around 10ft so not as impressive as that of the streamer. The cross section of the ejection is circular with the rough circumference the same as that of a human head. 

Because it's gaseous, the effect of this pepper spray on the receiver is visceral making these pepper sprays highly effective self defense weapons for women. 

When it hits the skin or the eyes, the damage is instantaneous as the mixture seeps deep into the crevices and pores and wrecks hell. However, because of low density, the chances of blowback here are immense. So it is not advisable to use it in windy conditions.

Fogger Pepper Spray:  

It may be a highly recommended and widely used type of pepper spray but be aware, it may not be an ideal fit as a self defense weapon for women. These sprays are commonly used by law enforcement agencies. 

This is because the mixture ejected by these pepper sprays disperses in minute droplets across a very wide area. You will find these kinds of sprays being used on protesters during a news clip. Because of their impressive range, they are used to control crowds. 

Droplets resist the air well so you won't get a blowback with this one. But it may not be the right fit for you because while it hits the target effectively, it can be too much for an inexperienced user and you may end up hurting yourself.

Foam Pepper Spray: 

If you are looking for a self defense weapon that is guaranteed to hit the target and cause maximum harm, you should get yourself a foam pepper spray. The sticky foam comes out in spurts and is strong. It causes a lot of pain because of the sheer density of chemicals sticking to the skin of the attacker. 

Furthermore, the foam becomes more and more lethal if the attacker tries to rub it off his skin or eyes. This may have a small range but it gives you guaranteed results and plenty of time to escape the sticky situation. You can use this in extremely windy weather because chances of blowback on high density foam are minimal.

So, now that you have taken your pick of the most efficient pepper spray to use as a self defense weapon, it is time to figure out how to use this self defense weapon for women in the safest manner possible. 

It is one thing owning a self defense weapon, but another to know how to stop getting hurt by the same weapon yourself. A pepper spray is considered the most obvious choice as a self defense weapon for women of all ages, but it may not necessarily be the safest.

The OC, as previously stated, is the reason for all the hurt and trauma your attacker will experience. But it may also end up in contact with your skin or eyes. In that scenario, it is good to follow extreme caution. 

Make sure it doesn't touch extremely sensitive tissues of your body, like retina or goes into your mouth. Because that can be lethal. In case it does make contact with your skin, use cool water if available and seek immediate medical help.

4. Mini Stun Gun

We have talked about lipstick stun guns above. Now let's have a look at some other designs using the same technology. If lipsticks aren't your thing but you like having a stun gun as a self defense weapon, then try these ring stun guns. 

These are so tiny, you can clutch them and no one will notice. You can wear them around and shock the brains out of any assaulter making his way towards you.

The ring displays two prongs that shall deliver the charge to the attacker. Just like the lipstick stun gun? This self defense weapon is aided with a sound feature? Which creates a 'bang' sending waves of terror to whoever thought you were game for him.

Most of these mini stun guns are equipped with USB charger so you can charge it up every time you're leaving your safe space.

As a woman searching for a self defense weapon, we look for multi-functionality. When you buy these stun guns, they will act as everyday objects. For example, a cigarette lighter stun gun or a pen stun gun look deceptively simple objects. 

There are also knuckle and flashlight stun guns which work in more or less the same way. Whichever type of mini stun gun you opt for, you won't be disappointed. Look for those that come with a tiny flashlight in case you need to see your attacker clearly. 

Some mini stun guns come with a keychain sometimes so you can use that to hold car keys etc. when you aren't defending yourself against unsolicited trouble. 

Most mini stun guns work simply. All you have to do is push a button which will activate the prongs and you are ready to plunge it into the skin of the attacker.

5. Lipstick Knife

If you really like carrying lipsticks with you ( who doesn't) and stun guns aren't your thing- lipstick knife has you covered. A perfect self defense weapon for women, this tiny object can be you only savior when push comes to shove. 

An skillfully concealed knife blade within a glossy benign lipstick- no it's not the stuff of James Bond films- it can happen in your lives too!

The construction of this self defense weapon is simple but clever. You get a 3" lipstick, you twist the lip case and instead of your favorite shade of wax, comes out 1" hawkbill knife blade that was just one moment ago casually hiding within your favorite piece of cosmetic.

If you are shocked by the cleverness of the design, imagine the look on the attacker's face when he gets a taste of your lipstick knife. Let's be realistic, one inch bill isn't capable of lethal damage but it will cause enough pain that you get those precious seconds to run out towards safety.

Final Thoughts

You know the world is especially unsafe for you and now you also know how to make it slightly safer by owning and carrying a self defense weapon for a confident fighter woman like you. 

Figure out the best fit amongst this list and go get yourself a self defense weapon to march out wherever whenever you want without any fear.